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Forlorn and Forgotten

this my first story on here so criticism is expected...but not overly harsh please...but what if edward left again as bella had expected? what would they do?


6. Reminiscence

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<>As I sat on the airplane waiting for 5 minutes till take off. I kept replaying in my head the pain that Edward left me with. It will be as if I never exsisted. Ha what a hilarious joke Edward. Kudos for that one. I laughed bitterly, no matter I thought, that pain will be over soon.

<>Waiting for the other passengers to be seated was one of the most boring tasks i had put myself through int he past month. Anticipation had sent my adrenaline going. My heart was pumping blood faster by the second. I involuntarily tried to slow it and then another painfull sad thought errupted from my sub-conscious...Edwards gone...

I hadn't heard my hallucination for awhile but that didn't matter because soon my hallucination would be as real as I was.

As my contemplating started to recede, I noticed the stewardess bringing drinks around. As she was about to pass me by I asked her for a Dr. Pepper. I hadn't drunk Coke in a long time...one of those other mediocre things his presence had rendered to painful to process. I couldn't stand it too many harsh memories. THe seemed to be slipping away slightly more consistently than they were a few days ago. His face was starting to blurr in my mind, but his voice was still as clear as day. His smell was gone completly from my memory but his voice was what was driving me to them. They could end this turmoil. It wasn't going to take much. Just a little bit of pain and then who knows...hopfully...peace of mind.