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Keep Her

Sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, and Hold Her. Claire is a medical intern. She and Quil are deeply in love, but he's still haunted by ghosts that whisper one word... failure. Will he overcome his fears and regrets to take the next step? Will their truest of loves ever bind them into one?

Read the prequels first. And review them! This series has the sixth most reviews out of any on the site, and i'm angling for first. ambitious, right? so review a lot! i'm pretty shameless, but i will never withhold a written chapter to get reviews. however, my life is full and i am writing lots of little sidefics, not to mention a novel, a full-length play, and an award-winning-to-be compilation of original short works. oh, and school, but that's not important. EXPECT updates twice a week. they often come as soon as twice, three, once even SEVEN times a day. i'm good, i know. but when this happens, i expect rewards, in the form of reviews. and i own nothing.

10. Chapter 10

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“I was planning to invite them anyway. Of course.” I choked out the words, but I got them out. It was the truth…

The creature’s eyes widened. She has a terribly earnest looking face for a blood-sucking monster. “I was expecting to have to beg.”

I regarded her, trying to keep the loathing, the struggle, out of my voice. Every instant I was in her presence, I wanted, no, needed, to attack. It was a compulsion, an instinct.

But I couldn’t very well phase here, in a North Carolina movie theatre. “Your pleading doesn’t interest me. Go.”

“Thank you. We owe you.”

“No, you don’t. Your leader saved my Claire.” A favor to her, even just a good doctor’s practiced eye, is a debt I can never repay. A friend of Claire’s is a friend of mine, no matter what manner of vile thing they are.

“Very well.” She turned to leave.

“Wait. Can… could Bella come?”

“To your wedding? Do you think that’s wise?”

“I’d like to talk to her, Alice.” It may be the first time I’d ever called a leech by the names they give themselves.

“I suppose I could tell her you’d like to see her. She misses the pack, you know.”

She was one of us. And now she was one of them. “Maybe not at the wedding. But she’s welcome.”

“I’ll let her know. Thank you.”

She disappeared. I was left to wonder when on EARTH I’d started doing favors for bloodsuckers.

I had just placed the life of a bunch of monsters over that of an innocent girl. It didn’t matter how long she had to live. Leeches lie all the time. Sam was going to give me hell for this. They’d have loved an excuse to wipe out the vampires, and, ordinarily, so would I.

Yet I had seen something in inhuman topaz eyes… it was devotion. Love. I knew what it was to be without it. I couldn’t do that to anyone, monstrous nemesis or no…

Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, literally.

Isn’t that what I’ve just proven?

Kyle sticks his head in the door. “Dude, who was the chick?”

“An old vampiric acquaintance of mine.”

“Dude. You know I don’t know what that means.”

“Yes, I gathered.”

The teen rolled his eyes. “Well, bye. I got customers, you know.”

“I’m aware, yes.” I was not certain why I was being so unpleasant. It probably had to do with the fact that I’ve just agreed to let a vampire kill a girl.

It reminded me of the nameless girl facedown on the forest floor. Who loved her? Who loved the one who’d be killed?

I felt guilty, yes. But I couldn’t help wondering what it would do to the leeches. Human they might not be, but they had to have some kind of conscience, otherwise they would simply murder mindlessly.

I was overthinking this, probably. This was my enemy. But maybe… maybe it was time somebody stepped back and thought, “All these years of fighting. What for? Because they smell bad?”

I needed to talk to my pack.