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Keep Her

Sequel to Protect Her, Love Her, and Hold Her. Claire is a medical intern. She and Quil are deeply in love, but he's still haunted by ghosts that whisper one word... failure. Will he overcome his fears and regrets to take the next step? Will their truest of loves ever bind them into one?

Read the prequels first. And review them! This series has the sixth most reviews out of any on the site, and i'm angling for first. ambitious, right? so review a lot! i'm pretty shameless, but i will never withhold a written chapter to get reviews. however, my life is full and i am writing lots of little sidefics, not to mention a novel, a full-length play, and an award-winning-to-be compilation of original short works. oh, and school, but that's not important. EXPECT updates twice a week. they often come as soon as twice, three, once even SEVEN times a day. i'm good, i know. but when this happens, i expect rewards, in the form of reviews. and i own nothing.

7. Chapter 8

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“Claire. Claire, I want to speak to you.”

She had just arrived home, and was tired. But she was always tired, since she spent twelve hours a day working, six hours on call, and only six of guaranteed unbroken sleep. I couldn’t wait until she retired to talk about this. We’d be old by then.

“Of course. What is it?” She didn’t stop putting her jacket up and her shoes away, but she visibly relaxed at the sound of my voice. I wondered whether the effect I had on her felt as wonderful as how she changed me by her mere presence.

You’re stalling, Quil. Bad, bad, bad werewolf.

I didn’t want to scare her with this, really I didn’t, but I had to ask. Maybe I would be surprised. Maybe I would get what I wanted more than anything… except her happiness. Maybe this could even be her happiness.

“After we get married. Do you ever want to have kids?”

She appeared utterly blown away. Her jaw literally dropped. Her surprise didn’t surprise me… I rarely was so… forward. I tried to be a little more delicate. She was easily scared. But I was dying to know whether or not she wanted this, what her plan was, what exactly our marriage meant to her. I knew what it meant to me. “I don’t know. If you do, I’d like to. I haven’t actually given it that much thought. Yeah, I would. I’d like to. I want to have… your children.”

The way she says that falls into my stomach like a punch. Not bad, of course. There’s something about the old-fashioned phrasing that makes it almost hard to breathe. “All right. You do realize that…”

“I took health in sixth grade, Quil. I understand how babies are made, really I do.”

She usually becomes this sarcastic when she’s about to tell me something I really, really want to hear. I could scarcely stand it. I prodded her gently around.


“And I’ll be your wife. I trust you. I guess we could probably figure out a way to have kids without actually… y’know. There are ways to do it without actually doing it. You don’t even need a doctor if both the man and the woman are fertile, and I have no reason to believe we aren’t. I could probably get myself artificially pregnant right here. But I’m not sure I want to.”

My fluttering stomach drops through my knees. She wanted me… after it all. After everything that had happened, she trusted me. “I will treat that trust just as gently as it deserves.”

“Thanks. I’ll see you in the morning. I’m going to bed.”

“All right.”

She felt just the same. She saw our future together just the same as I did. She wanted to be everything I wanted, just as I would be everything she would allow me to be. Always, always…

I tried very hard to think about how much I liked what she’d agreed to… just how much I wanted to be with her physically…

Yeah, not working. But just as enthralling as her beauty was that she wanted to make something of our love, a child that would always be a sign of how much we loved each other.