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True Love

There's an unexpected twist to this story when Edward and the other Cullens take Bella to a truly spectacular event in the middle of England's countryside. Some might call it a spoof, but I call it true LOVE.


1. In the Car

Rating 3.2/5   Word Count 950   Review this Chapter

I frowned as the car turned another tight turn. "WHY are we in the middle of the England countryside?"

Edward and the others chuckled, while I scowled at them.

"I TOLD you, it's a surprise!" Edward reminded me.

"You told me that BEFORE you shipped me out of the country." I groaned as I slammed against Emmett when the car rounded another turn.

"I know, because you wouldn't have come if I HAD told you... Alice would know." He turned and grinned and me.

"Eyes on the road." I growled, even though I knew it was no use.

He scoffed at me, then turned back around.

I looked out the window. The countryside really was beautiful. It reminded me of Forks, but it was a lot more open. The trees in Forks were enormous because of all the rain. There was almost nothing but soft emerald turf rolling away from the road as it curved around the mountain. There were woods far off in the distance below us, but not so much as to make one claustrophobic. I sighed. It really was beautiful. I sat staring at the land, trying to soak in every inch of it. This was the first I had been able to ENJOY my journey to Europe.

I heard the soft creaking of leather as Edward shifted uneasily in the front seat.

"It's so beautiful." I voiced, realizing my sudden sigh without explanation had probably driven him crazy for the last minute or so. He was so helpless without his power.

I grinned, hoping he couldn't see me. That would have made him nuts.

"What are you smiling at?" Emmett asked, with his usual sense of knowing exactly what NOT to say.

"I'm not smiling, I'm glaring at you." I said, doing just that.

"You were smiling before." Emmett insisted. Stupid Emmett.

Why were we driving through the middle of England arguing if I was smiling or not anyways?

"I--" I stuttered, trying to look embarrassed. "Well, fine. I just thought the country was really beautiful." I muttered turning away as my cheeks flushed.

"Oh." Emmett responded lamely.

In the review mirror, I saw Edward listening to the conversation with a bemused expression on his beautiful face. Jasper also looked puzzled, but Alice was in the passenger's seat glaring out the window.

"Yeah." I said, staring intently at a dead bug splattered against of the window. What a sad way to die.

"You're lying." Jasper finally stated.

"What?" I yelped. Was Jasper some sick masochist or something?

Then I realized what he was talking about. Oh.

Edward was getting more confused and confused by the second. "Why were you lying?"

"I was smiling because when I sighed, you started fidgeting, and I knew it was driving you crazy because you didn't know what I was thinking." I admitted, my cheeks turning red.

Emmett burst out laughing. "Edward you are SO predictable!" Even Alice cracked a little smile, before sinking back into her depression.

Edward scowled at him over the back of his seat, then cast a lopsided grin at me. "It's not fair that YOU can read my mind, while I, the mind-reader, can't read yours."

"It's a pretty big oxymoron." I agreed.

"You know, that's a pretty cool word." Emmett reasoned.

Jasper smacked him on the back of the head.

Edward chuckled. "Rosalie says 'Thank you.' "

I looked over my shoulder at the black Mercedes speeding along beside us. Carlisle, Esme and Rosalie had had to take a different car.

I faced forward again and smiled.

My smile faded as the long minutes passed. We didn't appear to be making any progress as minutes passing turned to hours passing and I felt myself growing tired.

"Wanna see who can go without breathing the longest?" Emmett suddenly asked me.

"Emmett, can you TRY not to sound like a complete idiot?" Edward growled quietly.

"Sorry, Edward. Jeez."

"Did you forget Bella HAS to breathe?" I heard Edward ask, exasperated.

"Oh, yeah!" Emmett suddenly remembered.

Jasper snorted quietly.

I smiled then drifted to sleep.

I jolted awake in the slightly dark car. I could see the sun starting to peak over the horizon. I had slept through the night. All the vampires except Alice turned to stare at me.

I didn't even bother to tell Edward to look at the road. I was horribly late!

"Edward!" I yelped urgently.

"What's wrong?" His eyes were wide and slightly panicked.

"Edward!" I yowled. "I'm so late! Edward I must get back to Forks! I have to!" I was bouncing urgently on my seat.

"What are you talking about?" Edward asked, slightly, mollified.

"My piano lessons! My lessons! I'll be so late!" I said, staring wide-eyed at the clock on the car's stereo.

Edward chuckled. "They did well this year." He turned back around. "Once we get inside she should be okay."

I saw Jasper wince. Apparently, Edward did too.

"Sorry, Jasper, but she'll be an emotional wreck till we get inside."


"What are you talking about?" I groaned, still bouncing on my seat. Emmett laughed and started bouncing as well. The car wavered so much I screamed.

"Ughhhhhhh." Jasper slid down in his seat and put a hand over his eyes.

Alice glared at him over the back of her seat.

"Alice what is WRONG?" I said, annoyed.

Jasper took his hand off his face and placed it gently on her shoulder.

She hissed and shook it off roughly.

Jasper looked more confused then ever and Edward laughed.

She snarled at him before she folded her arms across her chest and resumed glaring out the window.

I was about to question her before the sudden sense of ease washed over me.

I wasn't going to be late to piano lessons, I didn't even take piano! Not anymore at least.

"Whoa." I sighed, then shook my head dizzily.

Edward looked at me and grinned.

"We're here!" He announced grandly.

"YES!" Emmett yelled, punching the air.

"Welcome, to the Quidditch World Cup." Edward announced solemnly.