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True Love

There's an unexpected twist to this story when Edward and the other Cullens take Bella to a truly spectacular event in the middle of England's countryside. Some might call it a spoof, but I call it true LOVE.


3. Mr. Crouch

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They all laughed at my stunned face.

"Wow." I squeaked.

Edward slipped into the tent followed by a much larger Emmett. I could only imagine how funny it would look to 'Muggles' if they watched our party slip into what looked like a small two-person tent.

"Are you tired?" Edward whispered into my ear from behind me.

"No," I replied, itching to get out and explore. " I slept in the car. Do you need help unpacking?" I knew it was useless to offer. Eight vampires with super-strength and speed wouldn't need help from my accident-prone self.

Edward grinned as he guessed what I was thinking. "I THINK we might manage without you."

I tried to glare at him, but the effect wasn't satisfactory partially due to the fact a smile crept across my face.

"Want to explore?" He asked, again interpreting my expression. I nodded eagerly.

As we made to stoop out, Alice frowned. "The Bulgarians want twelve seats in the top box and they're making to kick us out!" She huffed indignantly. "You better clear THAT up Edward, there is NO way we're switching seats!"

"Alright, alright Alice. I guess we'll go find Barty Crouch." Edward turned to me. "Is that okay?"

"Sure!" I was eager to meet some wizards.

Edward chuckled and grabbed my hand, helping me out of the tent.

He concentrated, as if straining to hear something, and I realized he was trying to hear Barty Crouch, who I assumed was the man who was in charge of kicking us out of our seats in the future. Obviously Edward did hear something, because with a surprised look, he tugged on my hand and gently dragged me left. We had only moved past a few tents, when we stopped at the end of the row; with the wood I had seen earlier, now only a hundred feet or so away.

There were many people sitting and standing around the fire. A few looked up as Edward stopped me and he turned to Barty Crouch.

I immediately recognized the three teenagers we had seen on our trip for water. There were also two red-headed twins who looked a few years younger than Edward and I, and a girl with long red hair the same color as the other three teenage boys. There was a man who was obviously their father, bearing red hair also.

I looked down and almost jumped at a portly man laying down beside me with a boyish face. I hadn't seen him.

There was another a flustered looking young man that looked like he was fixing tea.

A LOT of people.

I looked to my right to find Edward talking to Mr. Crouch in a low attractive voice that he obviously wasn't aware he was using.

"Sir, I understand you are looking to assist the Bulgarians in a hunt for seats in the Top Box and I came here to rectify the mistake our psychic saw you make, when you gave the Bulgarians OUR seats. We understand it was a complete accident," Edward said with a dazzling smile and from the look on Mr. Crouch's face, I could tell it WASN'T an accident. Obviously, Edward knew too because he smiled. "We just came to make sure we could keep our seats in the Top Box please, sir."

I looked away from Edward's beautiful face to see everyone staring at him open-mouthed. Eventually, they turned their gazes to me and my cheeks flushed. Edward must have heard my heart stutter because he glanced at me before raising an eyebrow at the group. They shut their mouths, but kept casting glances at me and whispering among each other.

"Err.... may I have your last name?" Mr. Crouch finally asked, after blinking several times.

"You may, it's Cullen, but I doubt you will find it in your files." Edward replied and I saw his mouth twitch. He was obviously enjoying this.

"And may I ask why not?" Mr. Crouch asked indignantly.

"I don't believe vampires are listed, sir." Edward said.

"Ah, no I'm afraid not." Mr. Crouch replied nonchalantly.

The group cast sympathetic glances at me and I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at them; I however, couldn't resist rolling my eyes and shaking my head. They thought I was Edward's fast-food meal.

Edward grinned down at me and I grinned back at him, enjoying the silent joke. He pulled a bag out of his pocket, that sounded like it was full of coins, handed it to Mr. Crouch, and with a "Good day," we turned and walked back to our tent, leaving a wide-eyed Barty Crouch staring happily at his bag full of gold.