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True Love

There's an unexpected twist to this story when Edward and the other Cullens take Bella to a truly spectacular event in the middle of England's countryside. Some might call it a spoof, but I call it true LOVE.


4. Top Box

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The rest of the afternoon we spent exploring. I would occasionally ask a question and Edward would answer, filling me in as much as possible before I asked a different question.

At last, a deep, booming gong rang out across the grounds and lanterns lit up red and green, lighting a path to the stadium where the game would take place.

The rest of the Cullens met up with us, and a witch checked our tickets, murmuring appreciatively of our Top Box seats.

"Straight upstairs, as high as you can go." She said, looking at our faces for the first time. Her eyes widened as she took in the cherubic faces of the eight vampires around me, and the hand she was gesturing with shook slightly.

"Thank you." Carlisle murmured in his alluring voice and we followed her directions, moving up the stairs, which were carpeted a deep purple color.

The Top Box, was small, and, quite annoyingly, the same group we had seen when speaking to Mr. Crouch, were also settling into the purple-and-gilt chairs to the right of us.

There was also an elfish creature bearing a tea-towel-like toga, sitting a row behind the other group.

Edward had a slightly bemused look on his face but when I asked him, "What's wrong?" he only shook his head and gestured to my seat. He sat down beside me, quietly explaining everything he knew about Quidditch. Occasionally, I had to slow him down as he talked too fast for MY hearing, and he would grin, talking slower.

The group just now noticed we were seated next to them, and they started whispering with surprised looks as they saw me, apparently still alive. Edward growled softly, and I squeezed his hand, resting my head on his shoulder.

Alice was sitting on the other side of me, and she beckoned Edward and I with her hand. We leaned in and she whispered, "Anybody bet Ireland will win but Krum will snag the Snitch?"

Edward listened carefully, and then nodded toward the group that we had seen earlier this afternoon. "The twins over there," Edward said softly.

Alice glanced at them and grinned. "Smart boys."

We all leaned back into our seats and I noticed the group was staring . . . again.

"Humph." I crossed my arms and glared down at the field, wishing that, more than anything that I could throw them over the small wall.

As Edward rubbed circles on the back of my hand with his thumb, I saw out of the corner of my eye, there was one teenager who wasn't staring. The skinny boy with dark hair that stuck up in the back, and glasses that perched on the bridge of his nose as he looked down at his binoculars.

Edward saw me peering at him and whispered, "He knows how you feel, and he understands."

I looked questioningly at him but right as I opened my mouth to ask what he meant, an important looking man in a green bowler hat, entered the box.

Everyone was hasty to great him, including the young man I had seen making tea this afternoon. He jumped out of his seat so hastily, that his horn-rimmed glasses fell to the floor, shattering into pieces. He hastily muttered something, pulling his wand out of his pocket, and his glasses repaired themselves. He sat back down in his chair, red-faced, as I watched on in amazement. Nobody else had seemed to notice; all the adults were greeting the man in the bowler hat. The man greeted the dark-haired boy like an old friend, though the boy only shook his hand politely.

"That's the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge," Edward whispered in my ear. "And the Bulgarian Minister to his right."

A man in black velvet robes trimmed in gold was babbling in another language and pointing at the boy's forehead.

"Knew we'd get there in the end." Fudge told the boy wearily. The boy also looked weary, but somewhat used to all the attention.

A portly man that I recognized to be the one who had been lying on the ground this afternoon, entered the box, and surprised me my making his way over to us. "Well, well, WELL!" the man exclaimed, slapping Edward on the back.

"Arthur, come meet our generous donor!" The man exclaimed happily.

"I'm Bagman, Ludo Bagman!" Mr. Bagman introduced himself.

All the Cullens stood up and one by one, and shook Mr. Bagman's hand. I followed suit.

"Why Arthur, keep an eyes on your sons! This is one pretty little lady!"

He greeted me with jolly, pumping my hand before ushering me over to the group of teenagers.

"Mr. Potter, Arthur's kids, and Miss---" He cut off.

"Hermione Granger," The bushy haired girl informed him.

"Of course, of course!" The man exclaimed.

He bustled off to the Cullens, but Edward slid past him and strode over to me. "Will you be okay?"

I rolled my eyes at him and he grinned.

I faced the group again, shifting uneasily.

One of the twins spoke up. "I'm Fred, how old are you?"

"Err, I'm Bella and I'm eighteen." I tried not to grimace at the fragile subject of my age.

"So that's why we haven't seen you around Hogwarts," Fred's twin stated, nodding.

"Umm, what?" I asked, confused.

"Did you go to Beauxbaxton's?" The girl Hermione asked, bemused.

"Sorry?" I was starting to feel really intelligent.

"Are you a witch?" The red headed girl asked curiously.

"No," I paused as their expressions became more confused and slightly disbelieving.

"But my boyfriend's a vampire and my best friend's a werewolf. That has to count for something.":

As I had said I was best friends with a werewolf, a strange look had crossed the dark-haired boy's face and it troubled me, until their friendly laughter brought me back to the present.

I tore my gaze away from his face to smile appreciatively at them, but as I smiled their laughter cut off abruptly.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A pale-faced boy sneered at the teens.

His face changed as soon as he saw me. "I don't believe we've met before, I'm Draco."

"Bella." I said, immediately disliking him for the way he treated these nice people.

"Why is it we haven't seen each other?" He questioned, totally ignoring the existence of my new friends.

"I'm not a witch," I informed him and was utterly surprised when his lip curled back and his face was distorted by an ugly sneer.

"So, the Potter gang has found someone with even DIRTIER blood than Granger? Disgusting."

All the kids whipped their wands out, but not as fast as Edward, Alice, Emmett and Jasper; who quite suddenly appeared out of thin air. Each one of them were growling, lips pulled back over their teeth.