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Dream's Shadow

This is my take on the over- and usually poorly- done plot. Edward leaves Bella again. She is changed and they meet again in the future. There will be a big twist! Requested by Iris. Banner by Iris!

Try it! I know stories like this usually stink, but I thought I'd give it a try. I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns all.

37. Chapter 37

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“BELLA!” It is Edward, not Carlisle, who answers. I don’t think I’d ever heard him… scream… before. And that is the only thing this can be described as. “Bella, Bella, my love, you’re all right! Alice kept seeing… such things, Bella. Bella, Bella, I love you. Oh, Bella.”

“I did it, Edward,” I whisper into the phone. Be proud of me. Say it’s enough. Be impressed… say I’m enough…

“Your power is impressive. What did you convince them?”

“My… power… it didn’t work.” It is agony to admit to him I’ve failed. “But I found another way.”

“You fought them! Bella! Bella, how could you? How did you kill seven vampires single-handedly?”

“Not single-handedly, and not seven. I had someone with me… you. I could do it because I knew you loved me.” The eavesdropping crowd made gagging noises here, but I could sense Edward’s smile through the telephone. “And I only had to kill two of them. Alec and Jane. The Denali clan gave up, and they’d like forgiveness. Come to the house.”

“This isn’t some kind of trap?”

“No. I swear.”

“I’m on my way. Shall I bring the others?”

“It’s safe to come home.” Home, with my family and my love. Home, forever and ever, where I would never have to fight or suffer again. It sounded beautiful.

“Excellent. I shall see you soon, my love… but not soon enough.”

“I’ve missed you.”

“I, also. Soon, but not soon enough. Good-bye.”


The simple finale to an ordinary conversation was inexplicably painful. I would never recover. Once, I had been able to put aside the forgotten pain, forgive completely the emptiness. Twice… I wasn’t so sure. And if he left me again, I would perish. I could not survive it again.

I thought he’d known that from the start, but maybe I needed to make it clearer.

I sigh. I don’t want to have any more unpleasant conversations today, especially not with the man I love. And it is convenient, never sleeping, but I can also sometimes find myself wishing I had the time to clear my head, to not think or feel but simply… be. To release into dreams and darkness…

Stop waxing poetic, Bella. You sound ridiculous.

And now you are talking to yourself.

Of course, I know exactly the cause of my mini breakdown. I miss him, and I want him, and I love him, and for God’s sake here I am again stuck waiting for him to come for me! I thought we’d decided this would never happen again. I know the situations aren’t comparable, but still… I feel a connection.

I sigh and flop on the couch. The other vampires chatter amongst themselves, leaving me feeling antisocial, excluded, and very alone.

Charming. Not the best combination.

I wonder if Jake’s okay. I want to chase him… I do love him in so many real ways, but I can’t be his. Nor can he be mine. We both have something better than true love… I just have to let go and let him love her like I love Edward.

We can be happy now.

I wish him all the best. Run fast home, swift and safe, and find your true love waiting for you with open arms… and may the debt I owe you never have reason for repayment… may your need never be so great.