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Dream's Shadow

This is my take on the over- and usually poorly- done plot. Edward leaves Bella again. She is changed and they meet again in the future. There will be a big twist! Requested by Iris. Banner by Iris!

Try it! I know stories like this usually stink, but I thought I'd give it a try. I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns all.

57. Chapter 57

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“Alice!” Oh, God. I could feel the fear set in. She isn’t where she was… so where can she be?

“Bella, where is she?” Edward asks. I don’t want to answer. I don’t want to let him down… and I don’t want my only response, the only one I can offer, to be true.

“I… I don’t know. She was right here a minute ago! Oh, God. Where is she!”

I look around desperately. I see nothing more than the trees. It is an exceptionally beautiful place. I can recognize that, even through my panic… but I am more worried about Alice. I dragged her out here to fix my own stupid mistake, and here I am, losing her… I am so worried. What could have happened?

I gasp. “Oh, Edward, we have to find her.”

“We will,” he assures me. I’ve never heard a more obvious lie in all my days, but I don’t bother pointing it out. I am perfectly sure he knows too, that I can see through his falsity.

“Let’s go look for her.”

We work out a careful schedule. The two of us run out after her, searching every inch of the woods. It reminds me of the days I searched the woods, with Jake, for my meadow.

That ended so well. I’ve been simply dying to replicate the experience. Maybe this time I can be attacked by a psychotic vampire and rescued by a pack of werewolves again!

I hope it won’t have quite as far-reaching consequences… I meditate briefly on all the day I found the meadow alone entailed. Laurent’s death led to Irena’s betrayal, leading to my being here in the first place… with that thought I return to the search, and find…

Nothing. Trees, darkness, pale moonlight, soft branches, nothing.

No Alice.

Maybe she’s at the house. I have to hold out for that hope. I look curiously at Edward, who I’ve just run into, in our starting place. “Any luck?” I ask, knowing the answer… after all, he isn’t trailing a pixie-like spiky-haired vampire.

“No. You?”

I have to crush his hopes too. “No.”

We turn, and, without a further word, run back to the house. It is a brief trip. Jake greets us at the door.

“Bella, I’m so sorry. Edward, you know I didn’t mean anything by…”

“Yes, yes, I know.” Edward brushes past Jake, who frowns. My love is truly being kind of rude, not intentionally, but I call him out on it nonetheless.

“Edward! Jake, I’m sorry. He’s just worried, because we… lost Alice.”

“She’s gone!”

Jake pats me on the back. “I’m so sorry, Bells. I’m sure she’s somewhere…”

“She didn’t come back here?”

“Not as far as I know,” he says, destroying my last hope.

“Oh, no. Oh, no. I have to go tell the others,” I say, brushing past Jacob and through the door.

They are gathered there. “Bella, are you all right? Edward?”

“We’re fine, but…”

“Where’s Alice?” Jasper demands. I can’t bring myself to meet his eyes.

“Jasper, Jasper, I am so sorry. I…”

“Where is she? Where is she?”
He walks closer to me. Edward growls and lunges forward, but I shake my head at him. Jasper wouldn’t hurt me… and it’s not his fault. I’m the one who got Alice lost.

“I’m so sorry, Jasper. I don’t know.”