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Dream's Shadow

This is my take on the over- and usually poorly- done plot. Edward leaves Bella again. She is changed and they meet again in the future. There will be a big twist! Requested by Iris. Banner by Iris!

Try it! I know stories like this usually stink, but I thought I'd give it a try. I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns all.

7. Chapter 7

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 740   Review this Chapter

It takes all of five minutes for Jane to emerge from the shadows. Instinctively, I am terrified. However, the relief is stronger. Soon, soon the pain will be gone. “Follow, Isabella.” I obey. Her grace is magnetic. “No one believed you, you know. And you could simply have asked- we’re always thirsty.” “I didn’t know where to find you.” “Ah. I see. This way.” This time he is not there to catch me. Instead, Jane’s iron arms stop my fall, and briskly set me on my feet. Her walk and touch are both businesslike, sensible, though she has a child’s form. “Aro?” “Jane, dearest, oh, and Bella! What a delightful surprise.” Aro’s happiness made my soul ache, as all joy did… like with Jake. He’d tried to be my friend, but seeing his face when she walked in the door just ripped more little holes in my spongy heart. “Kill me.” He chuckles. “You and your Edward. So direct.” “Please.” “He was mistaken, child. You could be just as easily.” “He isn’t going to change me. You have to. You have to kill me. Please.” “May I ask why you are so desperate for your life to end?” “He left me again.” Marcus and Caius walk in. Marcus speaks slowly. “You are not the first to lose one you love. Life goes on. There is no choice.” He sounds regretful. I decide to say exactly what they think. I mean, what else can they do to me? I want to be killed. “With all due respect… He told me you lost your mate a long time ago, but at least… at least she loved you until the end.” “That’s true, I suppose.” “And it’s not just him. It’s the whole family. All of them… I was going to be married and changed and part of something forever and now I’m alone.” There is a moment of silence. The eternal eyes dart from face to face, naming those they love silently, counting the pain if they had to do without, as I must. “Why come to us, Isabella? Why not kill yourself in some other way?” “Alice would see, and might try to stop me. And I couldn’t do that to Charlie. Also, I thought there was a chance… I might not… you might not want to kill me. You might change me instead.” “You would not want forever alone, Isabella.” Marcus speaks for the second time. “I see the strength of the bond you believe severed. It hurts to look at, it is so intense. You would not want forever alone.” “But if I’m changed… he might want me. And even if he doesn’t, I can chase after him forever. I’ll be able to stay close by and just… just see him.” I would give the pain of forever for one last look. How much more would I sacrifice to spend that lonesome eternity with him, however much of a distance he placed me at? “Such a shame I cannot know your mind. It must be simply fascinating… Brothers?” “Kill her. Let her life… her pain end. I would not kill one of our kind, especially not the son of your friend, Aro, but a human… their lives are nothing. She does not know what she will suffer.” “Change her. The laws will be satisfied, and this child may well be powerful once one of us.” “I am inclined to agree, Caius. Very well… shall we?” I close my eyes. “Thank you.” I hadn’t even dared to ask these archaic and ancient beings, and now I could live forever. I could chase after him, and, however far-fetched it seemed, I might, might, win him back. Ah, for shadows of dreams… I try very hard not to think what could have happened… or what the date is. It’s August 13th. It’s my wedding day. I try not to imagine him waiting for me. I try not to imagine trying… being so close to him. Is that why he left? Am I so repulsive? But above all else, I try not to imagine him changing me, his lips against my throat, his venom staining and turning me that I might be his forever. I am, though. I will always be his. No matter what, I belong to him. I only wish he were mine.