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Dream's Shadow

This is my take on the over- and usually poorly- done plot. Edward leaves Bella again. She is changed and they meet again in the future. There will be a big twist! Requested by Iris. Banner by Iris!

Try it! I know stories like this usually stink, but I thought I'd give it a try. I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns all.

74. Chapter 74

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I feel a hand trace my neck, softly, always gently, and the whisper. I know it is real, or, if it isn’t, my new life has added a second dimension to my delusions. I wouldn’t exactly object to that, but I’d much rather it not be made up.

The hysterical voice of this month’s human secretary- Ellen, is it? Elaine? Something like that… it doesn’t matter… comes over the intercom. “Isabella? Isabella? Are you there, Isabella? I have the door opened for you. Do you need to come in? Should I close the door?”

It is quite clear that this girl would not last. She is too hysterical, whiny, even. Unlike Gianna, she lacks the unflappable cool when dealing with angry vampires. Well, I suppose it’s a fairly rare skill set. But I’m distracting myself from my immediate problem.

Is he real? Can he really be here? I doubt it, somehow. It doesn’t seem possible. Strange, how many things have happened in the last twenty-four hours.

An escape attempt, a mysterious encounter with a girl who knows far too much, a fight, a revelation, a chase, a delusion, and now this… so many adventures, when the past twenty-five years of my life have been so empty of any excitement, of anything at all for that matter.

But I don’t have time to think about this. I have to do what I have to. I need to know if this is real, or another trick of my subconscious. “Hold the door, Eleanor,” I say, getting the name right.

“Yes, Isabella.”

I outrank her, even though I’m practically a slave here in Volterra. It doesn’t matter- she’s a human, and I’m a vampire, and thus in this strange environment, I have the ability and power to kill her easily. And she’s a bit of a wimp, unlike my human self. She is always subservient, almost irritatingly…

I take in a deep breath. I’m getting off topic. Summoning every bit of my strength, I turn, slowly, to face my delusion. I can still feel his touch on my shoulder, no longer cold to me, but still the same in some ways- still distinct, I know it’s him even without the words, no one else is that gentle, and yet so clearly loving, so passionate but with such control… and all this I can tell from one brush on the neck.

My face spins around, and I see him. I try to hide the surprise. I was right. I didn’t think my delusion could be real. His perfect face curves into a smile, his wide eyes growing softer, like burnished gold, and he practically grins at me, all of his attention focused right at me. I shiver at the intensity.

The perfect voice I’ve missed so much whispers its words again. This repetition is even firmer, even tenser and more controlled than the others. Each word is terse, and yet filled with a love that makes me want to weep- but I don’t have tears anymore, of course.

“I’ve missed you, love,” Edward says.