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Dream's Shadow

This is my take on the over- and usually poorly- done plot. Edward leaves Bella again. She is changed and they meet again in the future. There will be a big twist! Requested by Iris. Banner by Iris!

Try it! I know stories like this usually stink, but I thought I'd give it a try. I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer owns all.

9. Chapter 9

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The moment of awakening is silent. I don’t think or hear. I don’t even register it… then, suddenly, the decrease in pain is noticeable. I sit up, look around, smile slightly. “Bring me a mirror,” I whisper. I pray that some miracle has occurred, that I have been rendered beautiful in the pain, that it is worth it…

Felix is there, smiling sarcastically. “You do not rule here, Cullen girl.”

“I’m not one of them.”

“That’s true. You’re not. You don’t even have that pull, the connection with Aro’s friend. I would not, Miss Swan, give orders here. We can destroy you.”

“I don’t care. You see, there’s no threat that matters to me. Nothing in the world can hurt me now.”

“We can destroy him.”

The mere thought sends shudders down my soul, ripping yet another fault line there, deeper and deeper, when I thought I couldn’t be hurt more. I am beginning to realize there is always more room for pain, especially when your heart has been so swollen with love. The idea of him suffering, of him being… destroyed… is impossible. Didn’t I let him leave me to avoid him being so much as bored? Don’t I suffer all this for one sake, for his?

“I apologize.”


“May I please see a mirror?”

“Yes. I’ll grab one.”

He is clearly disgruntled he didn’t get a chance to hurt someone. His icy smile disturbs me, fills me with fear… if Edward is hurt, I will perish even further.

The mirror is small, and it is not without trepidation that I peer into its surface. I gasp.

I have not changed. My skin is paler, my features a touch straighter, my hair shinier, but I am no beauty, never was, never will be. The hope is crushed… and my eyes. My eyes are repellent. I remember how he claimed to love them as a human, the liar… but now no one could give that lie. They were terrible. Like a ruby, lustrous, gleaming, bright, gem-like, yes, but not…

They are so unnatural. I hate them. I hate my disappointing new self. I hate everything about it. He should have been here. This moment was supposed to end with me sighing or screaming or something and him touching those glassy lips to my throat and muttering to my new-frozen skin, “You are so beautiful. I have created such an angel.”

Ludicrous. I’m lying to myself in ridiculous ways… I’m disappointed to say that the pain has not faded, is not at all forgotten, with my new being. I am not an angel created, but a demon.

I sob, with the tears I’ve lost hanging desired and impossible. “Oh, Edward.”

“Will you remain with the Volturi?”

This is Aro, entering the room. He, in the night black robes, has a face so grave it might rival my woeful mask.

“I’m sorry. I must go look for him…”

“Wait. Alec’s power may…”

“What is it?”

“He can determine… and control… other vampire’s abilities. He can tell what yours is. Alec?”

The beautiful child steps from the shadows. He smiles, a mirror of his sister’s attack, and then squints at Aro. “Master, this girl is very, very interesting.”

“What is her power?”