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Because you Live

Bella means beautiful in Italian, but to Edward Cullen that is just one small word to describe her.

I have never tried writing a poem before, but when i showed my friends, they said it was sweet and that i should post it. so i did XD Disclaimer- all characters, settings, etc, belong to stephenie meyer

1. Chapter 1

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Because you live

Light swarms around me

And I have never felt so happy

Because of you all my days are great

I never thought I would choose to see with such a different sight

I am no longer the ‘odd one out’As Esme always puts it

You not only accepted me for who I am but for what I was

And I never thought I could find someone like you who could

Every time I see you smile

It makes me feel like I could walk on water

You gave me so many new emotions; Anticipation, anxiousness, jealousy, but mostly love

I will let nothing hurt you

I will always love you

So much that words can not describe it

You are my life, Bella

I live and breathe for you

You are my sunshine and blue sky

You have changed my life forever

Everything looks so different

You have showed me that my life isn’t meaningless

And that I am not a monster

I must love you

For without you the world and my life

Is like a bottomless pit of darkness and despair

But with you I suddenly feel whole

Like something was missing for my whole life

Everything feels and looks perfect

There is a reason to smile

And a reason to laugh

A reason to love

And a reason to breathe

All those things you have done

Just because you love me

And because you live.