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Saving Light

Jacob finally finds someone to relieve the darkness of his pain. His saving light. But in order for her to save him, he must first save her life. And oh, yeah, one more thing. She just happens to be a vampire.

RATED T FOR TEEN ummmm yeah, sometimes i cuss and have somewhat teen thoughts... i mean, come on people! JACOB BLACK AND CANDACE ARE TEENAGERS!!! Raging hormones, etc... they will have some pretty teen thoughts. STEAMY SITUATIONS.

1. Saving Light

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Candace’s POV

I looked in the mirror. There I was the same as always. Short, on the chubby side, blonde, and eighteen. I had a small tattoo on my ankle of a musical note. I sighed. I grabbed a brush off the desk nearby and stroked through my thin golden hair a few times. I put on a tiny bit of mascara and no eyeliner because my ocean blue-green eyes already looked huge without makeup. I pulled on jeans and a t-shirt and walked downstairs. No one was home. My parents both worked full days and I was an only child. I took a small bottle of alcohol and some matches with me to our extravagant outdoor patio. We lived in a monstrous blue house about fifteen miles away from a tiny insignificant town called Forks. I don’t drink, or smoke. Instead, I sing and play the guitar. I drew a little design with the alcohol and stepped back. I pulled out the box of matches and stuck one. I watched it for a moment and then threw it into the alcohol. The beautiful flames arched for a moment, and then went out. I washed away the little soot with the garden hose. I was winding up the hose, but I stopped and looked down at it, pondering an idea. I pointed the hose up and sprayed a jetsream of water into a design in the air, I used to do this all the time as a small child. The sun sparkled through it, making little rainbows before I got soaked. I sighed angrily and went to look for something else to do. I decided to watch TV. I turned on some dumb show on MTV and tried to wait till my parents got home.

I must have drifted off to sleep because I was startled by the angry voices of my parents. I only heard a few words, but they were loud and angry enough to tell me that: one, my parents were drunk; two, they wanted a divorce; and three, they had forgotten about me. I scowled and made no noise as I stalked out of the house and into the nearby woods. It was about one in the morning as I looked at my cell phone. I looked around at the unfamiliar trees and shuddered as I imagined a ghostly chuckle. I walked for two more minutes, but it was so dark that I tripped. I hit my knee on a rather pointy rock, and when I stood up I could feel a warm trickle down my leg telling me I was bleeding. I realized that I may not have imagined someone laughing when an extraordinarily pale and gorgeous guy walked out of the trees about fifty yards away. He looked at me like I was edible or something. I moved closer to him and saw that he had sinister burgundy and black irises. He waved at me politely. I looked around dumbly, as if there was another person walking around in the dark forests of Washington at one in the morning. When I saw that the incredibly hot man, who looked like he was about twenty, was in fact waving to me, I waved back. He had short, muddy brown hair and extremely pale skin. He spoke with a beautiful, musical voice.

“Hello there. What brings you into the woods on this wonderful night?” the stranger raised his eyes at me.

“My parents.” I said nonchalantly. “And you?” I queried, a little uneasy at this beautiful stranger and our pointless conversation. He grinned, revealing ominous white teeth.

“I wanted a little… snack.” The man said as if enjoying an inside joke. I looked at the beautiful man and wondered if he maybe was an escaped mental patient.

“So you came outside, in the woods, at one o clock in the morning?” I asked skeptically. He laughed menacingly and I took a step back.

“You may find it hard to believe, but I did find one!” He replied. I was getting a little freaked out by him. Then he moved so fast I did not even see him until he was inches away from my face. He inhaled and smiled. He moved his face towards him and I drew my hand back and punched his jaw as hard as I could, just like I had learned in the self defense course I took. I felt the bones in my hand break, and he did not even move except to change his expression. It had gone from hungry to furious. He backhanded me across the face, and I shrieked as I flew into a tree and heard more bones snap. In an eye blink he was at my side again, this time he lowered his lips to my neck. I screamed as he bit into my flesh and began draining my blood. In one last attempt to throw him off I pulled a lighter out of my pocket and weakly lit up his shirt. A disgusting smell, like incense, filled my nose. I thought I was going to die when I felt fire race along my veins. I waited to die quietly he just kept sucking on my neck, until I heard a fierce growling and snapping. The draining sensation went away, but the fire remained. It had spread from just my neck until it had engulfed my whole body. I heard voices then, and kept my eyes open in an unblinking blank stare, making no noise except to breathe. I was startled when I saw a huge boy leaning over me. His satiny black hair fell in curtains around my face, his russet form blocking out what little light was given by the moon. I didn’t need that light though, for this boy was my saving light. He made me feel safe. Heat radiated from him, and it would have felt good if my veins had not been coursing with fire. My vision was blurry from the tears of pain streaming from my eyes.

“I finally imprint, and my soul mate is either dying or will be a bloodsucker within three days!” the boy muttered angrily. Imprint? Soul mate? What the hell was he talking about? I began to feel lightheaded from the pain, so I closed my eyes and waited for unconsciousness to come. I did not have to wait long.

Jacob’s POV

I wrapped my arms around my knees and sat by a tree. My head rested on my kneecaps. I had imprinted on a girl that I had just saved from a rogue bloodsucker. She lay there, as still as possible. I had thought she was dead at first, but then as I checked for life, and I looked deep into those ocean-green eyes I knew I had found my soul mate. I brushed her beautiful soft golden hair back from her forehead. I knew that because she was still alive, she would become a vampire from the venom in the bite. I heard her breathing slow, and my head shot up to make sure she was okay. She was asleep. I gaped. This beautiful angel was becoming a leech, and she was ASLEEP?! Didn’t she say that it was one of the most painful things she had ever felt! I stood and gathered the limp girl into my arms and began to jog swiftly and smoothly back to the reservation. The pack must have gotten flashes of what I was doing because I had been in wolf form, but they had not seen the girl. As I emerged from the trees near the beach, still gently cradling my imprint, I was suddenly disgusted with myself. I had just imprinted, and I did not even know her name! I shook my head. I looked up as the sun began to rise over the ocean, and back down at the girl. She had screamed only twice since she had been attacked. I studied her face and wanted to know every line and dimple. I went to the tree that she and I had talked at so long ago. I sat with my back against the ancient bark and an angel cradled in my arms. That is where the pack found me. A large shadow blocked out the sun that reached me, so I craned my neck around to see what it was. Leah stood there, in shock.

“JACOB! What the he-” she began screeching. I shook my head rapidly; if she woke up the girl she would feel the venom in her system. “Who is that?” Leah cried. I sighed. Leah would be Leah, and no one would stop her. I was about to answer when the girl in my arms let out a bloodcurdling scream. I knew I could not do anything to help her. I just watched with a pained look on my face as she opened her eyes frantically, one was in the process of becoming reddish orange, and strangely one was turning less green and more blue. As the sun hit her skin, it gave off a faint glow, rather than a full blown sparkle. “JAKE! If you do not tell me what the hell is going on in two seconds, I will-” but her threat was cut off by a somewhat musical voice.

“HELP! Somebody please put out the fire!” the transforming girl sobbed and huddled into my chest, clutching my arms. Leah gaped as realization hit her. The girl in my arms writhed, but I held her tightly. Leah glared at me.

“Jake you can not bring home leeches and ask to keep them like some little kid who found an abandoned puppy! I don’t care that you just got back, I want this thing DEAD!” Leah shouted. By now the rest of the pack had come running. Paul’s arms were shaking as he beheld what I grasped in my arms.

“Wait! I can explain!” I cried. The girl I held struggled in my grip again before going limp.

“Please, don’t hurt me.” She whimpered brokenly. I stroked her hair, trying my best to comfort her.

“What is it with you and these damn bloodsuckers Jacob?!” Paul screamed. I silenced him with a glare and two words.

“I imprinted.” I stated. All the surrounding jaws dropped.

Jacob’s POV

I looked Sam in the eyes and mentally dared him to try anything. He blinked a few times and sighed.

“This is unheard of, but I guess that if you imprinted, we can’t kill her. Who is she anyway?” He asked wearily. I gentled my gaze and repositioned the girl on my lap; she was getting heavy even for me. The sun went behind the clouds and I ached for its warmth. The girl I held had started to drop in temperature.

“I don’t know. A lone bloodsucker had started to feed on her; I pulled him off and killed him. He must have almost drained her completely because she is transforming really fast.” I told him. Embry stepped forward and looked at the girl.

“When was she attacked?” he asked curiously. I calculated in my head.

“At about one fifteen this morning.” I replied. Seth piped in to the conversation.

“But it’s like six now!” He exclaimed. I rolled my eyes.

“I know. That leech must have come close, because I thought she was dead, until she tried to light him on fire, and I imprinted.”

“Damn.” Paul said, in awe. “She really tried to light him on fire?” he asked incredulously. I nodded, and he whistled. I looked around at the familiar faces I had not seen in two months.

“So, what have you been doing while I was gone?” I asked casually. At that, everyone looked very sad. It was Quil that finally spoke.

“Oh, man. Jake, about a month ago your dad….” He trailed off, his eyes filled with sadness. He took a breath and continued. “Billy passed away….just after the wedding.” My eyes widened and filled with tears. Billy had needed me and I had not been there. The tears streamed down my face and I began to sob, holding the girl close, as if she could ease the pain. I opened my eyes as I felt her lightly hug me back. I pulled back to see her face. The sun had come out again, and she sparkled even more prominently. She was crying too, something I hadn’t thought vampires could do. I sobbed again, and she reached up a cold hand. She put her palm on my cheek and wiped the tears away with her thumb. She was my saving light from all the pain, of losing Bella and my father.

Candace’s POV

I looked up into the sunlight at the face of the boy. An overpowering feeling of love swept over me and I timidly reached up to wipe his tears away, my hand lingering on his unusually warm face.

“Don’t cry,” I said. My voice surprised me. It had always been nice, I was a singer, but now it was like a lullaby. It was soft, musical, and calming. I pulled my other hand up and brushed the boy’s silky hair out of his face. I could smell him, and it was a damp, forest-like smell with something like musk. I liked it. I realized, that I was crying too. I felt horrible for the boy, his father had passed away. “Everything will be okay,” I murmured soothingly, and I believed myself. The fire now felt like it was leaking out of my veins. I looked at this boy, and I wanted to be with him forever. Strange, I did not even know his name.

“What is your name?” The boy asked me in a husky voice. I closed my eyes, I could barely remember anything. A name sprang to my lips, and I was sure it was mine.

“Candace,” I replied, still in awe of my crazy voice. “What about you?”

“Jacob,” he told me. I looked away from Jacob’s face for a moment and realized two things. One, there were about nine other people on the beach with us, and two, I glittered in the sun. I jumped up and shrieked, turning my hands over and glancing at my body. Yup, I was sparkling more than a freaking diamond! I gazed around and discovered that I had jumped more than fifteen feet in one stride. I picked up a rock from the ground and squeezed my fist. I watched as the rock crumbled to dust in my hand.

“Holy shit,” I stated. My eyes widened as I looked back at where I had just sat. Ten people stood there, including Jacob, with their jaws hanging wide open. They all had russet skin and silky back hair. I remembered vaguely that the Quileute reservation was fifteen minutes away from Forks. I doubled over in pain as a sick feeling bubbled into my stomach. I gasped and Jacob ran over as I clutched my sides. “Wh-what the hell am I?” I stuttered. He put one finger under my chin and lifted my face to his. His eyes were full of sadness.

Jacob’s POV

I looked deep into her strange eyes. Her right eye was a flaming orange color that shifted from red to yellow like fire. The left eye was a stunning blue color that rippled like water. Both had thick black rings around the irises. I took a breath and spoke.

“Candace, you’re a vampire.” I told her, and I gently dipped my face to hers, pressing our lips together lightly. I pulled back, and gazed at her shocked face. She was crying again, but I could not smell salt. She was crying fresh water. She sobbed and pressed her face into my shoulder. I patted her back as the cool water drenched my shirt. I tried to soothe her.

“Does this mean that I have to…kill people?” Candace asked in a slightly hysterical voice, “I don’t want to be a monster.” She said, defeated. I laughed, she was only crying because she didn’t want to kill people? She wasn’t repulsed by her existence? It reminded me of when Bella found out that I was a werewolf. Candace looked into my eyes curiously.

“Oh, don’t be sad!” I laughed, “You actually don’t have to kill people. Besides, I’m a monster too!” I explained. “I am a werewolf.” I told her. She smiled and looked so blindingly happy that everyone else around us had to smile as well. Candace gazed deep into my eyes, put her hands on each side of my face, and planted her lips firmly on mine. I heard whistles as I kissed the love of my life.

“So, what do you mean, I don’t have to kill people? I mean, I have to drink blood, right?” She wondered.

“The Cullens, in Alaska, only drink animal blood. We could probably get them to help you not attack humans.” Seth piped up. Candace looked back at the group.

“Wait, who are you? Are you all werewolves too?” she queried, cocking her head to the side and looking at each person. Sam stepped forward and introduced everyone.

“Candace, I’m Sam and that’s Seth, Quil, Embry, Jared, Paul, Leah, Brady, and Collin.” He said, and everyone stepped forward and waved as he said their names. Then Sam looked at me and said, “It’s great to finally have you back, and smiling Jacob.” He walked forward and embraced me like my father would have. The rest of the pack came over and patted me on the back or shook my hand. All of a sudden, Candace doubled over.

“Someone’s hungry.” Leah stated. I rolled my eyes at her and went to Candace’s side. I took a breath. I knew nothing about what vampires ate!

“Somebody, call the Cullens.” I said quietly. “Stay here, Candace.” I told her gently. I ran into the forest and took off my sweats; I phased and went in search of vampire food. I came across a herd of deer and I snapped two of their necks. I dragged them back to the beach in wolf form. I stopped at Candace’s side. I licked her face, and she opened her eyes.

“Jacob? Don’t you like need a full moon or something to do that?” she asked incredulously. I wolf grinned and pointed with my nose at the two deer. Her eyes went blank as she sniffed, and she bounded over to them. Candace leaned down and drained one of the deer. She finished and I trotted back into the woods, phasing back and putting my sweats back on. Paul walked into the woods.

“The blood- Cullens are on their way. Two of them are coming down to the reservation, we negotiated. I don’t know which two are coming. Sorry.” Paul stated, I nodded and he returned to the beach silently with me. When we arrived I looked at Candace, how her shining blonde hair had streaks of blood in it and her short, thin, muscular body was streaked with blood and dirt. I ran up behind her after she had buried the deer.

“BOO!” I shouted and she turned around, squealing and laughing. I ran into the ocean, followed by Candace and the rest of the pack except Sam and Leah. We decided to play Marco Polo. It was a crazy game. Our enhanced senses would definitely give everyone an advantage, plus, Candace did not need to breathe. Her sickly sweet scent could be masked by being underwater, and I don’t think our werewolf scent bothered her. It must have something to do with me imprinting on her. Whatever. A few hours later, we emerged clean and wet from the ocean. Sam stood there.

“I think tonight’s a perfect night for a bonfire.” Sam stated.