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Saving Light

Jacob finally finds someone to relieve the darkness of his pain. His saving light. But in order for her to save him, he must first save her life. And oh, yeah, one more thing. She just happens to be a vampire.

RATED T FOR TEEN ummmm yeah, sometimes i cuss and have somewhat teen thoughts... i mean, come on people! JACOB BLACK AND CANDACE ARE TEENAGERS!!! Raging hormones, etc... they will have some pretty teen thoughts. STEAMY SITUATIONS.

2. Imprints and Crappy Werewolf Jokes

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2813   Review this Chapter

Candace’s POV

After the pack ate enough food to feed a third world country, I sat in Jacob’s lap to watch them tell Quileute legends by the amazing driftwood bonfire. I’d never seen blue fire before, and I loved it. I would have to play with driftwood sometime, when I got a new lighter. My favorite was the story about the chief’s third wife. I compared myself to her and knew that if my family was in danger I would do everything that she did. I also knew that, being a vampire or a ‘cold one’ that I could do more. After the fire died down I hugged myself closer to Jacob. I shyly pecked him on the cheek, but I worried about one thing. Jacob had saved my life, but what about when he imprinted, and left me alone; an orphan vampire among a pack of werewolves. I sighed and led him farther down the beach. The pack had all fallen asleep by the embers or gone home. I sat on the trunk of one driftwood tree and patted the spot next to me.

“Jake, we need to talk.” I said wearily. I really liked him, and this was killing me, theoretically. A worried and sad look came over his face.

“I knew it! You’re repulsed by my existence!” he cried. I raised my eyebrows skeptically.

“Hello, earth to Jacob! I am a monster too, stupid.” I told him. “I wanted to talk to you about……imprinting.” I murmured reluctantly. He looked at me curiously. I continued sadly, “Jake, one day you will meet someone who will change your life, and what will I be? I will be a lone vampire living with a pack of werewolves. When you imprint, I will be left behind just like every other time in my life. I don’t think I can handle that. It’s best if I go.” I began to get up but he laughed out loud. I looked at him with tears in my eyes. “What are you laughing at?” I cried. He just shook his head and stood to wrap me in his warm arms. I buried my face in his shoulders, shaking from his laughter.

“You are being ridiculous! I imprinted already!” he chuckled, and I cried harder, tears streaming sown my face as I looked up into his dark eyes.

“I knew it! You don’t love me!” I cried. He gazed at me gently, but inside, his eyes were burning with passion. He bent down and kissed my nose.

“I imprinted on you.” My mouth fell open, and I knew I must have looked like a total idiot. I snapped my jaw shut and jumped, literally jumped onto him. I threw my ice cold arms around his burning neck and pressed my lips to his. He wrapped his russet arms around my waist and pulled me to him. I was glad neither of us could die or anything, because I used almost all of my strength to pull him to me, and I never wanted to let go. I pulled my face away from his and looked deep into his eyes. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

“So, it’s pretty okay for me to say something? About us, I mean.” I said.

“Sure, have at it!” he told me, joy deep in his dark eyes.

“I love you, Jacob.” I stated simply. He ran his hand through my now thick and long blonde hair. He put his lips gently to my own.

“I love you too, Candace.” Jacob told me solemnly. I smiled at him, flashing my white teeth, and he did the same.

“Does you being a werewolf rule out the possibility of us getting a puppy?” I asked, mockingly disappointed. Jacob laughed so contagiously that I had to join in too. Then he kissed me with more vigor than before, and I loved it. His strong arms pressed my hips against his, and he slipped his tongue between my lips. All of a sudden, someone behind us cleared their throat. I looked over my shoulder. I glared daggers at the pack members, who were all laughing mercilessly and rolling in the sand. They made kissy noises and batted their eyelashes at Jacob and me. I scowled even further. They cackled at us. I wondered what was so funny and I looked at myself to make sure I had not lost anything important, like my pants and my shirt. I was relieved to find that they were still there, but a little embarrassed that I was lying completely on Jacob’s stomach. I groaned and rolled over. Jacob seemed just as reluctant.

“Maybe you all should have been hyenas. You sure act like it. Grow the hell up, dammit!” I muttered. This caused more cackles of mirth, even Sam was chuckling. A random thought flew into my head. I remembered the stories about the ‘cold ones’ and realized that I was not bothered by their scent, and they did not appear to care about mine. Jared seemed to notice my thoughtful expression when he finally unglued his own lips from Kim’s.

“What’s up, Candace?” he asked me. I looked at each member of the pack as thoughts processed in my head.

“Are any of you guys bothered by my smell? Yours doesn’t bother me.” I questioned. They all shook their heads.

“I think you smell pretty!” Little Claire piped up. Kim nodded, and we both smiled as Quil began to tickle Claire mercilessly. Tiny peals of laughter rang out. Meanwhile the rest of the pack members thought to themselves.

“Also, blood doesn’t smell too hot to me. I keep hearing the stories about how the cold ones could not control themselves around the scent of blood, and Kim’s and Claire’s blood does not make me want to kill them.” I said thoughtfully.

“None of us know, but the Cullens are arriving pretty soon.” Sam told me. I had grown to think of him and Emily as the older siblings I’d always wanted but never had.

“Who are the Cullens?” I wondered puzzled. Everyone looked uneasily at Jacob, who sighed.

“The Cullens are a group of vampires that don’t kill people.” Jacob told me. “Do you remember what I told you about Bella?” I nodded. Jacob had told me many stories about Bella, his childhood friend. It had appeared to be a painful subject for him to talk about, so I never pressed him about it. “Bella left me to be with one of the Cullens. That is why I ran off. I am sometimes thankful that she did though.” He said. I raised my eyebrows, and he came over and hugged me. “If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have found you.” Jacob murmured softly into my ear. I hugged him gently, trying to comfort him. Meanwhile, I heard someone sniff the air.

“Umm, I think we have company.” Seth said. All eyes became alert. The pack sniffed the air, Kim looked bewildered and Claire sniffed the air too, giggling. I decided to sniff the air as well. I inhaled deeply and caught the scent of two things that smelled somewhat like me, but with a personal twist to it. “The Cullens are here.” Seth said, almost mournfully. Paul snarled, and his arms began to rattle and shake. Sam put a restraining arm on his shoulder. Just then, two creatures emerged from the trees about a hundred yards down the beach.

Candace’s POV

I watched cautiously as the figures sped towards us at a very inhuman speed. I used my cool new vampire vision to see who they were. So these were the famous Cullens. I watched curiously as the young man and woman rapidly approached us. They both looked to be around my age. The boy had a very strange shade of bronze hair, and the girl had soft chocolate locks that streamed out behind her as she ran. Their eyes were different. The boy had eyes of dark gold, and the girl had eyes that were an extremely strange sight. Her eyes were normal except for her irises. It was as if you looked right through her to the other side. Both of them were extremely beautiful. I heard a sharp intake of breath behind me as the people came into better view. They stopped about five yards away from where we were only to approach at human speed. No one was speaking, and an uneasy silence came over everyone. I decided to try to fix it.

“Hi! My name is Candace.” I told them cheerfully. The girl seemed soothed by my friendliness. She held her hand out with a shy smile.

“I’m Bella,” She responded “and this is my husband Edward. Nice to meet you.” Ah, so this was Bella. She was really pretty, and I could see why Jake had fallen for her. Edward waved at me, and I smiled back, happy to finally get some answers. Edward chuckled all of a sudden. I wondered if he could read minds.

“Yes, I can. And I hope we can answer all the questions you may have.” He told me. My jaw dropped and my eyes opened as wide as they could. He looked at my face quickly and his eyebrows rose. “Did you know that your eyes are two different colors?” Edward asked. I shook my head. “One is orange, and the other is blue.” He said. “Maybe it could have something to do with any powers you might have. We have had multiple guesses as to what Bella’s power will be.” I had no idea what he was talking about. I ran to the nearest car and peeked into the mirror. I had not been a sight for sore eyes when I was human, but now I was a real stunner. It was like a professional artist had taken my features, and hardened them, made them more beautiful and angular. My eyes were extremely strange to look at. Though I missed the ocean green they had been before, I loved them now. My right iris writhed and flamed between orange and yellow, like the flames I loved so much. The left iris was in complete contrast. It was a clear blue, and sort of rippled like the face of a calm lake. My hair, pretty before, was now gorgeous. It was long, golden, and hung straight to my waist.

“Oh. My. God.” I said as I beheld the amazing face in the mirror. Bella giggled and I looked at her puzzled.

“That was - exactly the same – reaction – that I had – two weeks ago!” Bella managed to stutter, interrupted by fits of tinkling laughter. Edward was laughing too.

“We should probably go back to our old house.” Edward told Bella and I, she looked at him with complete adoration, and I realized that that was what I must have looked like when I looked into Jacob’s deep eyes. Jacob. I looked back at him, how was he handling this? I did not see him anywhere. I did see something else. I saw a monstrous russet wolf, standing with its shoulder as high as my head. The wolf whimpered as it turned and sped away into the deep forest. And without thinking, I followed. I ran as fast as my new body could carry me to catch up with the running wolf. I felt drawn to it somehow. I wanted to protect it. Soon the wolf collapsed, curling up into a tight ball and shaking. I stopped a few feet away from the mammoth creature and tentatively reached out to stroke the red fur. It felt like silk. I teased my fingers through it a few times, marveling at the smooth texture. The wolf gradually stopped shaking. It began to relax and it lifted its massive head to look at me. I gasped as I found myself looking into the dark eyes of Jacob. I know I had seen him before in his wolf form, but it was eerie how easy it was to tell that it was Jacob. My mouth hung open. I must have looked utterly ridiculous because Jacob bared his teeth and let his tongue loll to the side in a wolf grin. It licked up the side of my face, leaving a slobbery trail. I laughed, wiping it off. Then I buried my face in the fur around the wolf’s neck, wrapping my arms around him and holding him close. Jacob hummed deep in his throat and nuzzled my ear in a loving way. He gently wormed his way out of my arms to walk into the bushes. I sat there, waiting. I heard Jake’s voice.

“Candace, thank you.” He told me sincerely. “I would love to come hug you, but I don’t have any pants on.” He said rather embarrassedly. “I just really needed that. Emotional support, I mean. When Bella showed up with Edward being one of you, plus with the loss of my dad, I just lost it. I’m really glad you were here to help me cope. I love you.” I was a little surprised when, a few seconds later, Jacob emerged in his colossal wolf shape. He jerked his head back in the direction we came from and we set off at a leisurely pace. I giggled spontaneously as I remembered a vague Halloween night.

“Hey, Jake… What happens to a werewolf that eats a clock? IT GETS TICKS!!!” I squealed with glee. Jacob stopped dead in his tracks, frozen, all of a sudden; he was on his back with all four legs in the air, shuddering with a growl like coughing noise. He was laughing! I continued when he stood up. “What do you get when you cross a werewolf with a dog? A werewoof!” I giggled and we walked on, Jacob still shaking with wolf laughter. I decided to tell one more. “How do you stop a werewolf from attacking you? Throw a stick and yell FETCH!” Jacob stopped laughing and playfully, but still menacingly, growled at me. He stalked forward, low to the ground. I picked up a small tree and said “Fetch?” weakly. He pounced on me, licking my face and rolling me out of the woods and onto the beach. I laughed and pushed him off, he rolled into the ocean. “I hope you have your own air freshener, because I sure don’t want to smell a wet dog!” I yelled, chuckling. Jacob picked up a black pair of sweat shorts with his teeth and headed into the woods. He came back in human form laughing. I turned to everyone on the beach. They stood there, cackling like hyenas again. Except for Edward and Bella, they laughed a little more gracefully. After we all calmed down, Edward gestured for me to follow him and Bella.

“We talked it over with the pack, and decided you should stay with us for a while.” Edward said to me. “Your powers, if any, will show themselves in the next few days. We should probably keep an eye on you until then.” He stated. I looked from Edward and Bella, then wistfully back at Jake. Bella saw and she chuckled knowingly.

“Candace, it’s not like you’re never coming back! You will probably be back tomorrow or the next day. I’ll come too!” she squealed eagerly. I went to hug Jake before I left, Bella followed. I threw my arms around Jake and he put his lips to my hair.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, I hope.” I said, wishing that I could stay here. He sighed, and kissed me thoroughly on the lips before letting me go. Bella stood there, feeling out of place. I looked between my soul mate and the girl I knew I could be friends with and had an idea. I pushed Bella and Jake together. He looked startled when Bella threw her arms around his waist and buried her face in his chest. He softened, and wrapped his arms around her. Then he said four words.

“I missed you Bells.” She dry sobbed, clutching Jacob as tightly as she could. I laughed inwardly, thinking that I must look much the same as Bella did, compared to Jake. Standing at a whopping 6’7”, he towered above us at our meager height of 5’4”. Edward laughed too. I’d forgotten he could read minds. Still laughing, he called to us.

“Come on, you two. Let’s go to the house.” When Bella let go of my soul mate, I gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“Bye Jake, love you!” I called when the three of us had reached the edge of the trees. As I waved at the pack, I realized something that brought tears of joy to my eyes. I belonged here, with my family.