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Saving Light

Jacob finally finds someone to relieve the darkness of his pain. His saving light. But in order for her to save him, he must first save her life. And oh, yeah, one more thing. She just happens to be a vampire.

RATED T FOR TEEN ummmm yeah, sometimes i cuss and have somewhat teen thoughts... i mean, come on people! JACOB BLACK AND CANDACE ARE TEENAGERS!!! Raging hormones, etc... they will have some pretty teen thoughts. STEAMY SITUATIONS.

3. Bella's Power

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Chapter 5

Bella’s POV

After hugging Jacob, I began to feel closure. He was happy now. This girl, Candace, would make him really happy. I was distracted as I intertwined my fingers with Edward’s. I was thinking about Candace. She was about my size, but with golden hair. Jake had finally imprinted, and he completely adored this girl. I could not wait to get to know her! Edward pulled me along through the trees, checking over his shoulder every once in a while to make sure that Candace was still following us. The third time he looked back, he stopped in his tracks.

“Candace?” he called, somewhat worriedly. His brow furrowed, and I looked around. I did not see the girl anywhere. “I can still hear her thoughts, but where did she go?” he muttered to himself. I heard a giggle of delight, but it came from high above us. I looked up and my alabaster jaw dropped. Candace was flying. Candace made quieting motions and pointed to Edward, giving me a devious grin. I turned away from Edward to keep from laughing. Slowly I looked at Edward. Candace had lowered herself so that she was upside down in the air just behind Edward. Her long gold hair hung like a curtain as she shook with silent laughter. She inhaled deeply.

“Boo!” Candace squealed, and I could not contain my laughter anymore. I collapsed against a tree, almost breaking it in half with my ferocious giggles. Candace had lost control and fallen flat on her back laughing like a madwoman. Edward was still struck with surprise, but to my glee, a few chuckles popped out. Candace was crying with laughter. Was that also her power? Whatever. I saw the immense white manor peeking from the trees. I walked over to Candace, and helped her to her feet. We leaned on each other, still laughing. Edward shook his head at our immaturity. We finally made it to the mansion. Edward turned to us once we were inside.

Candace’s POV

“Bella, Candace, we can not go outside while we are here.” He told us, straining the importance of his words. “Candace, I don’t know where you came from, but everyone here in Forks thinks that Bella and I died in a car crash.” Bella looked sad, so I wrapped my arm around her. She put her head on my shoulder. Edward looked at me curiously.

“Speaking of which, where did you come from, Candace?” I almost felt my facial expression fall. I tried to remember…. But I couldn’t. I knew I had memories, but they just weren’t there. I received brief, blurry thoughts, and fragments of loud, angry conversations, but that was all. I looked up at Edward, shaking my head.

“I don’t know.” I replied. Bella hugged me tighter, and I was glad to have a friend.

“Oh, Candace. Don’t worry. We will help you find out who you are. Surely there will be something in the newspaper.” She turned to her husband. “We can have a newspaper delivered to this house, right Edward?” Bella queried. Edward grinned.

“Carslisle and Esme always send newspapers to our houses because we never know when we will show up.” He replied, walking to the door. He opened it, and sure enough, on the stoop, there were stacks of newspapers. He moved them all inside and threw them on the table, which was pretty pointless to have considering we couldn’t eat. I figured this out on my own at the La Push bonfire.

The pack had been contentedly eating smores, and I asked to have one. A collective, sly smile made its way around the circle. Paul all too happily handed me a graham cracker, smothered in chocolate and topped with a fat, melty marshmallow. I took a huge bite, chewed and froze. The pack fell off their log benches, again cackling with mirth. I ran to the trees, where I rid myself of the disgusting food. I was jolted back into reality as Edward began to laugh as well at my memory. He spread newspapers out all over the massive dining room table, scanning and discarding pages with no information on them. Bella and I made our way over to help. I inspected the first newspaper. It was from a little over two weeks ago.Newlywed Teens in a Tragically Fatal Car Crash was the headline and I looked at the huge color picture. The picture showed a mangled, smoking red truck. The caption held even more information. ‘Newlyweds Bella Swan Cullen and Edward Cullen passed away late last night. Dr. Carslisle Cullen and Esme Cullen, and police Chief Charles Swan devastated.’ Bella was reading over my shoulder when she let out a strangled sob. She looked up at me, and I gasped. The lack of color in her eyes seemed to spread over her body rapidly. All of a sudden she was gone. Edward and I cried out in shock. I saw the chair move away from the table, and felt a cool breeze behind me. Bella was invisible! Edward stood ad raced up the stairs.

“Bella?” he spoke frantically.

“Where is he going?” I heard Bella whimper from the other side of the room. She clearly did not know what had happened. We heard him calling all around upstairs for his dear wife. She sniffed, and I heard it coming from the couch. I tentatively walked over and put my hand out to make sure I wouldn’t sit on her. I sat down and felt Bella draw close to me.

“Edward was looking for you, hon.” I told her gently. Her hair brushed against my arm, I guessed she was cocking her head to the side. “Your talent showed itself Bella.” I said. She gasped. “You can turn invisible.” She became visible as she inspected her arms. When I could see her, I hugged her. “Why were you crying, Bella?” She sniffed again.

“I chose to be a vampire.” She said and my jaw dropped. “I know it sounds crazy, but it was the only way Edward and I could be together. Forever. That is the reason why I can resist human blood. I know consciously that it is bad. When I married Edward and got changed, we had to stage our deaths. I knew it would have to happen sometime, but it all caught up to me so fast. It was just worse seeing everyone’s reactions in the paper.” She told me. I hugged her tightly, and Edward came barreling down the stairs. I saw the worried expression slide off his face as he saw Bella and me on the couch. He rushed over.

“Love, what happened?” he asked. Bella just smiled and disappeared, only to reappear moments later behind Edward.

“Bella found her power!” I squealed. Edward stared in awe.

“As far as I know, there has been only one other vampire to ever have the power to disappear.” He said somewhat worriedly. He looked at both of us. “She was one of the most powerful vampires in history. She could disappear, become immune to other powers, and create force fields. Her name was Ariana, and she was Aro’s mate.” Edward continued gravely. Bella gasped, and I looked at them curiously.

“Who’s Aro?” I asked after a moment. Bella looked at me with an anxious gaze.

“Aro is one of the three leaders of the Volturi, the most powerful vampire family ever to exist. They are the royalty of our kind, and now that Bella has a power of this magnitude, nothing will stop them from trying to recruit her.” Edward replied sadly.