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Saving Light

Jacob finally finds someone to relieve the darkness of his pain. His saving light. But in order for her to save him, he must first save her life. And oh, yeah, one more thing. She just happens to be a vampire.

RATED T FOR TEEN ummmm yeah, sometimes i cuss and have somewhat teen thoughts... i mean, come on people! JACOB BLACK AND CANDACE ARE TEENAGERS!!! Raging hormones, etc... they will have some pretty teen thoughts. STEAMY SITUATIONS.

4. Candace's Powers

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1268   Review this Chapter

Candace’s POV

I felt a wave of anger wash over me as if I was bathed in fire. How dare the Volturi demand to have someone in their coven! I didn’t care who they were, they had no right. I already thought of Bella as my best friend, and I would let nothing harm her. Not even a family of power crazed ancient vampires. I was so furious I began to feel energy building up inside me. Just when I felt as if I would explode, the feeling stopped and I felt utter bliss. It was the same feeling I felt when I made a beautiful design of fire. I saw Edward’s and Bella’s eyes widen and jaws drop.

“What?” I asked curiously. Bella shook her head at me, almost as if she were in awe. I looked down at myself and was shocked. I was levitating about three feet off the floor and my entire body was covered in dancing flames. My hair itself was fire, orange strands of stirring flames. It moved about me as if there was no gravity. The beautiful fire waved around me in a glowing cocoon, flames would sometimes lick out from the rest. I must have looked like a miniature sun. The blissful sensation left my body and I drifted to the floor, feeling drained. Edward looked shocked. Bella gleefully jumped out of her daze and hugged me.

“I knew it!” she squealed happily. “Edward you owe me a hundred bucks!” At my curious glance she explained. “I bet that your power would have something to do with fire, Edward bet that it would be something to do with water, because of the color of your eyes. Well, Edward are you gonna pay me or what?” Bella said as she put her hands on her hips, playfully glaring at her husband.

He had not moved at all. Edward stood and turned towards the window. I listened closer and found that he was muttering to himself.

“…Carslisle will know…. gotta find cell phone….fast.” he murmured. I shook my head. Cell phone. Jacob. I have not told him about our powers! I glanced at Bella, who seemed worried over Edward’s sudden disappearance. I grinned at her, taking her arm in my own.

“Bell, let’s distract ourselves for a while, shall we? I can think of a certain werewolf who would be ecstatic to hear from us.” I told her casually. She clapped her hands and squealed like a three year old. She began to run out of the house and I decided to try something. I grinned as I felt my body lift quickly into the air, and I sped off to catch Bella. She stopped to wait for me and I grabbed her around the waist. We shot higher into the air and flew towards La Push.

“HOLY CRAP!!” Bella shrieked in surprised, but began to laugh with the sheer joy of flying. “I BELIEVE I CAN FLY!!!” she yelled, perfectly in tune to the song. We cracked up hysterically. When we got to first beach and saw the pack gathered around a driftwood fire, I tried to stop. Bella and I landed with a crash that sounded like boulders colliding. I giggled as she growled at me.

“Sorry,” I managed to get out while hooting with laughter, “I guess I haven’t perfected landing yet!” Then Bella cracked a smile with me. The pack came running over, looks of shock and awe on their faces.

“Whoa! Holy shit! How did you do that?” Seth exclaimed as we helped each other off the ground.

“Seth!” Sam growled, “Language!” Seth looked sheepish as Sam glared. Bella and I just laughed some more.

“It’s just our powers, dude. Chill. Where’s Jake?” I giggled. An enormously huge russet werewolf tackled me to the ground. I shrieked with glee and stood up, the huge wolf that was Jacob happily prancing and jumping around me. When I finally had my balance, he placed his massive paws on my shoulders and licked up the side of my face.

“EW! Down boy!” I shouted with joy. The wolf scurried off into the woods to return seconds later as Jacob, shirtless and in cut off denim shorts. I feigned relief, wiping my hand over my forehead looking at the pack and Bella. “Whew! For a second there I thought he was going to start humping my leg.” I even kept a straight face, which made it all the funnier so we all became incoherent as we cackled. Jacob approached me again, in human for this time. He was smiling, with passion in his eyes. He tilted my head up toward his, and he bent over slightly to reach my face.

“I love you, Candace.” Jacob told me before tenderly pressing his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and let the burning flames of passion envelop me. For the second time that day, I felt euphoric and blissful. I smiled against his lips and breathed deeply, enjoying the ecstasy I was feeling. I heard gasps.

“HOLY SHIT!” Seth yelled, and not even Sam reprimanded him. I reluctantly broke the kiss and Jake wrapped his arms around me. He opened his eyes to look at me and immediately he flipped out.

“OH MY GOD!” he yelled.

“What?” I asked him warily. He just gaped at me, fear in his eyes. I could hear his heart rate accelerate from ten feet away. I looked down at myself and discovered that I was covered in flames, but this time, they were not orange, they were a beautiful pinkish red. The flames died away as I realized that the pack was afraid of me.

“I knew it.” I whimpered brokenly. “I’m a freak!” I sobbed. Bella rushed over to me at vampire speed, wrapping an arm around me comfortingly, turning us invisible.

“Candace, you’re not a freak, you are just different. I am different. The people who love us only love us because we are not the same as everyone else. Does that make sense?” I nodded as Bella comforted me. “I already love you like a sister, because you are different. Jacob is head over heels in love with you because you are unique.” She told me softly, enveloping me in a hug. I wiped my eyes. She walked back towards the pack, leaving me alone and in sight. Jacob walked over to me. He looked ashamed of himself.

“Candace, I’m so sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” He asked, but I was already in his arms. He buried his nose in my hair and we stood like that, just embracing one another until the pack asked us to join them. They looked wary of me as I sat on the sand in Jacob’s lap. Sam glanced in my direction as he asked me a question.

“I see that you have acquired powers. Do you know the extent of them, or how to control them yet?” he asked me like a father asks his child what they learned at school. Like a child, I shook my head shyly. “You should probably learn that soon. Study with Bella for control of them.” He smiled. “Although you have only had about ten hours away from us. Go home, Candace. Get to know the Cullens.” Sam’s dismissal was loving, and I knew he only wanted the best for me and Bella. I picked Bella up and began to fly back home.

When we returned to the house, Edward was sitting there. He rushed to greet Bella, and handed me a newspaper. I read the headlines with dread and sadness.