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A Moment Like This

Another one-shot that involves Edward Cullen! This time, however, is my version of his first night with Bella. It's about when he discovers her "sleep-talking", the lengths of his control and his love for this vulnerable human.

I own none of the characters mentioned. Everything belongs to the brilliant and talented Stephenie Meyer. I'm only borrowing them for a short while and I PROMISE to hand them back in one piece! :D Edward's POV

1. "Edward ... "

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My body tensed as I attempted to control the inner battle that was occurring within me. The sensible side told me to run away from here and never return. The other, however, urged me to take those fatal steps forward and complete the mission I had desired for a long time.

I continued to keep myself rooted to the ground, refusing to listen to either one as I settled my gaze upon her window. The darkness that surrounded me did not unsettle me but rather reassured me that whatever decision I made could be done without any recognition from any human beings. Especially not from the one that had caused this situation in the first place.

As my mind rifled through the different options I had, I felt the mild night time wind waft past me bringing her alluring scent with it. The smell crashed over me with such force that I slammed my eyes shut and bit down hard onto my bottom lip to stop myself from moving any further. My mouth flooded with venom, the familiar burning sensation erupted along my throat and my stomach twisted in agony. I didn’t want to hurt her but at the same time it was my upper most need to taste her appealing bodily fluids. After I regained control of the monster within me I allowed myself to open my eyes and continue to stare up at her window. I could hear her gentle breathing escape from her chest and this constant rhythm helped calm me.

That was when I made my decision. I would jump up into her room and observe this fascinating creature that had enthralled me so much. I needed to know what was so attractive about this girl who made me feel as if my dead heart could beat once more. I waited a few moments, as if tempting fate to bring a sign to stop me, yet nothing happened. Not even Alice.

Determination filled me as I ran to the side of her house; hopped through her window and landed gently onto her carpet. I crouched down low to make sure I could not be seen if I had disturbed her and listened for any noises that betrayed my arrival. Still nothing happened.

Slowly I stood up to my normal height and froze as my gaze swept over her sleeping form. That was when I realised why I was attracted to her. The way her brown hair fell naturally over her face made me want to reach out and stroke it back into place. The way her cheeks held a natural blush made me want to run my fingers along them and feel its warmth. The way her lips settled into a pout as she dreamed made me want to press my mouth to hers and never pull away.

This sudden overwhelming feeling felt unnatural to me. I frowned slightly as the urge to kiss her, hold her, love her overtook my original instinct to plant my mouth at her neck and let fate do the rest.

But I knew that it was absurd.

A monster could never be with an angel. Not even fairytales dreamt up that idea.

I turned away from her bed and looked out into the night. Why was I here? I was putting her life at risk just by standing in this room and all I could think about was how lonely I had been throughout my existence and how much it hurt to know that Bella could never be mine. I was a selfish being. I was a stupid fiend. I was –

“Edward Cullen … ”

Her voice, which reached barely above a whisper, made me freeze in place. My eyes widened slightly at the thought of her recognising my presence, even after how careful I had been to make sure that never happened. Without turning to face her I stepped backwards into the shadows and attempted to keep as close to the wall as possible. I hoped that the swiftness of my movements would stop her from further enquiring as to why I was standing in her room; past midnight.

Silence followed. Slowly I moved my gaze from outside her window to the bed on which she had been laying. What I found shocked me further.

She was still asleep.

My forehead creased with curiosity, confusion and anxiety. Hadn’t she just – ? I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger while slipping my eyes shut. I must be losing my mind. Either that or a horrible migraine was on its way. A sigh, too low for human ears, escaped my mouth as I began to feel my vampire instincts kick in again. Her room was a sanctuary for her aroma and it sent my senses mad with hunger. I really needed to get out of her house before I lost control.

But I needed to see her again. One last time. Just once would be enough to satisfy this new, alien feeling that was dominating my emotions. Just one last glance and I’d jump out her window and leave her life forever. That would be the sensible decision.

I snapped my eyes open and raked them hungrily over her body. Her breathing was soft, gentle and mesmerising. Her lips were moving slightly; mumbling random comments that I refused to decipher. Her heart beat was so slow and rhythmic that I felt my skin tingle from the sound.

I was hooked on this girl but I needed to leave. Now.

However she continued to fascinate me further.

Her breathing caught in her throat before she let out a small moan.

“Edward … ”

I didn’t move from the corner I had occupied but this time instead of pressing myself into the shadows I cautiously leaned out of them. Tempting fate.

“Edward … ”

A smile pricked the edges of my mouth. So, Bella talked in her sleep. That would explain a lot.

For the first time this evening I allowed myself to relax and cautiously step closer. She merely mumbled something else before turning over to face away from me. Perfect timing.

Gradually I reached her bed and knelt beside it. During the whole time I stopped myself from breathing, hoping not to disturb her sleep with my cool gasp. I didn’t want to ruin a moment like this.

Still she slept on.

I smiled again at her human slowness. If another intruder was in this room then she’d sleep through the whole event. She’d need to quicken up a bit if she wished to protect herself. Particularly after I’d been noticing how much of a danger magnet she can be.

Being this close to her was stretching my control and I was surprised – and pleased – at how well I was handling this. I still hadn’t killed her yet despite the fact that my body yearned to do so.

I decided then to test myself further.

I lifted my hand and gently rested it on her arm. Her warmth, pulse and softness all intrigued me as I began to stroke her skin. My vampire instincts raged at the fact that I was so close to my prize yet still so far from taking it. And my more human side warned me against this test. After all, who would stop me if I let my control slip?

A noise outside her bedroom door caused my head to snap up and my arm to snatch itself away from her body. The sound of her father’s heavy footsteps passed by the room and down into the lower parts of the house. Even though it had taken only a minute for Chief Swan to pass the door he had still managed to ruin the moment. I was suddenly more alert than I had been and my senses began to notice the tiniest of things once more. Her blood that pulsed through her veins caught me off guard and once again the torture of my hunger crashed over me.

Hurriedly I ran to her window and jumped out into the night. Without thinking twice I took off for the forest and continued to run in search for an animal that could sedate the sudden hunger that was twisting my control into pure agony. Next time, I promised, I would not be so hasty to leave her.

And yes, there would certainly be a next time.