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The princess and I

About half a century after Edward's departure, Bella and Edward find themselves in an extemely uncomfortable position, Bella's the bride, but Edward isn't her groom.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all. I would be thoroughly grateful if you review. This is my first piece, so please lower your expectations.

3. Chapter 3: Preparations

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Volturi princess’s P.O.V

“Cream or pearl?”

A pair of silky drapes was shoved in my face. I could hardly see the difference in them. If anyone were bothered to ask for my honest opinion, I would say white, for that was what they were.

“Cream.” I answered, receiving a brightly enthusiastic smile in return.

Heidi turned to Felix, “I told you so.”

Felix scowled in response, before smiling ruefully, as he faced me. He nodded, respecting my decision.

“Of course, Princess. Wise choice.”

Catching Heidi’s baleful glare, he broke into a grin, “Sorry, your highness. Old habits die hard.”

I actually laughed, “Don’t worry, I don’t mind.”

“But big sister!” Jane protested, “You must. After all, you are the Volturi princess, it is only right that you are addressed with your rightful title, and not some childish nickname.”

Felix sneered at her, “I don’t see you addressing the princess with her ‘rightful title’. What was it? Big sister?”

“She is my big sister,” Jane scowled in disdain.

Felix eyed her scornfully, “No, she isn’t."

“Hey, hey…” I placed a hand on Felix’s large muscled forearm, and another on Jane’s slight shoulder, “No fighting. I want to get this over with.”

“Over with?” Heidi echoed in a shocked gasp.

I quickly corrected myself, “Done. I want to get this done.”

All of them rolled their eyes in unison, I stifled a laugh. They hardly got along, and it was funny to see them actually agreeing on something.

“You know how I detest parties,” I defended myself.

“We know.”

From the looks on their faces, I could only imagine what they were thinking of. It could be any one of the forty- nine birthdays I celebrated with my present family, the Volturi.

However, I could only remember forty- eight of them. There was only fire and pain on my first birthday, all I did was to scream in agony, they could probably remember more of it than I did.

On this fiftieth anniversary of my Volturi ‘princess- ship’, it would be the sixty- ninth anniversary of my birth, and on this very day next year, it would also be the first anniversary of my wedding.


Demetri flung the door open, with Alec at his side.


I jumped into his arms, feeling his lips brush across the crown of my head gently. Demetri was the closest vampire to a best friend I could have among the Volturi. When Aro insisted that I ‘settled down’, he was naturally the first one I thought of, and Demetri readily agreed.

“Hey, Alec,” I greeted him.

“Good day, milady.”

Alec, as usual, was flawlessly polite, unlike his twin’s exuberance.

“Oh, skip the formalities, Alec!”

He simply smiled in reply, taking his place beside Jane.

All five faces turned to the door, I was the slowest to react. In a flash, Heidi pulled the royal blue cloak over my shoulders, while Jane handed me my red- tinted contacts.

Two simple words sent a thousand different emotions coursing through my veins, rocking my frame in a nauseating motion.

“They’re here.”