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The princess and I

About half a century after Edward's departure, Bella and Edward find themselves in an extemely uncomfortable position, Bella's the bride, but Edward isn't her groom.

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns all. I would be thoroughly grateful if you review. This is my first piece, so please lower your expectations.

4. Chapter 4: Reunion

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Edward’s P.O.V

A clan of the strongest Volturi’s lethal guards converged around the ‘princess’. It bothered me a great deal that not a single thought entered my mind as soon as I was through the door, there was no buzz of voices, no humming whispers.

Alice had her eyebrows furrowed, her jaw clenched, signs of her frustration. It was clear that she was ‘blind’, just as I was ‘deaf’.

“It’s nice to see you, Alice,” Jane drawled, her words quite sounding the opposite.

She eyed Jasper and I disdainfully, “I recall only inviting Alice to come for the rehearsals, if my memory serves me right. I believe the both of you…”

Jane paused as the hooded figure placed a hand on her shoulder, when she spoke to us again, she sang the words in a completely different tune.

“How nice of you to accompany dear Alice here! Her royal highness would never forgive herself if Alice were to arrive lonely and not entertained. I’m sure you prove to be quite an entertainment, yes? Surely, young Alice should be flanked by bodyguards!”

Jane smiled tauntingly, deliberately aggravating us.

It seemed to me that we were not the only one infuriated by Jane’s obvious ribbing. The ‘princess’ herself appeared to be snarling softly, delicate gentle growls.

It made me pay closer attention to her. Most important members of the Volturi donned on silky black cloaks, as dark as crow feathers, while others wore a dull grey ones of a heavy cotton material. The ‘princess’ wore neither.

She had a velvet blue cloak, the deepest rich shade, lined with fine gold stitches at the hem. In certain ways unbeknownst to myself, the princess somehow seemed more likable than the other Volturi members.

She looked shy and innocent, as she pulled back into her hood as far as it would allow, and there was something adorable about the way she shuffled her feet.

As I glanced at my siblings- their sharp features softer, the rigidity in their muscles lessened, and their steel hard eyes melted with a lingering gentle expression- I could tell that they shared my sentiments. Shared them exactly.

“Nice to meet you.”

She raised a hesitant hand, and each of us took it. It was unbelievably warm for one that belonged to a vampire.

“Shouldn’t you remove your hood, love? We wouldn’t want our guests to think of our legendary vampire princess as a rude, spoilt child, with horribly ill manners such as to not do what’s customary, would we?” Demetri teased affectionately.

Her voice was slightly dry when she replied, as if she dreaded the moment, “No, we wouldn’t.”

As she removed her hood, I heard three simultaneous gasps, one of which belonged to me.

After fifty, nearing fifty- one, years of untold misery, twenty spent in painful solitude, while the following thirty had been in mental exile from the rest of the world, my sole reason of existence stood before me.

My memory had not done her justice, she was infinitely more beautiful. Her radiant pale skin, gentle full lips, warm burgundy eyes…


My angel, so repulsed be the sight of blood, had surrendered to the ways of the Volturi? I was abhorred by the very thought of it. How could she? How could they?

To damn an angel to a soulless eternity, it was a sin, a felony! I felt my face frozen in the same mask of shock and horror as Jasper’s and Alice’s, just as Bella’s eyes bored into mine with an unfathomable expression.

What had I done?