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Can It Be?

Bella, Esme, Rose and Alice are one coven. Emmet, Carlisle, Edward and Jasper are another. What happens when they meet? Thanks for the banner, iheartedwardcullen

I do not own anything! They belong to Stephenie Meyer!

1. Is It Him?

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Bella's POV: Okay so starting a new school (again) should really be excited you know? But no, that's not how it is for me. I mean would you, if you had already graduated high school eleven times? I didn't think so.

I mean, what fun is it, all you do is listen to teachers who think they're better than you drone on and on.

But Alice always insisted, quite annoyingly I might add, but still, Alice would never stop until she got her way.

And she did and Rose let her enroll us in high school. Esme wasn't going to work, she was just going to stay at home, look after her plants and plant some more which was what she did when she wanted to relax.

When I wanted to relax, I read. Alice shopped. Rose looked in the mirror.

Esme was the leader of our coven, though I had been created first, had created all of them and had the best self-control, I didn't want to, you know - too much responsibility.

Alice took each of us shopping separately for new clothes. Like always, our old clothes went into the attic. Alice and I shopped and we got enough clothes to fill my wardrobe, which was as big as my room when I was human.

Surprisingly, I had started to like shopping, which Alice took credit in. I guess living with the shopaholic did have its advantages, like knowing the future.

From my human life, I had some memories of friends and family, you know all of that. I had always been angry at myself - there had been a boy I loved, one I'd never gotten over and I couldn't remember what he looked like. I could remember some of the memories but they were blurred, I couldn't see his face properly.

I had heard that two years later he had died, from the Italian Influenza. I did mourn his death, I still did but I tried to lead a normal life - I knew he would have wanted me to.

We pulled up at the car park on our first day at Forks in my baby blue comfortables. All of us had the same car but Alice had it in canary yellow, Rose in red, me in blue and Esme in black.

Not because there was a bargain or anything, no it was because this was the fastest car they had in Alaska, where we had just lived in. It went up to 250 miles an hour and since none of us really wanted a slow car (being a vampire has some increased my need to go fast) we just got the convertibles but, like I said, in different colours so we could tell the difference.

We went into the receptionist and got our class schedules and out we went again.

All of us were in the same classes which was great. Our first class was English and we made our way there.

As we walked to lunch, we talked about our bet. We had bet who would be asked out the most times until the end of the day.

"So, how about you Rose, how many?" Alice asked.

"Eighteen." she said smugly.

"What about you Alice?"

"Seventeen." Alice looked slightly defeated.

"Bella?" Rose asked. I knew she wanted to win but . . .

"Twenty-four." I was telling the truth, though how boys asked me out when they had Rose and Alice, I didn't know.

"Looks like shes winning." Alice said.

"Oh, I wish you could just look into the future to see whether she'd win." Rose said.

"It's not my fault. It her. She ca block any vampires power on other people and she protects herself with out even having to think about it." he, he!

"I know what her power is, Alice."

"Oh, just come on!" i said as we came into the cafeteria.

After we had filled our lunch trays with food we wouldn't actually eat, we scanned the cafeteria for an empty table.

That's when we saw them. A group of vampires. They were all staring at us.

A large muscular one, a blonde haired one and a bronze hair. There was something so familiar about him, something that triggered something in my mind but I couldn't remember meeting him.