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Fairy Tale Endings are for Disney Movies

Edward sees the mistakes of letting things go to far in the world where he only sees in black and white.
Winner of Character Challenge: looora!
Congrats! Read about Looora's character in Chapter four!Which brings me to my next point...
Chapter Four: Scream


1. Never A Happy Ending

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"I promise," he swore, staring, his eyes so scorching hot I could feel the heat on my face. "that I will always be waiting in the wings for you. I always want to be the one to catch you when you fall - and this time is no exception. I'll be here when you decide that you don't want this life afterall. If you want me, I'll always be here." I could see how hard it was for him to say the words at all - I could see the pain it caused him in knowing that I had chosen a life as his mortal enemy over him.

"Hand me my bouquet, will you?" I pretended like I hadn't heard a thing he had just said. It was harder than I ever imagined. The hole he had been digging out in my chest was just growing bigger and bigger. There was no way to suppress the pain that lashed out at me now, strong and eager to leave a mark. I'd had a lot of time to practice composing my face, and just when I thought I was strong enough to hide the pain I felt now, my forehead wrinkled and uncontrollable sobs broke from my chest.

"I can't do it, I can't do it." I grabbed onto the dressing table in front of me so I wouldn't fall forwards. His arm came around me then, stomping out the fire I felt in myself without having to do anymore. I turned my face into his shoulder, and my arms wrapped around his waist. The arm around me stiffened, then grew limp.

"What," he began, the word hardly more than a whisper. "What can't you do? Don't say that you can't hurt me anymore, Bella - because you've already hurt me." My voice came out in a broken whimper. "Don't get me wrong - that doesn't change the way I feel about you - I don't think anything can." There was something more he wanted to say, but he said no more.

"I can't keep hurting you both. There has to be a limit. There just has to be."

The look in my eyes told me that there was none.

There had to be a compromise between the two. There just had to be. No world could be so horribly, so fatally flawed - that I would be faced with two choices that would hurt either party beyond recognition. There had to be a middle ground.

The look in my eyes told me that there was none.

A knock came at my door, and his arms freed me. "It's showtime," he tried smiling, his lips pulling upwards at the corners in a way that looked more like a grimace than a smile. Jacob handed me my bouquet of freesias, and tried the smile again. Grimace. "Go out there, would you? And prove me wrong?"

"Prove you wrong about what?" I asked.

"Prove to me that you can do this. You can marry him, Bella. Because you love him." He cringed at the word, as did I.

"Goodbye, Jacob. I'll always love you." I murured, and walked out the door without a backward glance. I knew that if I looked back, I would see his shattered face and I would not be able to hold back the tears that I knew would come. The pain in my chest was near unbearable. Each step farther away from Jacob means a step closer to Edward, I told myself, hoping that would bring relief to the ripped edges of Jacob's hole.

I took a deep breath and continued onwards, towards my fate.


Carlisle stared at me from his seat in the aisle. Follow your heart's desire, Edward. He thought, his face a calm mask. He was good at controlling his thoughts around me. Half the time his face did not match his thoughts.

Esme looked back at me with warm, gold eyes. My son, she thought proudly, and then smiled.

I was near convulsing with the excitement and joy I felt. Words were hardly enough to describe how I felt. I was bursting with happiness. It was like there were fireworks setting off in my mind, igniting a rush of sharp, beautiful colours to crowd my eyes. I smiled to myself.

I could hear her heart beating outside those large, wooden-panelled doors and almost felt mine jump out of my chest.

"You don't have to do this, if you're not ready." I heard Charlie whisper to Bella as she slipped her arm through his.

"Still vouching for Jacob, Dad? I appreciate the concern, but I'm doing this." Bella's voice sounded confident, but I detected an edge of hysteria behind the words.

The doors opened and she stepped through, stealing my breath, and my heart away. All thoughts ceased to remain when I saw her - delicately pale, abnormally radiant - she took the slow steps with her father's eyes hardly able to stray from his daughter. I resisted the urge to close the gap between us - telling myself that it was our wedding day and that we had a whole life together afterwards. Something was nagging at my mind, though, urging me to look closer and really see. I ignored the feeling and fixed my eyes on Bella's.

She took a step, and lurched fowards, tripping on her long train. Bella hadn't wanted a wedding this grand, but Alice had insisted, using love as a weapon. I always wished for Bella to be happy, but I was secretly thankful that Alice had insisted upon planning our wedding. It was to be one of Bella's last human memories, and I wanted it to be perfect.

Last memories.

The words echoed in my mind, ricocheting off in loud, hollow sounds.

Bella took her place by my side. I resisted wrinkling my nose, as the scent of Jacob Black passed by me. It was like there was a wind that he brought about himself, and it burned in my nose. His eyes were pained, however, as he looked at Bella wistfully.

I hope you are thinking of me every time you kiss him. Come back to me soon. He thought, not bothering to control his thoughts. Clearly today was not 'Bella and Edward's wedding' - it was something else entirely.

Frustrated, I tuned out his uncensored thoughts and tried to concentrate on what I really cared about. Bella's eyes were dull and lifeless, like she had no emotions at all. This bothered me a little. Why was she not enthusiastic about marrying me? What bothered me more was that I didn't know what she was thinking. I didn't know a thing that went on inside her mind. Burning, twisting, disconcerting desire ran through my veins, wishing I knew more than I did.

Bella put her hands, cold as ice, into mine, and stared forwards. She looked at me, but it was like she was seeing past me, seeing something that caused her less pain. I ground my teeth.

Looking so beautiful, her enticing scent luring me with each heart beat, she looked away from me and turned her head, sparing one last glance for Jacob Black. She looked back at me, the flicker of emotion in her eyes gone within a second.

The priest cleared his throat. "Dearly beloved - we gather here today to witness the marriage and union of Isabella Marie Swan, and Edward Anthony Masen Cullen. Should anyone object - speak now, or forever hold your peace." Charlie was twitching in his seat, but the thought of speaking up did not cross his mind. I relaxed in relief.

"I object." The loud, booming voice of Jacob Black spoke up. Bella's hands retracted immediately from mine. She looked at him, not with disgust, but with a smile on her lips.

My heart shattered into a thousand pieces.

Picking up the hem on her long train, she offered her other hand to Jacob Black, who took it in his too-warm palm and they walked away from the priest. Everyone got out of their seats and stared wordlessly at them as they ran past.

Bella, I love you, he thought, staring down at her with intensity burning behind his eyes.

There was a deafening cracking noise as Jacob kicked open the large doors and they went off without a backward glance.

Life, and love, as I knew it, was over.