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Fairy Tale Endings are for Disney Movies

Edward sees the mistakes of letting things go to far in the world where he only sees in black and white.
Winner of Character Challenge: looora!
Congrats! Read about Looora's character in Chapter four!Which brings me to my next point...
Chapter Four: Scream


2. Fatal Error

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Bella, my one daughter, was gone, with Jacob Black. Renee elbowed me in the ribs, forcing me to look in the direction we were going.

"Bella and Jake!" Renee said shrilly. "I guess I kind of expected it, though. In any case, I can't believe she just left Edward at the alter!" I looked in my rearview mirror at her, and she was holding onto Phil's arm. I didn't feel the need to remind her that she had taken our daughter and left me when Bella was just a baby. Phil patted her arm protectively.

"Where are we going to search for them, Charlie?" Phil asked, meeting my gaze in the mirror.

"I thought we might just swing by Billy's place - to see if Jake and Bella have been around there lately." I answered, and executed a sharp U-turn.

"It's been a week, and still no word from either of them. You know that's the longest Bella's ever gone without talking to me?" Renee complained. I'd experienced longer. "I guess I need to get with the program - my daughter's nearly nineteen years old and yet I still expect her to come running home to me every time something happens to her." She sighed. "I just wish I had the chance to say goodbye."

"Don't worry, Ren," Phil said soothingly. "We'll find Bella soon. She loves you, you know."

Renee sighed, this time content, and sank back into her seat.

The first of the little reservation houses began to appear. "We're almost there."

I looked back at Renee and Phil, and could not help the surge of remorse I felt when I saw them cuddled so closely together. I'd never been able to love her like that. Not that she had ever given me the chance, or the time - back then. I didn't feel jealous, though. Phil was good for Renee. He was young, and full of life. He suited her just fine, and made her happy, too. That was good enough for me.

Billy's red wooden house appeared just in front. "We're here," I said, and cut the the engine. Phil got out of the car and held the door open for Renee.

Billy was in his wheelchair and out of the house before I could knock on the door. "Hey, Billy." I said. "This is my ex-wife, Renee and her husband, Phil." I introduced the two, standing side by side holding hands. "This is Billy. He's one of my best friends. He's really helped me these past years."

He looked at me then, the unspoken truth clear in his eyes. He'd always been my friend, and had helped me more than I could say. "So, Charlie, what brings you around?"

"I was hoping that you might've seen Bella and Jake. I haven't seen either of them since... well, you know. The incident." I felt like it was eight months ago, when I was afraid to say Edward's name for fear that it might set off something inside of Bella that might revert her to her near catatonic-state. I didn't know who was sensitive to the word now, and did not intend to find out.

"Maybe we could let the kids be kids," Billy's face was suddenly defensive, like he was hiding something. I was suddenly very eager to go inside. "They've gone through a lot together, Charlie. Let's not break them up."

"Billy, let's discuss this when we're inside." My voice was acutely hostile, and I bit back my harsh words.

"Charlie, please don't make this difficult for me." His hostility matched mine.

"I'm not trying to make anything difficult for you, Billy." I answered, trying to cool my voice. "But if you're hiding something about my daughter - and you don't want me to find out - well, you're not being a very good friend."

"Charlie," he protested, and sighed. "Alright. Let's go inside." He wheeled his chair aside for us to go through.

The first thing I noticed when I stepped into his tiny den was that it was completely empty. The small television that balanced on the red-wood table was abruptly switched off. Billy wheeled himself in behind me. "If I'd known I would have guests, I would've cleaned up a little." He was referring to the messily draped wool afghan on the back of the couch. "Please, have a seat."

I sat down opposite from Billy. Renee and Phil did not sit down, feeling awkward about my rudeness. I looked at Billy, waiting for an explanation of sorts.

"I know what you're thinking, Charlie - and the answer is no - I don't know where Bella and my son have gone off to."

"Then who does?" I was frustrated. On one hand, I had always wanted Bella to be with Jake. On the other hand, I wanted my daughter to be at home, in Forks. If she had married Edward like she had meant to, then she would go off to college and continue her education. Then she would come home and then she'd go off again, probably to start a life and a family of her own. Jake was a wild card, and I didn't know how this one would turn out. At least with Edward there was a vague outline of what might happen.

"Maybe Sam -" Billy began and that was enough for me. I got out of my seat and was halfway out the door when I heard Billy's wheelchair squeezing in behind me.

"Charlie -" Renee protested. I turned around to face her. "Maybe Billy is right. Maybe it is time to let Bella go her way - and be with Jake. If you find her now, you'll just be imposing on their happiness. It's not fair if we don't give them that chance."

"Bella is our daughter." For a split second I thought she'd forgotten that. "She left Edward at the alter - and the last time I checked, he was the love of her life. Something's not right here." Renee opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. Phil put his arm around her. She had no argument against that.

"Sam and Emily are just up the road, Charlie." Billy's voice sounded less imposing now. "If you find Jake, tell him that..." His voice trailed off. "Tell him that I miss him." I felt guilty now, for having thought that Billy was behind some conspiracy bigger than him just to hide my daughter from me. I put my hand on his shoulder.

"I'll tell him that, Billy." I managed a smile and then walked out the door. I heard the doors of the cruiser slam after mine, and knew that Renee and Phil had decided to follow. This was good. I would need some support in what I was about to do. I started the car and drove off.


As soon as Charlie's cruiser was out of sight I take a deep breath and pick up the phone that hung on the wall. I dial the number that I had dialed so many times in the past few days, that the numbers on the buttons had begun to fade.

"Jacob Black, please." I say plainly to the woman who answers the phone. She asks me to wait a minute, and I do, tapping my fingers on the armrest of my wheelchair. I am impatient. Finally, I hear the sound that the phone makes when someone picks up and I suck in another breath of air.

"Hey, Dad." Jacob says, obviously just waking up. "What's up?"

"I've just lied to my best friend about you and Bella - that's what's up." I snap angrily. I don't want to lie, but I made an exception for Jake. "Tell me why I'm doing this - and how you're going to fix it when you come back."

There was silence - he did not breathe. "I don't think we're coming back, Dad." He answered truthfully.

I am stunned when I hear this, but I recoil. "Jacob Black - where on Earth are you going to go?" I raise my voice so that I am nearly yelling. "You and Bella have nothing but each other - you're not even seventeen years old!"

"I know, Dad."

"Jacob, let me remind you of who you are. You are a werewolf. You belong to the pack. Now you're saying you're going to abandon your friends, your brothers, your responsibilities? Tell me why, Jake!" I was almost complaining.

"I'm in love with Bella," he answered plainly. "Don't you remember how it was for you, when you met Mom? Don't you remember how great you felt - just because you knew it would be her you see everyday, first thing in the morning?" I could remember how it felt. My heart softened. Just a little.

"Please promise me I'll see you again -" I said, feeling almost sentimental. "Before you decide to move across the country or do something drastic like that.

"I can't promise you anything, Dad," he said truthfully. "But I will try. Bella says hi. I've got to go. I'll call you next week, okay?"

"Goodbye, son." I say, and then I hear the dialtone.

I wish I could call Charlie and tell him the truth.


I could hear his voice now, loud, thundering in my ears - like droplets of ice rain hitting a tin sheet at a thousand miles per hour. Of course, I could see it too. I gripped Jasper's hand tighter, and he gripped back, feeling the tension in my movements. I felt suddenly relaxed, even though I was about to tell him something that even he wouldn't approve of me keeping to myself. I didn't want to tell him so much anymore. If only there was a way to capture the perfection I felt now, and always keep it this way - if only there was a way where it would only be him and I, forever. But that was too selfish a thought, I realized, as I thought about Bella, and Edward... And our now family. We were happy this way, too.

"Jasper," I began - the coolness I felt drifting away as soon as I processed the words I was about to say in my mind. Would Bella approve of me telling Jasper without her permission? "I know where Bella is."

"What?" His voice echoed off the mountains, bouncing back to me. It was exactly like how I saw it. He didn't care to lower his voice - it was just him and I in the forest for miles and miles around - with no interaction with the human world possible. A deer dashed off in the distance; neither of us moved to catch it.

"Alice - you've known for a while now, haven't you?" He asked, his brow furrowed in frustration. I wished I knew what he was thinking. I nodded grimly. His muscles relaxed slowly, one by one. "I'm sorry, my love, I reacted without thinking. You know - where Bella is?" He asked slowly. I nodded. "Is she with... him?" The name of Jacob Black was like a taboo on our tongues, for Edward's sake. I nodded again. "Does Edward know?" The question I knew would come up sooner or later.

"I've been very careful with my thoughts around him. He doesn't know yet. I don't know whether to tell him or not. I can't see his response." I frowned. I hated to be blind. It was so much easier when I could see the reaction Edward would have to the things I said. I guess there was so many, none were definite. I groaned.

Jasper's arms came around me, holding me together. "We'll find a good time to tell him... Right now, I think he needs some time to heal." He murmured in my ear, his kisses light as air on my skin. It was hard to concentrate with his fingers entwined in my hair, beckoning for a kiss.

I clenched my teeth together and forced myself to pay strict attention. "I don't think you see the problem, Jasper - you don't know Edward like I do."

He stroked my face gently. "Well, in that case, maybe it's best that you decide the best method to tell him." His voice was gentle, but I could hear the edginess in his tone. He didn't want to leave me alone to make a decision like this.

"Maybe you could help me with this." I smiled to make him do the same. "I really need a distraction." I said as I locked my fingers in his hair and pulled him closer.


Bella Swan seems to do nothing but cause discord within our family. But even though I was angry for what she had done to Edward, after all they'd been through together, I was secretly glad that she had chosen Jacob Black. She had chosen the path that was right for her - the path she was already going down. I could even say that I liked her better now.

I ran a hand through my golden hair and turned to my side, where Emmett lay, staring up at the skies. "Do you see that, Rose? Doesn't that cloud look exactly like a grizzly bear?" I glanced at his darkened eyes. It had been too long since he had hunted. The gold colour had faded to black. Emmett's mind always got a little zany when he went too long without hunting.

"Looks more like a gazelle to me." I answered swiftly. I preferred gazelle to grizzly - because as vain as I was, I preferred a beautiful, graceful gazelle to a tumbling oaf of a grizzly bear.

"You've always loved your beautiful animals," Emmett said unappreciatively. I always dragged him along with me to hunt the smaller wildlife, when he preferred the volatile, violent, reactive creatures. He didn't appreciate having his taste 'refined', as he put it.

I looked at Emmett's pale, cold, exterior and multi-hued eyes. I knew Bella was waking up every day to see the brown eyes of Jacob Black and to touch his warm, human skin. Then I looked deeper into Emmett's clear eyes and melted at his touch. "Kiss me," I said, inhaling him.


Pain never ceases

Regret to be the seeker

Dead, dead, dead inside.