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Fairy Tale Endings are for Disney Movies

Edward sees the mistakes of letting things go to far in the world where he only sees in black and white.
Winner of Character Challenge: looora!
Congrats! Read about Looora's character in Chapter four!Which brings me to my next point...
Chapter Four: Scream


3. The Outcome Never Considered

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Bella stirred in her sleep, turning over to face me. Her eyelashes fluttered, and I knew she was dreaming. Her lips curled into a smile. My heart felt like it might stop at the sight of her. "Jacob," she said my name like a taunt, and smiled again. My hand reached out, an inch away from her face, to touch her, but froze in midair. She needed her sleep.

Just as I began to pull back, her hand shot out and grabbed mine around the wrist. "Warm," she whispered. I laughed quietly to myself. Then, as if she had been alert the entire time, her eyes opened wide and she stared at me. Her eyes were almost fierce - then softened into a relaxed grin.

"Jacob," she said again. "Are you watching me sleep again?"

"I love you," I reminded her, and grabbing hold of her waist, I pulled her forwards so that I could hold her face in my hands. She curled up against my chest, to keep warm.

"I love you, Jacob Black. Always have. Always will." She tilted her face up to mine for a kiss. I eagerly planted one on her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, before I kissed her lips. She was always warm now.


Even with Jacob's strong hold on my heart, I couldn't help but think about Edward. I felt so immensely guilty about abandoning him. It was like there was someone controlling me when I ran from the alter, with Jacob's hand wrapped around mine. I still loved him - I knew I always would - it was just that I had needed to follow my heart, instead of my mind, for once. If I kept telling myself that, maybe I would start to believe it after a while.

Edward had promised to wait for me, if I decided to chose Jacob in the end. I didn't know what damage I would've done if I let it go that far, and I was almost afraid to find out. My choice was made, though. There was nothing I could do to erase everything that had already happened.

It still pained me to realize that neither Jacob or Edward were getting any older - and that my nineteenth birthday was just around the corner, in a matter of weeks. I wanted to lived forever with Edward, as a strong, beautiful, bloodthirsty vampire. I wanted to match him in speed, agility and beauty. Even the bloodlust was something I was willing to take. It was just the eternity of darkness I wasn't willing to accept. Jacob, my personal sun, my source of light, my werewolf protector - the relationship with him, I realized, wasn't so different either. I would still be old and grey while he was still perfect and young for eternity. There had to be a middle ground between the two. But was I selfish enough to take it?

"I'll go get us some breakfast," Jacob's voice broke through my train of thoughts. He swiftly but gently untangled himself from me and pushed off the bed. He disappeared into the washroom for a couple of minutes, and came out again dressed in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. I sat up and he walked over to me, and kissed me.

My pulse was racing as he pulled away, and smiled. "Back in a few," he said, and went out the door.

I clutched the blankets closer around me. I was almost afraid to be left alone.


Uncle William was being his usual overbearing self. At least his anger wasn't directed at me! I snuck out of the house when he was still yelling at Jonathan and started running for the gate. It was a long way to the city, but as I ran, the distance seemed to get shorter. I had always wanted to travel, but had never been allowed to leave the house for long periods of time.

Uncle William told me that. He said people like us - that we weren't supposed to be around people different from us for long. I think Uncle is a little crazy. When he yells at Jonathan or me about leaving the house without his permission, he always trails off... muttering something about 'losing control' or 'exposing us'. Jonathan says it's because Uncle is getting old, but he doesn't look that much older than Jonathan. I think Jonathan knows more than I give him credit for. I still don't understand.

I'm still trying to figure out what kind of 'people' we are. I don't really understand - and I'm not used to that. I've always been the first to find solutions and figure out the problem before anyone else. Unlike my big brother, Jonathan.

Of course, he isn't really my bigger brother. He was... just there... when I was. I don't remember anything about my past... or if I even had one. Jonathan assures me that I did. He's always there with explanations - usually ones I don't like or understand. Once I heard Uncle say that Jonathan knows more than he should... Well, he yelled it, really. Uncle doesn't like Jonathan much. They're always arguing about one thing or another. They're usually having a spat over something that Jonathan's done. Just like today.

I hitched my leg over the metal gate and looked down as I made the twenty-foot jump. I landed with a thud, and looked to see that the dirt underneath me was contured to the shape of my feet. This was something I was getting used to. I'm not getting used to the hunger, though. It's like nothing I've ever felt. If I see someone I'm not supposed to be around, my throat bursts into fire and a strange taste errupts in my mouth. I'm in pain and the desire to step closer and closer overcomes me. I almost went to follow the delicious, dizzying scent, but then Uncle William always takes me away before I can disobey him.

I start running in the direction of the town. I haven't been there, but I know exactly where it is because sometimes when Uncle is out, I steal a look at one of his maps of the surrounding area. The name of this town is Killingtonburg - what a strange name. Anyway, I think there's going to be adventure there. I'm tired of being locked up all day in the house. I'm not supposed to go outside, because Uncle William says that the sun should never shine on us. There's something he's hiding from me, but I don't know what. I haven't been outside in a long time, and I don't understand the thing about the sun. It doesn't seem to be harmful.

The shade of the big oaks on the side of the road run out and all of a sudden, there are golden sparkles all over my skin and blinding me. I almost open my mouth and scream, but catch myself. If I scream now, Uncle William will find me and punish me. Still, I have never been more terrified in my life. What... What was going on? What was happening to me? This had never happened to me before - but then again, I'd never gone out in broad daylight. I ran a hand over the surface of my skin, always cold now, and shuddered as I discovered the golden sparkles on the skin of my hand. It's everywhere. I stopped running, and fell to the ground - convulsive shivers running through my nerves.

Maybe someone in the town can help me, and explain to me what's going on. Maybe someone knows just as much as Uncle William does - maybe even more.

Just on the edge of the town is a little shop called Thompson's Bakery. I sneak into there, and hide behind a shelf of fresh bagels but find that there is no one behind the couner. Even the ringing of the front door didn't alert anyone of my entrance. I heard the quiet sounds of a brewing quarrel behind the veil of multicoloured beads covering a doorway a little off to the right. I stood perfectly still, inspecting my skin over and over again. The sparkles were gone.

The bell on the door sounded off again, and I turned around to see a dark-skinned boy the size of a giant. He had to duck his head to get in through the doorway. He doesn't smell too good - but as I've seen in TV deodorant commercials, most boys don't. His shaggy hair hangs in his eyes, but this doesn't seem to bother him. He has pretty hair. It's black, and very smooth and shiny. His eyes are troubled, and I follow his line of sight but there was nothing to see. He wrinkles his nose, and suddenly, he is staring at me with harsh, almost violent eyes.

He curses under his breath, but then, like someone had pulled the pins out of his tense muscles - he relaxes and his eyes are soft and full of some kind of emotion unidentifiable to me. Boys are weird. "Vampire," he says, but says it gently and with a smile. His voice is like a rumbling engine from deep inside his chest. He has a nice smile, I thought, but shook my head.

"Excuse me," I said. "Can you help me?"

He straightens up, and there's something about the way he's looking at me that tells me that he's fighting his reaction. Why was he doing that? "What do you want?" He asks roughly, almost strained. Like he didn't feel hostility towards me at all.

"My name is Anna, and I don't know what I am." I knew it sounded fairly ridiculous, but it was the only way I could phrase the words without sounding like a total nutcase.

"You are," he began, and cut himself off. "Sorry. I can't help you." He muttered the words, sending a feeling of disappointment through me. I frowned, and he reacted, like he was almost startled. His shoulders tensed again. "Look, I'm sorry... But... I really can't - tell you - anything." He definitely had some strange issues. He looked so sad. I felt almost guiltly because I couldn't do anything to help him. "If I could, I would." He bit his lip then, like he'd said the wrong thing.

"Thanks, I appreciate that...." I tried to smile, to see if he would, too. The sound of a loud thudding noise filled the room and I realized that it was his heartbeat. It was loud, and fast, and sturdy. I smiled again. The beat increased.

"I've... I've got to go." He ran out the door before I could ask his name.

What a nice boy, I thought.