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Thank you for the Venom

Starts at Ch. 17 of New Moon. What if it hadn't been Alice who was waiting for Bella, but someone else? Banner made by me ^^ What do you think? Sanstitre-1-1.jpg thank you for the venom picture by misunder

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for sometime and I finally decided to put it on the archives. I am somewhat disappointed with some of the other stories (not all) like this there are out there so I hope mine is good. Stole the title off a MCR song name ^^ Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the God who created the wonderful characters I enjoy playing with. I own nothing and My Chemical Romance owns the title.

11. Ch.11 The Game

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“Bella, I love you. I always had and I always will.”


As soon as those words left his perfect lips I completely froze. My eyes widened as much as was possible. Did Edward just say he loves me? No, I argued with myself. He couldn’t have meant it. Edward left me, didn’t he? He probably only wants you because your much prettier now, I told myself. What other reason would he love you? Edward was perfect, and I was… me. I was nothing desirable. Only to those human men who would screw anything in a skirt.

Edward was looking at my anxiously, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I was still in shock and I was still arguing with myself. Did he only want me now because I was a vampire? Beautiful and indestructible? What did it matter? I asked myself. Edward said he loved me. Did it really matter if he loved my beauty or me? Yes, came the answer from somewhere in my head. It did matter; I had to know he wanted to be with me because of who I was, not because of how I looked. He said he always had loved me, maybe that meant he was lying all those years ago. No, the same voice that told me the previous answer said. Who would love a pathetic, clumsy, ugly human? I was probably just a game to him then.

“Bella?” Edward asked nervously, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Edward, I’m sorry but I can’t.” I said with my voice full of anguish as I stood up. “I won’t go through that again, not after what happened last time. I never deserved you and you never loved me.”

“Bella, you don’t under-“. Edward started but I cut him off.

“Just leave me alone Edward.” I said quietly, my voice quivering slightly. “You hurt me once; I’m not going to let it happen again.”

With that I sprinted for the forest. As soon as the creek was out of my line of sight I shifted into my invisible. I could hear Edward behind me, but it would do no good. Like Alex said, I’m very good at hiding. After a few minutes I could see my house. I sighed my silent relief as I raced up the front steps and through the door. I was surprised by what greeted me. An empty house. Perhaps they had all gone out for a run just as I had. They were more likely at the Cullen’s house, I thought a bit acidly.

I was in my room now. I walked silently to my bookshelf, still invisible, and replaced my copy of Pride and prejudice. Quietly sighing, I sat down on the bed. The one thing I missed most of all the things I had when I was human was sleep. Why couldn’t some of the vampire tales be based on fact? I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a coffin so much if it meant I was able to leave the waking world for a few hours.

I heard the front door open and I silently went downstairs to check who it was. I half expected it to be Edward, he never listened when I told him to leave me alone before, but I was disappointed. I slid down the stairs and came to a halt a few feet away from my visitor.

“Emmett.” I acknowledged quietly.

Upon hearing my voice Emmett jumped three feet in the air, looking around wildly trying to find my location. I decided I still wanted to keep my powers to myself for a little while I walked into the kitchen (a complete waste of a room in my opinion) reappeared, and walked out.

“Hey Bella.” Emmett said grinning hugely.

“What can I do for you Emmett?” I asked politely. I had missed Emmett a lot over the years, but I didn’t know he left because he also didn’t care about me so I decided to be cautious.

“I’m not allowed to visit my little sister whom I presumed dead for the past twenty or so years?” Emmett asked in his booming voice and his face broke out into a wide grin. In a flash I was completely encased in Emmett’s arms. The arms in question also happened to be squeezing the breath out of me.

“Can’t breathe Emmett.” I said laughingly. Vampires didn’t need to breath. I understood now what he had meant when he said it could get a little uncomfortable. Emmett laughed and placed me down.

“So Bells, what do you want to do on this depressingly sunny day?” Emmett asked. I decided that Emmett would make the perfect test.

“How about Hide and Seek?” I asked with an evil glint in my eye. I don’t remember liking this game as a child, but I wasn’t able to become invisible on whim then. Now absolutely loved the game, but of course no one in my family would play with me.

“Okay.” Emmett said enthusiastically, obviously not noting the look in my eyes. “You can hide first.” He added generously.


“You get five seconds. GO!” Emmett yelled.

I grinned devilishly and bolted for the kitchen. Once there I simply disappeared and walked right back out again. Five seconds was much too generous. I saw Emmett with his eyes open trained on the kitchen. He obviously peeked, I mused. I went over to stand beside him. Might as well have some fun, I thought. What harm would it do?

“HEY EMMETT!!” I shouted from right behind him. This time instead of jumping in the air he wheeled around quickly and pounced in my direction. I laughed quietly when he looked around confused at his empty hands.

“I’ll find you Bella.” He roared playfully and silently stalked upstairs.

“Oh will you?” I said with a bored tone of voice as I stood directly behind him. Emmett turned around blindingly fast and launched himself where I was standing, invisible. Again he came up empty handed but this time he also fell down the stairs, crashing to the bottom. I collapsed with laughter that floated down to the first floor when I saw the dumbstruck look on his face.

“Bad choice Bella. You’re going down.”