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Thank you for the Venom

Starts at Ch. 17 of New Moon. What if it hadn't been Alice who was waiting for Bella, but someone else? Banner made by me ^^ What do you think? Sanstitre-1-1.jpg thank you for the venom picture by misunder

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for sometime and I finally decided to put it on the archives. I am somewhat disappointed with some of the other stories (not all) like this there are out there so I hope mine is good. Stole the title off a MCR song name ^^ Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the God who created the wonderful characters I enjoy playing with. I own nothing and My Chemical Romance owns the title.

6. Ch.6 The Move

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1180   Review this Chapter

“The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.”



It happened when we were hunting in England a few weeks after I joined the Williams.We found a vampire was attacking a young girl and we rushed to stop him. I found out then what Alex meant about Lily’s strength. She must’ve take the vampire down in two minutes flat. While the man was distracted I grabbed the girl and we disappeared; anything I touched while turning invisible, joined me.

I ran to the house we were staying at but it was to late, the venom had already spread to much to simply suck it back out. I stayed by her side for the entire three days. Lily and Alex tried to make me leave since I never had the chance to hunt but I would snarl at them and they would back off.

I spent the three day’s studying her. She had a luxurious coffee coloured mane that rested on her shoulders much like my own. Her face was heart shaped and she had full lips. After a few moments I realized why I recognized her. She looked a lot like I had when I was fourteen. I guessed that was how old she was, although now that her body was being perfected she could pass for sixteen.

The screaming stopped and I guessed her conversion was finished. She opened her eyes and I gasped. She didn’t have the cruel crimson eyes of a newborn, she had the rich butterscotch of a vegetarian.

“Alex, Lily. She’s awake.” I spoke quietly knowing that they could hear me, and that the girl’s ears would be sensitive.

“What’s your name?” I asked her softly as she turned to look at me.

“I’m Hailey. Where am I, and who are you?” Hailey had just finished answering my question and asking her own when Alex and Lily walked in.

“I’m Isabella. Is for short. Izzy for friends. This is my family Alexander and Lillian.”

“I’m Hailey.” Hailey repeated.

After the introductions were made we went on to explain what had happened, and what she was. Hailey’s eyes widened when we told her she would have to drink blood and then she proceeded to dry heave.

“Hailey, are you alright?” Lily asked worriedly.

“I’m sorry but, the thought of blood… Whenever I needed to get blood tests they would have to knock me out. The sight and the smell repulse me to every degree.” Hailey said with a shudder.

“Well I guess that would explain your eyes.” I mused. Hailey looked at me confused and I elaborated.

“Most newborns have red eyes because their human blood. Those who feed off animals, like us, have topaz coloured eyes. The others who feed off humans, keep their scarlet irises. I think your strong reaction against blood in your human life must’ve made you repulsed enough that you automatically take on the eyes of a vegetarian.” I explained.

“Also, some vampires have extra powers beside the intensified speed, strength, and senses. Lily has unparalleled strength, something to do with her childhood we think. I can become invisible on whim, and I think your resistance to blood is your power.”

“What about Alexander?” Hailey asked and Alex looked away slightly embarrassed.

“He doesn’t have one. You see, not everybody gets these powers.” I told Hailey quickly.

“Now you can stay and live with us if you want, or you can go off by yourself living however you want.” Alex told Hailey, making it obvious we wouldn’t accept her if she were to be a carnivore. Hailey’s face quickly filled with rage and disgust as she understood what Alex meant.

“Disgusting. I’m staying here with you two and the angel.” Hailey said slightly defiantly. Alex looked slightly confused, as did me and Lily.

“Who’s ‘the angel’?” Lily finally asked.

Her face softened and she looked over at me.

“Her.” Hailey said in an adoring voice as she pointed at me.


I fingered my necklace nervously as Alex drove down the road. It was a delicate silver chain with a ring on the end. The ring was white gold with a gold star that connected to a diamond crescent moon. Lily and Alex had given it to me after I joined them. I protested because I hated when people spent money on me, although I did love the ring.

It was the third time we moved. First we lived in England where we had gotten Hailey. She still called me angel or the angel to this day. After England we went on to do one or two years in different countries in Europe. I was now fluent in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek, and 5 other languages. When we were done in Europe we went to Asia, which was where we had lived until recently. Hailey had finished high school so it was time to move again.

Hailey finally talked Alex into America. She tried to get us to go to Forks, seeing as it’s one of the rainiest places in the US, but I was able to talk her out of it saying I was from there and was believed dead.

Welcome to Abberville, Oregon. Population: 3,541

Now 3,545, I corrected the sign mentally. The school was a small brick building. Alex parked his sleek black Mercedes in an empty space and the four of us got out into the misty day. Abberville seemed to be much like Forks. According to the long-time weather forecast there was rarely a sunny day. I removed my emotions and prepared for a boring day at school. The only reason I went was because Hailey wanted me to come. Her and I had grown very close since she joined us, Hailey was like the little sister I never had.

My theory was proved correct about Hailey when we took her into town a few weeks after her change. She was able to interact with humans like a practiced vampire of 100 years. Hailey was a quiet girl who enjoyed reading, like myself. She also enjoyed writing poetry.

“Come on angel, it’ll be fun.” Hailey said enthusiastically. Hailey always loved going to school for some unfathomable reason. She was entering grade 10 for the fourth time. I tried to smile reassuringly but she saw right through me.

“You never know, you might learn something.” Hailey told me and I snorted. It was the year 2027. Twenty-one years since I was turned. Sadly, society hadn’t advanced much. It was only starting to, now that people realized that celebrity worship was not going to bring us new technology.

“Whatever.” I said and prepared for a day of nothingness.

We got our schedules without any problems and headed off to our classes. Lily, Alex, and I were juniors while Hailey was a sophomore. The morning passed easily. Everyone was abuzz about the four beautiful new kids. A small sigh escaped my lips. Small town teenagers were easily amused.

I entered the cafeteria and found my family sitting at a table near the edge of the room. I walked over to where they were sitting with a tray of food I wouldn’t eat. After I sat down I scanned the cafeteria. My eyes locked on a table in the back I instantly disappeared.