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Thank you for the Venom

Starts at Ch. 17 of New Moon. What if it hadn't been Alice who was waiting for Bella, but someone else? Banner made by me ^^ What do you think? Sanstitre-1-1.jpg thank you for the venom picture by misunder

This idea has been bouncing around in my head for sometime and I finally decided to put it on the archives. I am somewhat disappointed with some of the other stories (not all) like this there are out there so I hope mine is good. Stole the title off a MCR song name ^^ Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer is the God who created the wonderful characters I enjoy playing with. I own nothing and My Chemical Romance owns the title.

8. Ch.8 The Reunion

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As soon as we wrrived at the house I ran up to my room. Once there I flung myself on the bed and cried broken, tearless sobs. I hadn't seen any of the Cullen's in twenty-one years, but it still hurt. All the feelings came back and swept me away. The feelings of abandonment and loneliness swelled up and dragged me under. I relived it all as if it were only now just happening. The wails that tore themselves from my chest finally started to slow after a few minutes. Pulling my self together I changed my earlier plan. Pretending not to know them would prove to be laborious, and I would have to watch my every word. No, I wouldn't fake ignorance but I didn't forgive them either. I still ached to be with my former family.

Suddenly I realized why the memory of them had always pained me. It was because I had never truly stopped loving them. Why was I destined to love people who were bound to hurt me? they were all insanely beautiful and I, well I was nothing compared to them.

Before I could drown again in my own misery there was a knock at the door pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Izzy, we will be leaving in ten minutes." Alex said, after popping through my now open door, and I sighed. Showtime.

'I'll be ready." I told him before gliding over to my closet.

Even though Alex and Lily had oodles of money I only had an average amount of clothes. People spending money on me had always made me feel uncomfortable, no matter how much they had.

Looking through my clothes I spotted my favorite outfit and pulled it out, knowing I'd need as much confidence as possible. The outfit consisted of a pale purple v-neck sweater that hung mid-thigh, a grey eyelet lace tank top, silver skinny jeans, and metallic silver ballet flats. I put my hair into two loose braids and made my way downstairs and to the car.

The Cullen's house in Abberville looked almost identical to the one in Forks, except this house was painted a soft mint green, instead of a cream color. The four of us made our way quickly to the door. Alex knocked softly and I felt someone behind the door. Just as the door was being pulled open I lost my nerve and disappeared.

"Izzy." Hailey hissed at me.

"I'm still here, calm down." I reassured her quietly, remaining safely unseen.

Hailey shot a murderous glare at the area I was standing and was about to say something when The door was opened all the way by a woman I once referred to as my mother.

"Hello I'm Esme. You must be the Williams. Come on in." Esme greeted my family warmly then moved back to allow us to enter. Alex, always polite, introduced us as we entered the main room.

"I'm Alexander, this is my wife Lillian and one of my sisters Hailey." Lily and Hailey both nodded as Alex said their names.

"I'm sorry, but I noticed you said one of your sisters just now. Do you have another?" Esme asked, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"Yes, my other sister Isabella, is somewhat shy and extremely good at hiding." Alex said, using my full name even though he knew how much I hated it, and I shot a glare at him.

We were all gathered in the dining room, which is in my opinion an entirely useless room for a vampire to own. I looked around the room and noticed it to was like the inside of their other mansion, excluding his piano.

Looking around and being surrounded by memories it hit me how hard I missed them. All of them. Even Rosalie, surprisingly. I walked over to a potted plant and reappeared behind it. For some reason I wanted to keep my power to myself for a little while.

I walked into the dining room and caused a few gasps. I guessed that this meant the Cullen children hadn't told Carlisle and Esme who they had seen at school today.

"I apologize if I seemed rude earlier." I mumbled, eyes downcast. That afternoon had been assaulting my conscience since I returned to our home.

Suddenly something streaked towards me and there was the sound of rockslides as a black and whilte bullet collided with me. Alice buried her head in my chest and had my waist in a vise-like grip. Her tiny frame was shaking and I hesitantly wrapped my arms around her. Alice was blubbering things I, even with my vampire senses, couldn't make out.

"Sssh, calm down Alice." I said soothingly and shot a look at Jasper.

After a minute Jasper saw me looking at him and the atmosphere considerably lightened. Alice looked up at Jasper and scowled at him. For another minute the room was bathed in an awkward silence. Seeing that no one was going to say anything I removed Alice's arms from my midsection and stood up.

"So, what have you all been up to?" I asked.