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Sara and The Wolf

Sara meets Dan while searching for a friend who disappeared from Seattle the year before. They develop a relationship and face a challenge.

There are 10 chapters. The whole thing is written and I'll keep posting it... I originally wrote this for my sister. She liked it but said it wasn't as good as the original. I agree, but it sure was fun to do.

3. Chapter 3

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Ch 3 Sara

She looked at the motel, just like any other really. Cinderblock exterior with shiny numbers tacked onto bright orange doors. “Yes. Why, what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing… just… You don’t live in Forks then?” his searching gaze and something about the way he stood told her he wasn’t just making small talk. He really wanted the answer to this question.

“No, I’m from California.”

The long pause as he took in her answer made her keep talking to fill the gap in conversation. “I was driving along the coast towards Seattle and my car broke down. I don’t know yet what’s wrong with it but when it’s fixed I’ve got to get back on the road.”

“Oh,” he seemed to have suddenly lost the sureness of just moments before, “I guess I just assumed you were from around here.”

He seemed so disappointed that Sara wasn’t sure what to do. “Thank you for walking me back. It was really nice of you.”

“You’re welcome,” he replied. Then with a hopeful look he asked, “Can I see you tomorrow? I mean, it’s Saturday and the car repair place will be closed. You’ll be here for at least two more days. If you haven’t got something planned I could show you around, there’s a beach not far from here and the national park, if you wanted to see it.”

Sara’s head was throbbing and while Dan’s attention was flattering she wasn’t sure about its strange intensity. To escape the situation she decided to use a delay tactic. “I’ll think about it.” She pulled a notepad from her purse and jotted down her cell phone number. “This is my cell, give me a call tomorrow morning and I’ll let you know.” She handed him the torn off sheet and began backing away towards her motel room. She reached back into her bag and grabbed the motel key, passing it to her free hand she grabbed ahold of the pepper spray canister once again. This was the tricky part, if he was some kind of psycho he’d follow her and try to get into her motel room. If he was just a normal guy he’d leave and she probably wouldn’t hear from him again. She figured there was almost no chance he would actually call her; in her experience guys somehow just never got around to it.

“Thanks again,” she called and waved a bit awkwardly with the key in her hand.

“Wait!” he called, “What’s your name?”

“Sara, Sara Finch.” She responded, then she turned and striding quickly to her door she slid the key into the lock, turned it and as quickly as she could she slipped between the door and the doorframe into the room pulling the key out and pushing the door shut quickly. She locked both the deadbolt and the safety lock and went to make sure the windows were locked securely as well. Through the open curtains she could see Dan, he was standing just where she had left him, holding an umbrella and staring at the little slip of paper as if to memorize it. Sara pulled the curtains closed in a quick motion before he could look up at her. She heaved a sigh and went to the thermostat to turn up the heat in the room. Pulling the small plastic shopping bag from her purse Sara ripped open one of the packets of pain killers and filled a plastic cup with water to take the pills. She decided she was more cold than hungry at the moment and left the container of soup on the desk next to the microwave while she slipped out of her clothes to take a hot shower.

The hot water felt great. It took some of the ache out of her muscles and the steam seemed to help with the headache. She stayed in longer than she had really planned to and by the time she got out of the shower and dried off the medication was really working and she was so tired she could barely keep her eyes open. Instead of blow drying her hair she just left it wrapped in a towel and throwing on some sweats she got into bed under all the covers. She pulled all four bed pillows in around herself and switched off the bedside lamp before falling quickly asleep.

Sara dreamed all night of being trapped between a freezing rain and a raging fire, moving back and forth but unable to escape one without being forced into the other. Some time early in the morning she began to throw up. She made it into the bathroom in time to keep from making a mess on the carpet but after dry heaving for what seemed like forever she moved a wastebasket close to the edge of the bed and fell back into a fitful sleep alternating between throwing off all the blankets and then waking up just enough to pull the massed bundle of covers back over herself again. A few hours later her cell phone began to ring. She woke up just enough to decide she didn’t have the energy to make it across the room to the desk where she had left the phone plugged in to its charger. The soup container still sitting on the desk near her phone brought on a fresh wave of nausea as soon as she saw it.

After a few minutes she fell back into a fitful sleep. She had no idea how much time had passed when the phone in her room began to ring. With a hand that seemed barely attached to an arm that was too heavy to move, Sara reached over and took the phone off the hook and put it to her ear.

“Hello.” She croaked into the phone.

“Is this Sara?” the voice on the line was Dan’s.

“Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m really not feeling well, umm… I hope you don’t mind but I don’t think I’m going to take you up on that offer to show me around today.” Her words sounded slurred to her own ears.

“Are you ok?” Dan asked.

“No.” she replied, “Sorry. Bye.”

She felt completely detached as she hung up the phone. Somewhere in the back of her mind she knew this wasn’t like her. Her mother had taught her better manners and phone etiquette than this. She somehow just didn’t care. Everything was just kind of far away and vague. She ached all over but it felt like her body was so far away that it wouldn’t feel anything any time soon. She let her eyes close again and ignored the little voice that told her she wasn’t herself and something must be wrong. It just didn’t seem to matter.

The next thing she knew there was a dull thudding sound somewhere beyond the pounding in her head. It stopped and Sara’s mind slipped away from trying to make sense of it. The sound started again this time accompanied by someone calling her name. It came to her suddenly that it was the door, someone was trying to get her to open the door. She wanted the pounding to stop, she felt so miserable and the only thing that made any sense was curling up and letting it all slip away. They weren’t going to let her just sleep. Using one leg she pushed her way out of the tangle of blankets and then crawled to the end of the bed. The room was spinning and the bed seemed to be shaking so she reached out and grabbed the back of a chair then stumbled to her feet and made it the couple of steps to the door. Leaning against the door she managed to undo the locks, then, using the wall as a prop she pulled the door open a few inches so she could look outside.

The light seemed incredibly bright and then her vision went dark with sparkly floating spots. It was all she could do to stumble back to the chair and fall into it heavily. She put her head in her hands and took a few deep shuddering breaths. Her stomach roiled but there was nothing left in it to expel. She felt like crying but didn’t even have that much energy.

“Oh, man.” Dan’s voice was full of dismay. “Sara, I’m taking you to the hospital.”

Sara just nodded. She wouldn’t fight him, she didn’t care. Dan found her shoes under the bed and she slipped her bare feet into them. When he tried to help her to her feet by placing his arm around her shoulders she made an effort to stand but couldn’t seem to get her body to respond to the command to walk. She felt her legs suddenly swept out from under her and struggled for a moment but realized quickly that he was a lot stronger than she was and he wasn’t going to put her down.

“Sh, sh, I’ve got you, I’m just going to get you into the truck.”

Dan carried her out the door of the motel room and the cold air hit her like a splash to the face. She gasped once and started to shiver. Dan didn’t feel nearly as warm as he had the day before but the heat from his body was so inviting that she dropped her chin down to get her head into the curve of his shoulder.

She heard a door latch pop and then the lumpy give of the springs of the front seat of the truck. Trying to take in her surroundings she saw that the truck was parked in front of her room. It was an older truck, white with rust spots so often seen on cars near the coastline. The interior was red and mostly vinyl with patches of duct tape here and there to cover up cracks in the material. The floorboards had almost completely rusted through in a few places and there were pinpoints of light showing through from beneath. Dan shut the truck door and went back into the room, returning moments later with her purse and the motel key.

“You’ll probably need these.” He said, handing them across the seat as he climbed in on the drivers side.

The truck growled to life. Trying to find a comfortable position with her head throbbing and her stomach rolling was pretty much useless. Twisting around against the seatbelt she leaned her head against the cool glass of the truck door window. The blur of scenery they were passing just made the sensations of misery worse so she shut her eyes and concentrated on bracing herself against the little jolts as they passed over rough spots in the road. It was almost impossible to focus on anything but the feelings of illness and pain. She still felt disconnected from her body and everything around her. The cool fresh air had helped to revive her a bit but only brought the unpleasant feelings into sharper focus. She concentrated on breathing slowly through her nose and just let Dan drive.