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Catch the Wind

Axelle is seventeen, but her parents still haven't told her their secret. When a new kid shows up at school, Axelle can't help but find him interesting. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Axelle has some big choices to make. Part three to the Twist of Fate series!

Like I have said many times before, I am totally addicted to this story. This story is entirely in Axelle's POV, for those of you that didn't know. I have this one planned out almost all the way... and let me tell ya, there are some HUGE twists :D But that's just how it works with me :)

22. House

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"Pregnant? But... how?" breathed Jack.

"Do I reall-"

Jack interrupted me. "No, I know how. I'm just... how did it happen to us?"

"Oops?" I shrugged. Treating it like a joke would make me feel better about the whole situation. It would make it feel a little less real.

"Axelle, please be serious. My baby is in here!" He put his large hand on my stomach, rubbing in soft and gentle arcs. "Are we going to keep it?" he whispered. His large, puppy-like eyes stared up at me in wonder.

"Oh! Well... I thought we would." The idea of an abortion didn't even occur to me. There was no way I could kill this baby inside of me.

"Good. I wouldn't give it up without a fight. I can’t believe we're having a baby..." He was gazing at my stomach with the strangest expression on his face.

"Ahem," coughed Edward, looking at us expectantly. He was holding his cell phone away from his ear. I could hear whoever was yelling on the other end. It sounded like my dad.

Jack ripped his gaze from my stomach to glare at Edward. He turned slightly, but I grabbed his arm, looking pleadingly into his eyes. He was not going to harm Edward.

"Jack, listen to me right now. Edward was watching out for me. He saved my life, okay?" I held my hand out for the phone. "Just wait a second before you eat him, okay? I'll explain in a second."

Jack growled.

I ignored him and put the phone to my ear.

"Bring her back to me this very instant!" bellowed my dad.

"Dad. Daddy. Dad!" I exclaimed. He was still ranting, despite the fact that I was talking right to him. "I'm right here."

"Oh, Axelle. Are you alright?" he asked desperately. "Come back home! Don't bring him with you! I'm going to kill that backstabber."

"Thank God!" exclaimed my mom from the background.

"I'm just fine, dad. Stay at home, I'll be there soon. Edward is helping me. Have Alice explain it to you. Don't worry about anything. Trust me on this one," I said quickly, trying to reassure him the best I could over the phone.

"We'll be waiting for you at the airport," he sighed. I snapped the phone shut. I yawned loudly as I passed the phone back to Edward. This day had been just a tad more than stressful.

"I'll go check the bags," said Edward quietly, leaving Jack and me alone.

I put my cheek against Jack's chest. I could hear his steady heart beating, and found, it was pumping faster than usual. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight. I would be content to stay like that for the rest of my life, but we had other plans.

"Would you be angry if I said I was excited?" asked Jack. His voice was slightly muffled by my hair, however, the barely shielded giddiness shone through his voice clearly.

"No. Would you be angry if I told you I was absolutely terrified of being pregnant?" I asked.

"No. I'll be there. You'll have nothing to worry about, I promise. I'll do everything I can to make this easy for you." He sounded so sure of himself. I decided to test him.

"Will you still be there when I'm huge?"

"Of course," he laughed.

"What if I wake you up one night and ask you to get me... a pickle dipped in chocolate with melted cheese on it?" I knew you craved some strange things when you were pregnant, and that was the best I could come up with at the moment.

He shuddered. "I'd still be there."

"What if I tell you that the pickle you got wasn't crunchy enough. Would you leave me then?"

"Axelle, don't worry! I'll be there for you no matter what happens. When we move into the house, it'll reall-"

"What house?" I asked quickly.

"Oh... damn. I'm an idiot," said Jack, hitting himself in the forehead.

I stepped away from him and crossed my arms. "What house?" I pressed.

He sighed. "Happy wedding?"

"You got us a house?" My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Surprise!" he exclaimed loudly, but uneasily, still a little unsure of himself.

"Where is it?" I asked. I didn't want to be too far away from my parents or the big house.

"It's only about a mile away from the big house. We're only a minute away, I promise," explained Jack.

"How did you find one that close?" The Cullens and the Hales liked their privacy, and I would have thought that there was no house to buy that close. They probably owned a good portion of the surrounding land.

"That's a surprise that I will not ruin." He mirrored my position, crossing his arms and glaring.

"Let’s go!" called Edward from across the terminal. Jack smiled and took my hand, releasing his stiff and formal stance. Of course he had been kidding.

"How did you keep from ripping the plane to shreds while flying over here?" I asked.

"I had to keep telling myself that sending it plunging into the ocean would not get me closer to you any faster. You really, really scared me, Axelle. I'm so, so overjoyed that you got out of there alive." He squeezed my hand tighter.

My heart thumped in my chest. I still had to tell him the reason I got to escape. I knew he wouldn't be happy... and I knew that I probably shouldn't do it on the airplane. Yes, he had rescued me, but I think ripping the plane to bits with me on it was a little counterproductive.

I stopped walking. "Jack."

He spun around to face me, hands out. "Oh my God, Axelle, what? Are you okay? Do you need anything? Are you sick?" He caught my face in his hands. "Are you okay?" he repeated when I refused to answer

I looked to the right. Edward was standing there, his eyebrows raised. He nodded once and turned around. I didn't blame him for not wanting to be in Jack's path after I told him what I had to do.

I sucked in a big gulp of air and said, "Jack, I have to come back after the baby's born."

Jack dropped his hands from my face and clenched them at his side. "And then they're going to kill you?"

"No," I answered quietly. I looked at my feet.

"What are they going to do, Axelle!?" he yelled.

I flinched. "They... they're going to change me. If it wasn't for Edward, they would have killed me right away, no questions asked. He brought me here to save my life, not to ruin it."

"Well, you just won’t go back, then," said Jack through clenched teeth.

"I can't just not go back! Then they'll kill me for sure. I think me changing... I think it's the best deal we're going to get out of this, Jack." I wrapped my arms around his neck. I could feel him quivering. "Just calm down. We'll discuss it more later. I'm just so happy to see you."

A voice came over the intercom system, announcing that all passengers to Seattle were supposed to be through security by then.

"We will be discussing this more later," said Jack forcefully. "They aren't taking you away from me."

"Okay," I sighed. I certainly didn't want to talk about it more. As far as I was concerned, I didn't want to talk about it until I absolutely had to.