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Catch the Wind

Axelle is seventeen, but her parents still haven't told her their secret. When a new kid shows up at school, Axelle can't help but find him interesting. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Axelle has some big choices to make. Part three to the Twist of Fate series!

Like I have said many times before, I am totally addicted to this story. This story is entirely in Axelle's POV, for those of you that didn't know. I have this one planned out almost all the way... and let me tell ya, there are some HUGE twists :D But that's just how it works with me :)

26. No Frank Sinatra

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"And what are our options?" I asked.

We were at one of hundreds of wedding chapels. We wanted to be married quick, and without any kind of pressure. Alice planned on having our real wedding ceremony to last at least thirty minutes. We wanted this one to last about ten.

We didn't even waste any time before getting to the chapel. We put our things in the hotel, and then headed straight to get married.

The woman behind the counter was wearing orange lipstick that matched her hair. Her blue dress clung to her tightly. She looked to be about fifty. "Well, you have Elvis, of course. We could also get Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Chuck Berry, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie... really, anyone you can think of," said the lady behind the counter.

Jack and I were trying to decide who we wanted to perform our actual ceremony. We wanted it to be tacky, funny, and something we could tell the baby when it was older.

I looked at Jack, trying not to smile. If I started laughing, I knew I would never stop.

"I think Frank Sinatra would be good, don't you?" I asked.

He nodded. He was biting his lower lip, and trying not to burst out in hysterical laughs.

"Great!" exclaimed the lady. "Our Frank has been dying for a wedding all day! Now, do you want any fancy clothes? We have a selection for you to choose from if you would like."

I tried not to cringe. The clothes had probably been worn by many, many people before us.

"No, thanks. We just want to be quick about this," I said.

"Suit yourself! Now, follow me." She scuttled out from behind the counter in heels that looked about three inches too tall. It was a wonder she didn't topple over.

I took Jack's hand and tried to pull him along. He didn't move an inch.

"Come on, Jack," I said.

I was ready to be married by Frank Sinatra! Sure, it was only an impersonator, but I was okay with that, too. As long as I was getting married somewhere without any pressures, I was happy.

"Axelle, I don't know if I can do this," he whispered.

"Of course you can do this," I laughed. When I turned around and looked at his face, my laughs stopped short. The look on his face was not one of humor, or anything fun. He looked sick.

"What's wrong?" I asked. I felt a lump build in my throat.

"Come, come now! Let's get on with the show!" exclaimed the orange-haired lady.

"There's a change of plans. We're not getting married today," said Jack mechanically.

He pulled me out the door, and into the car. Once the doors were closed, I spoke.

"Jack, what's going on? Why aren't we in there having a song sung to us by fake Frank Sinatra?" I asked.

He pulled out of the parking lot and screeched towards the hotel. He didn't answer.

"Jack, please!" I exclaimed.

"I am eighteen. You are eighteen. We are young adults," he murmured.

"Young adults who went and got pregnant! I think you ought to at least be able to handle marriage before you can handle a child," I argued.

"So now you think I can't handle a child?" He asked, his voice rising in volume.

"I didn't say that! I said you should be able to! I mean, why did you even ask if you didn't mean it! I am ready to be married, Jack! I don't care about how young we are, or about my family, or even about the stupid Volturi. I want to be with you!" I yelled.

"I care about how young we are! I care about your family, and I care about the goddamn Volturi! I just don't know if I'm ready to get married now, Axelle. When I asked you, nothing was going on. There were no threats from the Volturi, there wasn't a baby, and your uncle didn't hate you!"

"So you're saying that my life is too complicated for you to be a part of?"

"No, there are just so many things going on, I can't even focus anymore! And then there's the whole werewolf versus vampire thing! I'm sick of it!"

Tears sprung to my eyes. I turned my face to the window. "I'm sorry I was raised by vampires. I'm sorry the Volturi want to change me. I'm sorry I got pregnant. I'm sorry, okay?"

He didn't answer.

When we got to the hotel, he was infuriatingly polite. He opened all the doors for me, he made sure there was nobody in my way, he did everything. He knew that would eat at me. If he was nice, I'd have nothing to be angry at.

I got in bed almost as soon as we walked in the door. I didn't feel like being awake, and I was starting to feel a little dizzy.

I heard the door to the room open again a few minutes later.

"Where are you going?" I asked. Yes, I was mad at Jack, but I didn't want him to go anywhere.

"Out," he answered curtly.

The door slammed.

I sighed. This morning, after the whole sickness thing, everything was going great. I was happy.

Now, it seemed like a whole different time. Jack was angry for some reason that I couldn't quite understand. Emmett was angry at me because I was pregnant. Alice was angry at me for ditching my own wedding. It seemed like I was losing friends by the second. I was just waiting for my mom to call me and tell me that she was mad I forgot to put my jeans in the dryer, or something.

I didn't even know how to make it up to any of them. Jack was angry at everything, so I didn't even know where to begin there. Emmett was mad that I was pregnant, and there was definitely nothing I would do about that. Alice wanted a wedding, and with Jack angry at me, that was even more out of the question than it was when Jack and I decided to elope. I was just stuck.

My cell phone rang then, interrupting my self-pity.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hi, Axelle. I... I have something to tell you." It was Carlisle.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, being a vampire helps me in a lot of ways. In your case, it helped me see your pictures from the ultrasound this morning. Usually, we don't know this... this early, but..." he hesitated.

"What, what is it?" I asked. If there was something wrong with my baby I wanted to know it as soon as possible.

"Axelle, you're having twins."