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Catch the Wind

Axelle is seventeen, but her parents still haven't told her their secret. When a new kid shows up at school, Axelle can't help but find him interesting. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Axelle has some big choices to make. Part three to the Twist of Fate series!

Like I have said many times before, I am totally addicted to this story. This story is entirely in Axelle's POV, for those of you that didn't know. I have this one planned out almost all the way... and let me tell ya, there are some HUGE twists :D But that's just how it works with me :)

28. We Need To Talk

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I didn't sleep a wink. I watched Jack sleep for awhile, and then turned to look at the clock. Jack mumbled a few times, and was pretty restless, but he didn't wake up. I wasn't surprised.

I tried, but I couldn't force myself to drift off. Every time I got close, my heart would start pounding, and my eyes would fly open. I was very anxious. I didn't want Jack to leave again, and I thought that if I fell asleep, he'd go.

When the red numbers on the clock flashed six o'clock in the morning, I started to feel sick. I heaved myself out of bed, and headed towards the bathroom. I was sluggish with exhaustion. Going without sleep was getting harder as the days ticked by.

Just seconds after the retching started, I felt the hair being pulled out of my face. Jack was there, and he was acting like nothing had happened. I couldn't even tell him to get out and leave me alone. I was too busy being sick to even think straight.

When I was finally done, I sighed and sank to the ground. I put my face on the cool, stone tile. Jack lifted me with his warm arms, and carried me back to the bed.

“Why would you do that?” I whispered as Jack set me on the bed. I turned on my side, making sure I wasn't looking at him.

He laid down beside me, and snaked his arm around my waist. I didn't even bother to wriggle away. I was much too tired.

“Jack, why?” I asked again weakly.

He buried his face into my hair. It was awhile before he said anything.

“I'm so sorry, Axelle,” he murmured. “So, so, so sorry.”

I shook my head. “That's not what I asked.”

“I know. I just don't know how to answer,” he admitted.

“Try,” I breathed. I was starting to get very drowsy. I was going to fall asleep, I knew it.

“I was nervous, Axelle! I want to be with you forever, trust me on that. It's just, while we were in that chapel, I started to think about everything. You know, about the babies, the Volturi, about how you only know vampires, and it scared me. I do love you, Axelle... more than you can even begin to comprehend. I never want to see Melinda again, I assure you.” I assumed Melinda was the stupid La Push girl. “I guess I was worried about how many ways I could screw up all of those things for you.

“I could be a terrible father to the babies. What kind of child is safe around a man that can change into a wolf at any moment? And the Volturi could find out about us, and not even give you the option to be a vampire. They could just kill you. And we already know how much stress I put on your family because of the whole werewolf thing,” he explained.

“When I ran off earlier, I had no intention of... getting back with her. Melinda was a part of my past that I didn't care to revisit at all. And then I started to drink, just because of all the stress. I drank a lot, and I'm so sorry. I know I'm not supposed to... but I did. I used to drink quite a bit, unfortunately. I can usually stop myself, though. And then I ran back to La Push, just to see how the old gang was doing. I left that high school because I had some very... unhealthy friends. I saw Melinda, and I don't know what came over me. Only minutes after saying hello, we were in her bed.”

I flinched, and gulped. I felt sick all over again. “Just stop,” I whispered.

“Dammit, I'm such an ass!” he yelled. “I'm sorry, Axelle. I love you so much.”

The tears started falling down my cheeks. “I'm sorry, too, Jack.”

He shuddered slightly. “Go to sleep, Axelle,” he said.

He didn't have to tell me twice. In just minutes, I was fast asleep. The way I was acting, I'd soon be sleeping during the day and be up during the night.

The nightmare I had terrified me.

I was sitting in the living room of the big house. I had a big pregnant belly, and I was all alone. I wasn't doing anything, just sitting there. I felt the babies kick.

I was startled when Emmett and Jack hurtled into the room from outside. Both of them were visibly upset.

“If you didn't go around getting Axelle all pregnant, we wouldn't be having this problem!” roared Emmett.

“If you didn't go around acting like a stubborn little child, Axelle wouldn't have to worry about you all the time!” yelled Jack.

“Guys, what the hell are you talking about?” I asked.

Neither of them looked at me. Emmett shifted into a crouch, and growled loudly. Jack did the same.

“Stop!” I shrieked.

It was too late. They lunged at each other, and I couldn't look away. They were destroying each other. Jack hadn't even phased, but he was doing just as much damage to Emmett as Emmett was to him.

I screamed myself awake.

“Axelle!” It was Emmett.

I sat up and looked around. I wasn't at the nice hotel room in Vegas anymore. I was on the couch in Emmett's room, and Jack was nowhere to be found. Emmett was sitting on the ground next to me.

“Emmett, what happened?” I gasped.

“Why did you scream? Are you hurt?” asked Emmett, ignoring me.

“Bad dream,” I answered. “Why am I here?”

“Jack brought you here. He didn't think that you wanted to see him when you woke up, so he dropped you off. He knows that you are not his biggest fan at the moment,” explained Emmett.

“Oh,” I murmured. I couldn't help but think about what he could be doing out there... alone... in La Push. I hoped he was true to his word, and didn't want to be with Melinda. I didn't even know that he had a bad side. I had no idea that he used to be a drinker, or that he left La Push because his friends weren't very... good influences.

Not to mention I had something very important to tell him about out babies. He didn't even know there were two of them yet.

“He came in holding you. If he hadn't been, I would have ripped his face off.”

“What did you say to him?”

“Just, uhm, that if he hadn't gotten you pregnant, we wouldn't be having any problems,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Then he called you childish, right?”

Emmett nodded.

I sighed. “That's what my dream was about. I must have heard you guys talking while I was asleep. I'm just glad you didn't hurt him. Please don't do anything, Emmett.”

He didn't look at me. “I'm not going to make any promises.”

“If you hurt him, I swear, Emmett,” I warned. “I will never, ever talk to you again. Ever.” I glared at him.

“He said that you should call him once you wake up.”

“What time is it?” I asked.

“About three in the afternoon,” he answered.

I held out my hand for his phone. I quickly dialed Jack's number.

“Hello?” Jack picked it up before it even rang.

“Hi,” I said.

“Axelle... We need to talk.”

After hours and hours of watching old movies, new movies, and TV shows, I knew that “we need to talk” was something that you never wanted to hear out of someone you were in a relationship with. I prepared myself for the worst.