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Catch the Wind

Axelle is seventeen, but her parents still haven't told her their secret. When a new kid shows up at school, Axelle can't help but find him interesting. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Axelle has some big choices to make. Part three to the Twist of Fate series!

Like I have said many times before, I am totally addicted to this story. This story is entirely in Axelle's POV, for those of you that didn't know. I have this one planned out almost all the way... and let me tell ya, there are some HUGE twists :D But that's just how it works with me :)

33. Let Go

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At three months old, Allegra and Ansel found spit bubbles to be the most entertaining thing on the whole planet. The babies were much easier to handle, and they slept through the night most of the time. We didn't want them in their own rooms, yet, but it would happen soon. Our family was taking an extended hunting trip to Canada, so we were alone for the entire weekend. Jacob and Julie were spending two weeks is Mexico.

“Ansel, no more smelly relatives for two days!” gasped Jack playfully. He tickled Ansel's sides and Ansel squirmed. Jack and I were sitting on the floor of our bedroom, and Allegra and Ansel were lying on their backs in front of us.

Ansel responded with a nice, juicy spit bubble.

Not to be outdone, Allegra blew her own bubble.

“Our children are just lovely,” said Jack, wiping the remains of Ansel's bubble off of his face.

“They must have gotten this from you. I know I didn't teach it to them,” I replied.

“You caught me!” he exclaimed sarcastically. “How'd you guess?”

The babies seemed to be getting bigger every day. I would put them to bed one night, and I could have sworn that they were bigger the next morning. Carlisle told me they were growing at a natural rate. I found it hard to believe that a person could grow so much in such a short amount of time.

I rolled up Allegra's shirt and cocked an eyebrow at her. “You better not smile, Allegra.”

She gazed up at me with her big blue eyes, almost as if to say, “You better not blow on my stomach, Mommy.”

I didn't listen. I blew a nice, big raspberry on her stomach. She kicked her feet and grinned widely. She couldn't actually laugh yet. She and Ansel just did the silent laugh. It was good enough for me.

The smile on her face was contagious, and I giggle. The corners of her eyes crinkled. I lifted her up and hugged her tightly. I had made the two cutest babies in the world, and I was proud of it.

Allegra rewarded me by throwing up right down my back. She was a gem, that one. I stood and headed towards the bathroom. I could hear Jack laugh. Ansel followed suit with his silent laugh.

“That's was gross, Allegra,” I sighed. “You just wait, Jack. It'll happen to you in a few minutes,” I called behind me.

After I cleaned Allegra and changed my shirt, I went back to the bedroom.

“And then your uncle and I tricked your mommy. We were making the house the whole time!” exclaimed Jack. He was telling a story to Ansel.

Ansel stared up at him, his eyes focused on Jack's lips. He was opening and closing his mouth. I was standing there watching them, with Allegra securely in my arms, when my phone rang.

I fished it out of my pocket while trying not to disturb Allegra.

“Hello?” I answered when I finally got it out of my pocket.

“It took me quite some time to find your personal number, my dear,” answered a voice. It was a voice that I had nightmares about. It was a voice that was friendly on the outside, but had something purely evil hiding underneath. It was a voice that I never wanted to hear again.

“Aro,” I breathed. My heart broke into a sprint.

Allegra, sensing my discomfort, blew a nice spit bubble on my neck.

Jack looked up at me from the floor.

“I assume you've had your babies, no? I wanted to keep that bit a surprise. I knew way back when you were with us in Italy that you were having twins! Isn't that lovely?” he asked, his voice cheerful.

“Lovely,” I repeated dully.

Jack picked Ansel up and then moved towards me. He plucked Allegra from my arms, and placed the two of them in their bassinets. He was back to me in a flash.

“And I also assume that you know why I'm calling,” said Aro.

I swallowed back the biting remark that was threatening to escape. Insulting the main member of the Volturi wouldn't do anything but bad things for me. Jack pulled me into his chest.

Aro continued without waiting for an answer. “You told us that you would be back after your babies are settled. Three months is plenty of time to get settled. We are expecting you here in no more than three days, Axelle. Don't keep us waiting.”

“What happens if I keep you waiting?” I whispered.

“You're alone in your town now, aren't you? Nobody's there to help you. We could have five of us there in an hour. We've been watching,” he said. I could hear the smile in his voice. “You have the perfect opportunity to leave right now. It would be best if you didn't bring your family into this. Things might end badly for them.”

“I'll leave now,” I replied.

“Good girl.” The line went dead.

I dropped the phone and looked up into Jack's eyes. It was one of the only times I had ever seen him look just as terrified as I was.

“What are we going to do with the babies?” I croaked. My throat was thick with dread.

Jack closed his eyes. “They have to come with. My parents wont get here in time, and your family has their phones off.” A ringing cell phone would be pretty unfortunate when you were trying to sneak up on whatever it was you wanted to eat.

“They do have to come with us then,” I groaned.

Jack nodded.

“Can't you just stay here, Jack? You can take care of the babies,” I pleaded. “They're just watching me. They didn't say anything about bringing you.”

He shook his head. “Axelle, you know that I would never let you go by yourself. Don't even bring it up again. The babies and I will stay just outside of the city. Tell the Volturi how happy you are, and that you are deeply loyal to your family. They should know something about family loyalty, and how much it's actually worth in the long run.” Jack unwound his arms from my waist, and started running his hands through his hair.

“Call the airport,” I said with a slight tremor in my voice. “I'll pack.”

Jack kissed my forehead, and dashed out of the room.

I had packed all three bags in ten minutes. One for me, one for Jack, and one for the twins.

The babies hadn't made a sound since Jack had put them in their beds. I was just happy that I didn't have to console a crying baby and worry about everything else at the same time.

Jack ran back into the bedroom just as I zipped the last bag.

“A plane leaves in two hours. We can make it,” he said. He slung a bag over each of his shoulders and took a baby in each of his arms before he left the room again.

In the car, I gripped Jack's hand tightly. Tears trickled down my cheeks, but I remained silent. Whenever Jack looked at me, I bit my lip to keep from crying out. He was so worried, so absolutely helpless, I couldn't stand to look at him for more than a second.

“Axelle, I love you so much.” He was so quiet, I had to strain to hear him. His jaw was clenched, and he was staring very intently at the road.

I opened my mouth to tell him I loved him too, but a sob escaped. I put my head in my hands and cried openly. I shuddered, and I knew that the babies would start crying soon, too.

Jack pulled over and reached for me. He undid my seatbelt and lifted me onto his lap. I chanced a look at the babies, and neither of them was crying. They just looked very, very scared

I buried my face in Jack's neck and sobbed openly for what seemed like hours.

I knew that no matter how long I talked to Aro about family loyalty, or about how much I loved every singly vampire in my family, he still would change me. Jack didn't want it at all, and I knew I didn't want it. I knew that the human was killed half of the time, anyway.

I was horrified by the possibility that I might never, ever see my children or my husband again. I wouldn't be able to help Allegra with her girl problems. I would never be a soccer mom... not that anyone played soccer in Forks. I'd never see my children walk, or hear them talk.

I shuddered again.

When my tears stopped, Jack kissed me, then put me back in my seat.

“How long until we're at the airport?” I asked, my voice hoarse.

“Twenty minutes. We'll have just enough time to make it to the gate,” said Jack. His voice lacked all emotion.

When we finally got on the plane, I knew that Jack and I looked terrible. I didn't pay attention to the comments that people were making about how much the babies would cry and how irritating it would be. I didn't pay attention to the stewardess when she started talking to us about plane safety. I didn't listen when they asked if I was comfortable.

Ansel sat on my lap, and Allegra sat in Jack's. Ansel played with my shirt.

I hugged him closer and kissed him on the head. His wisps of black hair tickled my nose.

I closed my eyes, trying to force myself not to cry again... but when Ansel blew a spit bubble in my face, I couldn't hold it in anymore. I sat there, crying silently, and clung to my baby. I knew I didn't have much time left as a human. I didn't want to let go.