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Catch the Wind

Axelle is seventeen, but her parents still haven't told her their secret. When a new kid shows up at school, Axelle can't help but find him interesting. When all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Axelle has some big choices to make. Part three to the Twist of Fate series!

Like I have said many times before, I am totally addicted to this story. This story is entirely in Axelle's POV, for those of you that didn't know. I have this one planned out almost all the way... and let me tell ya, there are some HUGE twists :D But that's just how it works with me :)

8. Pancakes

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I awoke the next morning confused. I had expected to wake up in my pitch black room, in my comfy bed, but I found I was on a couch instead. I stretched, then snuggled into the blankets. I knew where I was. I was at Jack's house. I snuggled deeper into the blankets, relishing the comfort. The sun was just starting to rise. I had at least two more hours of sleep in me.

The night before, Jack lent me a t-shirt and a pair of sweats to sleep in. They were exponentially too long for me. I drowned in them. He told me I looked beautiful in them no matter how big they were.

As I was just falling back to sleep, I heard someone yawn. It was a woman. She started to rustle around in the kitchen. I didn't want her to be awake all by herself, so I got up. The lady was facing the counter. Her long black hair cascaded down her back.

She turned around. “Good morning,” she smiled. She was shockingly beautiful. “You must be Axelle. I'm Julie, Jack's mom.” Her voice had a certain smooth quality. It was very soothing. I could see where Jack got his killer looks from.

“Morning,” I replied.

“Are you hungry?” she asked.

I hadn't eaten since I'd gone to First Beach with Jack, so I was starving. “Yes, actually,” I answered.

Soon enough, she whipped up a batch of pancakes. I had just cut into my first one when Jack stumbled out of the hallway. He was just wearing flannel jammie pants, and he looked like he was still half asleep.

“Those pancakes smell so good right now,” he yawned.

It took me a second to respond. I was much too busy looking at his perfectly sculpted torso to think at a very fast pace.

“They sure taste good!” I said once I gained my rational thought again.
He took a seat at the table and piled a stack of pancakes onto his plate. His mom took a seat and helped herself to some of her fantastic cooking.

“How is school, Axelle?” she asked.

“It's okay. Everything got a whole lot more exciting a few days ago, though,” I smiled.

Jack laughed. “I am pretty exciting, if I say so myself,” he boasted. He flexed, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was still shirtless... and still very, very attractive.

“You got that from me,” said his mom in a mock- arrogant voice, crossing her arms and examining her nails.

We were interrupted by a huge yawn.

“Morning, Babe!” called Julie.

“Hey, hot stuff,” replied Jacob.

Jack shuddered. “Eww... old people flirting.”

“Tell me about it,” I whispered back.

“Hey, I'm not that old,” said Julie.

“I don't think you're old,” said Jake. He grabbed a plate and filled it with even more pancakes than Jack did. It was a wonder that neither of them weighed a million pounds.

“So, I figured we could drive to Port Angeles today. They have a new restaurant. Well, old restaurant. It was closed for a whole bunch of years, but they just reopened it,” suggested Jack between mouthfuls.

“That sounds like a great idea. I think... I think I might stop by my uncle's house before we go, though,” I said, swirling the syrup around my plate with my fork. I needed to talk to someone, just to get some things off of my chest. I knew that Jack wouldn't ask any questions. “They have clothes for me over there, too.” New clothes would be nice, not that I wasn't enjoying Jack's. They smelled fantastic.

“Alright. Do what you have to do,” smiled Jack. “And thank you, Mother, for such a wonderful breakfast. Beats toaster waffles by a mile!”

“I feed you more than toaster waffles!” exclaimed Julie.

“Oh, toaster french toast, too,” amended Jack.

A few minutes later, I was dressed in my clothes from yesterday and Jack was driving me to the family house.

“You might not get what I'm talking to my uncle about,” I said. I honestly didn't know how I was going to broach the subject with Jack standing right there.

Jack nodded. “You don't have to explain. You can tell me whenever you want to, if at all. There are some things that need to be kept private, I understand,” he said. He grabbed my hand.

“Turn here,” I whispered. I was getting increasingly nervous as the trees flew by. Jack frowned, but kept his mouth shut. He pulled to a stop in front of the house.

I took a deep breath. “My uncle looks young, my aunt looks young, my entire family looks very... youthful,” I explained.

“Okay,” he said. He got out and opened my door for me.

“My uncle probably will not enjoy you, but it's only because we're seeing each other, just a warning,” I said. I didn't want him to be caught off guard.

“It's not problem. I'll be fine,” he assured me.

I sighed and opened the front door.

“It's me!” I called.

Uncle Emmett appeared at the top of the stairs. “Hi, Axy,” he sighed. He sounded so childlike, I missed him. I was only physically away from him for a few hours, but it was the emotional parting that left me sad. I never had a spat with my uncle.

“Hi, Unc,” I replied quietly.

He came down the stairs, eying Jack. When he got to me, he stopped and raised an eyebrow.

“Uncle Emmett, this is Jack. Jack, this is Uncle Emmett,” I said, gesturing to each of them.

My uncle extended his hand, Jack shook it. “Nice to meet you,” said Jack, smiling politely.

Uncle Emmett grunted a greeting. I rolled my eyes.

Rosalie came out of the kitchen, a car magazine in hand. I introduced her to Jack, she was even less polite than Emmett was. It was then that I heard honking outside. A minute later, Uncle Edward opened the door. He looked livid.

“Axelle, a word?” he asked. I was shocked. If anything, I was the one who should be livid, not him.

“Unc, show Jack your movie collection. I want him in once piece when I return,” I warned. He nodded.

Edward took me into his old room. My mom, dad, and Grandpa Carlisle were sitting there.

“Sit,” said my dad.

I took a seat on the ground. The rest of them were seated on the couch.
“You ran out before you gave us a chance to explain. Perhaps if you would have stayed a little longer, you would have learned what we really are all about,” said my dad, controlling his tone. He was angry. The entire couch full of people was angry.

“Perhaps you could have told me you were bloodsucking fiends, eh?” I asked.

“We don't kill people, Axelle,” said my mom. It was one of the few times that I'd ever heard her sharp with me.

“What do you do then?” I asked. Vampires drank blood, it's just what they did. You couldn't say you were a vampire and then not eat people. It just didn't work.

“We hunt animals,” answered Carlisle.

“Why didn't you tell me? You have lied to me for years. Years! I thought family shared everything with each other. I think I was definitely mature enough to know before now.” I was trying hard to keep my composure.

“We didn't tell you because finding out your family is full of mythical creatures takes a little more than just maturity to handle,” said Uncle Edward.

I sighed. “Look, I won't be mad, just please explain everything to me, okay? When I get home, promise you'll explain,” I said.

“When you get home?” asked my dad.

“Yeah... I kind of have a bit of a date today,” I explained.

“Oh, with that Jack,” snarled my dad.

“Hey, you don't even know him!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, okay. Have fun on your date,” sighed my dad. He was done talking to me, I could tell.

I got up and left the room, my brain reeling. My parents were vampires, and I had actually accepted it. If I thought I was weird before, it was nothing to what I thought now. Sure, I didn't listen to the same music, wear the same clothes, or flaunt my goods out for everyone to see like the other kids did, but they fact that my parents weren't even human made me feel all the more alienated.

I changed into a new pair of clothes and rescued Jack from my uncle. I was determined to make this day a good one, no matter what happened.