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Goddess or Freak?

Rembrance isn't sure if she is a goddess or freak. Her outstanding beauty and talent makes her special and interesting. But her other qualities such as purple shadow like bruises under her eyes and the pale skin makes her weird. Rembrance sets out on a quest to find out about her past and who her parents are. Now she will learn a little more about herself then she would ever wish to know. THe 5th chapter is on it's way! Mem won't be able to avoid danger for very long... Reviews are very much appreciated! GOOD OR BAD!

This was a story idea I had thought of during a drive back from one of my swim meet. I thought bringing in a new character would be fun along with bringing back some old ones, wanted or not.*Wicked glint in eyes*. Hope you enjoy! ~DarkAngel

2. Nightmare

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There was a loud scream that pierced the night air. It had been a long three days but the transformation would soon be over. They were all ready to move and would be as good as gone as soon as she awakened. She tossed and turned, breaking into a cold sweat.

Her whole body thrashed and then was still. She sat straight up, her back taught. Although she was thirstry they had to go. The wind rushed past their faces as they ran and the trees flew by in insignificent blurs. There were werewolf howls getting closer from a distance.

Though the girl was now a vampire she was still weak so he carried her through the forest all the while gaining speed. " Edwar.." she said faintly.

"Yes my love, don't worry it will be okay." he replied. But as he said this the pack of werewolves circled the vampires.

The russet one was not the leader yet he showed dominence over the pack. His eyes were filled wih disgust and hatred. Even in his wolf form he shook and trembled all over. Edward layed Bella gently down on the ground and the wolf leaped at him.

"Nooo!" Bella cried. Then they noticed it, her crimson eyes were dripping bloody tears.

At that lightning struck the forest floor in a flicker of light, the forest going ablaze with flames.

The dark hairede girl threw herself at the wolf leaving Edward crippled on the ground. Bella rushed to his side with her newfound vampire speed.

"Edward!" she cried. Her eyes flickered with fury. She let out a roar that shook the forest.

She whipped her body around to face the combating werewoles and vampires.

Bella's eyes glowed with hate. There was another streak of light and the werewolves were surrounded by a circle of flames.

They knew it had come from Bella and she gave them all a dark smile.