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Goddess or Freak?

Rembrance isn't sure if she is a goddess or freak. Her outstanding beauty and talent makes her special and interesting. But her other qualities such as purple shadow like bruises under her eyes and the pale skin makes her weird. Rembrance sets out on a quest to find out about her past and who her parents are. Now she will learn a little more about herself then she would ever wish to know. THe 5th chapter is on it's way! Mem won't be able to avoid danger for very long... Reviews are very much appreciated! GOOD OR BAD!

This was a story idea I had thought of during a drive back from one of my swim meet. I thought bringing in a new character would be fun along with bringing back some old ones, wanted or not.*Wicked glint in eyes*. Hope you enjoy! ~DarkAngel

3. Aaron

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I woke up to my own blood curdling scream. Sitting straight up I cradled my head in my hands and began to cry.

It was just a dream, it was just a dream. I repeated over and over in my head trying to convince myself.

Wait that's not the right term, try nightmare.

I was lucky that Charlie wasn't here to see me like this, instead he was at the Black's. If he had been I would be taking a little trip to the "doctor" to get my brain checked for any traumatizing events in my past life.

Once I had told Charlie about one of my nightmares. Bella was standing on the edge of a cliff in La Push, the angry waves crashing below her.

She looked so serene but then she jumped. I made the grand mistake of telling Charlie that it appeared that she was enjoying it. The last thing I saw before I woke up was the look of panic and fear on her face before the darkness consumed her.

Charlie's face had been twisted in many emotions including anger, sadness, regret, and confusion. This shook him so bad that he had threatened to ship me to Jacksonville to live with Renee, his ex wife.

I dropped it but later asked Jacob about it who told me that Bella had truely jumped off a cliff and if not for him would've met a watery grave.

I could've sworn I heard him mumble"...not that it helped." what was that suppose to mean?

The nightmares continued, they were all so different yet they were completely the same.

My eyes scanned the alarm clock"CRAP!" I was already late!

I stumbled out of bed, blindly searching for the light switch. The light flickered on and I threw on a dark blue blouse with a pair of light blue jeans.

Swiping a brush through my hair I headed downstairs to the kitchen.

I grabbed a granola bar(not that I was that hungry) and slinging my backpack over my shoulders I raced to my car which was a shiny, midnight black Volvo.

What can I say? I like exspensive cars, or at least ones that are exspensive to Forks.

Speeding down the street to school I kept my eyes glued to the road not wanting to be reminded that I was going like 90 mph.

As I reached my destination I noticed a car as conspicious as mine, it was a silver Volvo flaunting itself in the parking lot.

Hey, some people have good taste.

I walked into school with my head held high, who cared if I was a little late?

The morning passd by in a blur, so quickly that I barely noticed anthing or anyone, even my teachers.

But that doesn't mean they didn't notice me. Through all my classes I could feel the weight of my classmates' stares. You'd think that after living here all my life people would get used to me, guess not.

All morning I heard of a boy named Aaron who sounded interesting. But then again just because he was gossip material didnt mean that he wasn't just another dumb jock, like Jason Smith.

On my way to Biology I passed by him and he did a doulbe take on me. He nearly ran into the next locker! I chuckled darkly to myself, like I said stupid jocks.

I walked into Biology ad the last seat was next to whom I assumed to be Aaron. As I sat down he watched me with curious yet cautious eyes.

Aaron was on the tall side with a bit of muscle. He had messy dark brown hair that had natural golden highlights. His eyes were intense and fit in with his look, they were a golden honey color almost Topaz.

He was smart and athletic yet I didn't feel attached to him in the romantic butterflies-in-my-stomach-when-I see-him way.

But that was more than I could say for all the drooling, starry eyed girls in the room.

My instints told me that he was dangerous and strange, and to shy away.

How would I know that?

We were assigned to read from our textbooks which I happily did and finished about a second before Aaron.

He looked up from his book but when our eyes met he jumped back, startled. I chuckled, I've never had that reaction from a boy before. I suppose there's a first for everthing.

"Did I startle you?" I asked mockingly.

" No, it's just your..your eyes they were brown and now they're like gold."

I gave him a look that said You're Crazy even though I knew that my eyes changed colors.

" I could say the same about you except they were that way when I walked in." he laughed.

" What's your name?" he asked, his voice has a wonderful melodic edge to it.

"Rembrance but you can call me Mem," I replied.

" And your last name?"

" I don't have one or at least one that I know of."

"How so?" he asked with evident curiousity in his voice.

" The stork decided to drop me off on Charlie's doorstep and I've lived with him all my life. I'm more or less an orphan," I explained.

There was a short silence before I spoke again,"So, what's your last name?"

He gave me a sheepish grin and I knew he wasn't going to tell. So that's how he's going to play it?!

"What brings you to the small, dreary town of Forks, Washington?" I questioned.

"Well I guess it was mostly out of curiousity. I've heard so much about it from my family that I wanted to check it out. My parents were extremely reluctant, especially my father but my aunt convinced them that it was okay. So now I'm held personally responsible for any mayhem, chaos, or destruction that happens while I'm here."

I wasn't exactly follwing so I let the last part slide. The bell rang and I realized that we had spent the ending leture talking.

I scrambled to get my books and prepared for my next class, lunch.

I could see Aaron catching up to me.

"Hey, do you want to sit with me at lunch?" he said, his breathing was perfectly normal. Not how it should be after running down 5 hallways.

" Sure, it's not like I have any friends I'm obliged to sit by." I stated.

"Why not" Aaron asked. Why not! What kind of question was that!

" Let's see..." I paused looking for the right word. " "I'm weird" I said with a matter-of-fact tone.

"That must mean I am too." his playful laughter echoed throughout the halls.

Aaron put his hand on my shoulder in a comforting gesture but it was anything but that. His skin was as cold as ice and it felt as if I had been zapped.,

Images and experiences ran through my head like a movie. Except with those things it doesn't feel as if your head is going to explode.

I stopped dead in my tracks barely noticing, only concentrating on the pictures and pain.

" You can never tell anyone aout us, that is the only rule." a wise man said, about in his thirties. "I understand" the young boy vowed. They were in a magnificent mansion. The walls were lined with art and photographs, and every room was decorated with a medievel style. Yet the house seemed to be clouded with only tension and sorrow.

Abruptly the slidshow changed.

The same boy, about 11 was now in a crouching stance in the middle of a forest. As soon as an elk was in view the boy pounced, sinking his deadly fangs into it's flesh. After draining the deer the boy looked up with hungry black eyes melting to a piercing gold.

Aaron took his arm off of me and I was yanked away from my visions. " Mem, Mem?!" his anxious voice asked, " Are you okay?"

" Yeah I'm fine," I lied, my voice was a little shaky.

"What happened?" he persisted.

" I honesly don't know." that was the whole truth. He didn't seem satisfied with my answer but that was just too bad.

We walked to the cafateria in a comfortable silence. I wasn't too hungry, I had lost the little appeitete I usually have so I just got a bottle of lemonade.

Strangely Aaron didn't get anything and when I asked him he just said he wasn't hungry and laughed as if enjoying an inside joke.

This whole day seemed like deja vu.

During lunch we talked a lot about just ourselves in general, trying to get to know each other. Not that it helped as much as it should.

Sometimes Aaron wouldn't respond to a question I asked or he cut out vital information. This drove me crazy.

So I decided to made it just as hard for him by doing the same thing.

I didn't see Aaron much after lunch. When I did see him we didn't have a chance to talk or didn't have anything to talk about, our silences were like little private conversations of their own.

We walked to the parking lot only to find a backed up line of cars."Crap," I said " Just my luck." My car was blocked off by the line of cars.

" Just taking a wild guess is your car the black Volvo?"

"How'd you know?" I asked dryly.

"Because it's right next to mine."

So he was the shiny, silver Volvo owner. Imagine that?

" I don't think we're going anywhere" I stated unneccessarily, I think he could've already guessed that.

"We can walk," Aaron suggested, I agreed.

" So, do you live 'round these parts." I asked using my best cowboy accent.

" Over the river and through the woods,"

"Hey, that's only for Grandma!" I said feeling cheated of an original answer.

"Not neccessarily" We were now walking along the forest and the road. I favored the silence, I had a plan coming to mind.

" Okay," I started, " If I tell you my last name, or well Charlie's will you tell me yours?" I gave him a smoldering look. He seemed to be contemplating the dangers of telling me and not telling me.

"Sure," he finally responded, " On the count of 3, ready? 1..2...3!"



We stared at each other in disbelief and shock. No one dared to say anything. Was Bella his mother? And why was he staring at me, it's not like that's my real last name, was it?

" HOLY CRAP, YOU'RE MY SISTER!" did he just say that? How does he know? Oooppss, things were about to get really complicated.