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Goddess or Freak?

Rembrance isn't sure if she is a goddess or freak. Her outstanding beauty and talent makes her special and interesting. But her other qualities such as purple shadow like bruises under her eyes and the pale skin makes her weird. Rembrance sets out on a quest to find out about her past and who her parents are. Now she will learn a little more about herself then she would ever wish to know. THe 5th chapter is on it's way! Mem won't be able to avoid danger for very long... Reviews are very much appreciated! GOOD OR BAD!

This was a story idea I had thought of during a drive back from one of my swim meet. I thought bringing in a new character would be fun along with bringing back some old ones, wanted or not.*Wicked glint in eyes*. Hope you enjoy! ~DarkAngel

4. Family and Truth

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"What?!" I practically yelled, startled... That was definitely not where my train of thought had been going.

More like, Edward Culled had a son!! And, who the heck is the mother!! Though I already had my own idea.

"Crap," I heard Aaron mumble, barely audible, “I said too much." He was pinching the bridge of his nose in obvious frustration, eyes closed.

Who knows? I could be his sister, I could be a Cullen. I thought. Oh my gosh, I couldn't digest this. Deep breaths, in and out, in and out. I commanded myself.

My legs turned to Jell-O so I slowly lowered myself to the ground. I rubbed my temples in an effort to calm my growing headache.

“Why didn't Alice see this?" Aaron asked himself...again.

"Would you quit talking to yourself?! And what do you mean I'm your sister? And how would you know?" as soon as those words left my mouth I realized how stupid I sounded.

Of course he would know because his parents would tell him. Aaron looked at me with a puzzled expression.

“I should let Carlisle explain everything but since I've already fallen through the ice I guess I'll tell you the main points,"

I was about cut in with another question when he held up his finger, silencing me,"Our," he stretched out the word, “parents had to give you up for your own safety. Our parents are Edward Cullen and... Bella Swan, I'm sure you've heard about them.

It's my own fault that that I let the truth slip but there was something peculiar about you and I figured that we would eventually come to take you in as our own.

You see, you have so many vampire qualities like us yet you are so human."He stopped briefly to gauge my reaction which was only a bit surprised.

Only surprised that my nightmares had proved to be true, the Cullen’s were vampires. How could I be a vampire though?All of the sudden Aaron was on his feet and walking off towards the forest, did I miss something?

“Are you coming?" he said impatient.I ran to catch up to him. Once I tried to ask where we were going but he had just ignored me.

I gave up and folded my hands across my chest, frustrated.We walked in silence, the only sound was the crunching of leaves under our feet and each others even breathing.

I tried to keep my mind blank but I couldn't help but wonder what Bella and Edward would be like. It was like a dream come true, only when I think of dreams they're not always as confusing as this.

I was pulled away from my thoughts by the distant sound of rushing water from a creek or stream. There lay in front of me in the small clearing, a magnificent Victorian house.

Aaron led me into the house quietly; if anyone had been there they weren't showing. Aaron fidgeted with his fingers anxiously, stalling.

He then let out an ear splitting whistle right in my ear."Oww...” I mumbled pathetically."Sorry," he said.

All of the sudden there were 6 people standing in front of us.They were all extremely beautiful with pale skin and pitch black eyes. They're moves were so graceful that I couldn't help but gawk.

All the while they were gawking at me, for what reason I do not know. The older man with bronze hair started towards me, he seemed to be the head of the house.

“Hello, my name is Doctor Carlisle Cullen but you can just call me Carlisle," he said in a friendly voice that lightened the atmosphere a little but I caught him giving Aaron a questioning glance.

“I’m Rembrance but you can call me Mem," I said in a bolder voice than I had expected. Their perfection made me feel small and insignificant.

They gasped but Carlisle kept his composure. One other person hadn't been surprised, the pixie-like girl with spiky black hair.

She even had a smirk on her face.That's when it hit me, I knew all these people. They were always the ones in my nightmares.

And that had been Alice. Aaron seemed impatient finally yelled defensively, “I screwed up, okay! It just accidentally slipped out besides, no one told me that I was going to meet my sister!"

"If you don't mind I would like to some tests on you," Carlisle asked completely ignoring Aaron's outburst, I simply nodded.

He gave me a reassuring smile and led me to his office. He did all sorts of tests on me, most of them I didn't know. Taking my temperature and testing my heartbeat were the only ones I understood.

When he had finished he just stood there staring at me intently with a puzzled look on his face.“I have something to tell you that might be a bit shocking," Carlisle warned."

Hhmm...” was my only response. He probably thought I was brain dead and couldn't talk or something.“

I think you are a vampire. But the thing is you are human also because you are lacking some of the vampire qualities and you don't drink blood. It makes sense since Bella was still human at the time."

“Aaron did mention something about vampires." I replied.Carlisle gave me another warm smile,

“Welcome to the family then."I was ecstatic and when I entered the living room where everyone was sitting Alice gave me a huge hug followed by a bear hug from Emmett.

I already felt like family but something was missing. Where were Bella and Edward?

There was a gust wind and at unnatural speed two figures were standing in front of me. Suddenly I was enveloped in a loving embrace by my long lost parents, who were breaking into tearless sobs.

It felt amazing to know that I was here and my family loved me. The comforting hug then turned into something terrifying.

'No, no this can't be happening' A familiar wave of agony washed over me as I relived the now raging experiences in my head.

The icy skin beneath me burned and my head was being crushed by weight of a ton of bricks. The burning sensation only grew and I dropped to floor writhing in pain.

Bella's POV I was laying on the floor of my room wallowing in self pity looking through photo albums. Why did I have to leave her?

Sure I had albums and Edward to remind me of the memories of my human life but what did Rembrance have? Nothing.

She has no idea who she is and never will. But it's for the best, she deserves a life. Great, now I sound like how Edward would talk about me.

There was an extremely loud whistle that hurt my sensitive ears. Why couldn't Aaron just call us down like normal people? Did we look like dogs? Right, we're not normal. An unfamiliar scent crashed into me, it was human...I think.

I decided it would be best for me to stay up here and just listen to the conversation. "...no one told I was going to meet my sister!" I heard Aaron yell. Oh My God, she's here.

This is why I didn't want to come back! I knew our past was going to catch up with us! The odds are always stacked up against us as Edward would say.

Great, in my time of need Edward was out hunting. I watched as Edward silently crept in through the window.

There was pain in his butterscotch eyes. He held me as I cried, once in a while a few red tears would escape but I didn't care.

We listened as Mem went to be tested by Carlisle. I walked over to the balcony outside of our room to see Mem walk right into Alice's arms.

I wanted to see her, I wanted to hold her, she was a long lost friend.I had always thought it was like losing a possible best friend which had hurt.

Grabbing Edward I ran downstairs and we embraced Mem. We both started crying again and she hugged us back, obviously knowing who we were.

Suddenly her body became rigid and to my horror she collapsed on the ground, edging near unconciousness.

Mem's POV There was the vague sound of voices in the background but all I noticed was the pain.

"Mem, Mem are you alright?"

"Let go of her!"

The voices weren't theirs but they only mixed as two, Bella and Edward's. It was horrible.

There was so much heartbreak, sorrow, betrayal, and pain.

Only in the moments of passion and love did the agony subside only to start up again at the next memory.

By now tears streaked my face and I was letting out tortured screams. Once the final experience ended I just lay there, paralyzed.

Someone carefully cradled me in her arms. Her wonderfully sweet motherly smell told me it was Esme. Emmett spoke up first,

"What the hell just happened?!" Out of the corner of my eye I could see everyone giving him dagger looks but he seemed oblivious.

“Something like this happened in the hall when I touched her shoulder except she didn't curl up and die that time." Aaron added.

Taking a deep breath I sat up and prepared for their reactions.“I don't exactly understand what happened, it's just one minute I feel all fine and dandy and the next I'm in pain. But there were also images going through my head but it was more like short clips starring the person who touched me. Some of them were familiar from my nightmares."

I explained.There was short silence while they contemplated what I had just said.

“You can see other people's past," Alice stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I think that it happens the same way as seeing the future only you're forced to see it. I think that you felt all that pain because you didn't exactly choose the best pasts to visit. The reason I don't feel any pain when seeing the future is because the event hasn't happened yet so those emotions might not even happen."

I was speechless; I didn't know vampires had abilities. A little voice inside my head was screaming you're crazy and another that was telling me to wield my power happily.

I chose the second. Carlisle spoke up, " Mem, how old did you say you were?"

“Um, 16," I said uncertain.

“I read once about humans who were part vampire and it appears that you will eventually grow into one."

I saw Edward's jaw visibly tighten. Apparently he didn't like that idea. "It will happen once you turn 17," he continued, “On the first full moon of that month."

Okay now I was confused, "But in all the myths and stuff werewolves are supposed to show themselves on a full moon," I challenged.

He sighed, “If you didn't already know vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies. All vampires are their strongest at a full moon so that they are able to fight the werewolves."

Okay clear as mud.“I have to warn you though that you will become an extremely strong vampire and acquire various powers. The werewolves will want to stop you before you become too strong and other vampires will see you as a threat.

Even the Voturi if you're not on their side."

“Oh," was all I could manage.“I guess fame runs in the family," I said light heartedly. Everyone understood and they laughed, Bella's cheeks even grew a little pink.

Bella passed all the danger onto me, oh well.“I say we celebrate!" Emmett boasted,"It's not everyday we get to meet our niece"

I grinned “Yeah, so what do want to do?" It was Rosalie and Alice's turn to grin, very mischievous. Bella gave me a look of sympathy that quickly turned cheerful.

Before I could argue they had all grabbed me and were carrying me up the stairs at inhuman speeds.I had always loved make up but wasn't so keen on the subject of clothes.

So getting a makeover by them would be great.

The entire vampire and werewolf and everyone wanting to kill me thoughts were pushed to the back of my mind as soon as they opened Rosalie's closet.