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Ensuing Eclipse

It's basically my own version of Breaking Dawn. Bella and Edward telling Charlie through her being turned into a vampire. This is my first attempt at writing Twilight fanfiction, but hopefully, it'll be okay.


2. alone.

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The last few days had been absolutely amazing. Edward had kept her mind rather busy and off the unfortunate event that had occurred earlier in the week. Edward hadn't left her side, except for when she had to attend to her human needs. However...

If there was one thing that Isabella Swan hated almost as much as she hated being without Edward, it was shopping. Today, Alice insisted that she faced both. Alice wanted to take Bella shopping without Edward.

"Please Bella, without Edward?" Alice begged, as Edward's low growl could be heard from upstairs.

Alice looked so happy, her sister looked happy at the thought of going shopping and she knew that Alice could very well keep Bella from killing herself. She couldn't tell Alice no, she mumbled, "Okay.." Edward wasn't happy with the decision, but reluctantly he gave him.

A soft sigh escaped his perfect lips after pulling away from Bella's, "I guess I'll go hunting with Emmett and Carlisle.." He said, as he rested his face in her hair.

Alice was calling for Bella from downstairs, "Bella! Come on!"

Edward and Bella stared into each others eyes for a moment. Their eyes spoke the words that a normal couple would say before parting, there was no need for Bella and Edward to speak. They knew of their love for one another and with that, he'd push her towards the door.

"Go now, so you'll be in my arms sooner." He said, smiling that crooked smile that Bella loved.

Bella smiled as she turned and left his room, at the bottom of the stairs waited an eager Alice, "Are you ready yet?" She said, her eyes scanning Bella's face, she was smiling. Smiling because she was thinking of Edward, not because she was looking forward to the upcoming shopping trip. Alice, however, didn't know the difference and Bella didn't think it'd be nice to explain that fact to her.

"I see you're not unhappy to be off shopping with me!" She said, as they got into Carlisle's black Mercedes, the yellow Porsche would probably be a bit much for a trip to Seatle. Bella shook her head, "Not at all."

Alice, much like the rest of the Cullens, drove unusually fast and stayed perfectly within the lines of the road. Bella didn't object to her speed because she knew the faster they got there and the quicker they got whatever they were shopping for, she could return to Edward. Then she thought about it..

"Alice, why are we going shopping?" She said, curiously. Alice looked at her, taking her eyes off the road, "Well, you're going to need new clothes for your honeymoon!" Alice's lips drew to a perfect smirk. Bella's eyes widened a little bit.

"Clothes...?" If Bella was correct about what Alice was thinking, she wanted Bella to pick out lingerie to wear for Edward. However, that would be rather silly. Bella wouldn't do something like that, not knowing whether or not it was going to work.

"Well, Bella, you need something to wear on your wedding night!" Her eyes twinkled as they looked back towards the road, and Bella shook her head.

"Alice, I'm not buying anything like that..." She said, frowning. "There's no proof that he'll even-- that we'll even be able to.." Her voiced trailed off, her eyes falling to her hands that were fidgeting in her lap.

Alice could sense that even thinking about that made Bella feel very insecure. As Bella had always been so quick to mention, she didn't have the alluring beauty that vampires had. Though, not one of the Cullens thought Bella was anything less than beautiful, afterall, she could look past their abnormality.

"Okay, so-- we'll just get you a few new outfits to wear while you're on your honeymoon in.." She trailed off, she had absolutely no idea where they were going. "Where are you two going for your honeymoon?" Alice asked suddenly plagued by curiosity.

Bella sighed in frustration, "He won't tell me!"

Alice laughed. They were now pulling into one of the largest malls that Bella had ever seen. She looked to Alice. Oh, she was in for it today.

Twelve stores later, and only God knows how much money later, Bella and Alice emerged from the mall with more than just clothes for themselves. Bella had also picked Edward out a few things for their honeymoon, and Alice had picked Jasper out a few new things. Where they managed to put all of it was a mystery to Bella, but after it had all be stowed away in the trunk and in the backseat, Alice pulled out of the parking lot.

They mainly kept to small talk about the wedding. She wanted Bella to help her pick out the centerpieces and small things that mattered. She also was curious as to what type of flower Bella wanted in her boquet. That was a good question.

"I'm not really sure. I'd like Edward to help make the decisions as well, if that's okay with you?" Alice nodded. They were nearly back to the Cullens.

"I also need you to try on your wedding dress, when you can pry yourself away from Edward. We have to make sure it's sized perfectly and such." Bella was quite happy with Alice's choice of the dress, it was perfect. It was absolutely perfect for them.

They pulled into the garage and almost instantly, Edward was there. She couldn't even open her own door, he was already there. His arms wrapped around her instantly, his warm butterscotch colored eyes pierced hers. He smiled that smile she adored, "Did you have fun?" And honestly, Bella couldn't say it had been that bad.

"Well, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." Alice was unloading the car and separating everything. Putting the bags of Bella's things in Edward's room and her things in the room she shared with Jasper. Bella hadn't seen Jasper in a few days, she was sure he kept busy. Her presence couldn't be very easy for him, as he was the newest to the Cullen's vegetarian ways.

Alice was already halfway done by the time Edward had led Bella into the house. He walked behind her, his arms wrapped around her tightly as he whispered into her ear, "I missed you." She smiled and nodded, "I missed you too." She noticed Rosalie sitting on the couch and frowned as Rosalie looked like she hated Bella more than ever.

Edward announced that they would be going to his room, and then pulled her up into his arms. "I can walk, Edward."

Edward smirked, "I didn't know if the shopping trip had exhausted you." He practically leaped up the stairs and laid her down on his bed. His hand caressing her cheek before he laid next to her. He propped himself up on his elbow as he looked down at her.

She sighed and reluctantly began, "Edward, there's something I've got to do..." She paused and looked up at his face, "alone and you're not going to like it." His mind wandered.