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Mirror and Rose

A poem on comparing Bella and Edward's love to two other objects. Photobucket

Alright, I wrote this poem a few months ago but I never really saw the connection it made to the series until now.

1. Chapter 1

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A glistening mirror
Made of the most sharpest glass to blame
A bleeding rose
Made of the brightest flame
Struck together in the heart of the moonlight
For all eternity to glow

Weeds grow long
Love grows strong
Intertwined with the mirror and rose
Light draws on
As night lures nearer
Witching hour is clearer

Blood runs thick
As ties are broken
Severed, and brutally spoken
By the love that once shined with bright
The moons ceases to light
As all is forgotten in the time of the mirror
And the rose

Centuries pass in a flash
Time ceases to matter for those objects of ash
In the heat of passion
The glass shatters
Shards fly round in the skies
One lives, one dies
The circle of life

Without the love of another
The rose begins
To grow thin
Withers as petals droop
Nothing matters
As the last leaflet falls
And the love that once blossomed
Is forgotten by all