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About Time

“This is where I’ll leave you.” spoke his musical voice into the night air. He gave his creation one last hug before leaving her to embrace her new life. She watched as his tall shadow melted into the dark Italian sky. Finally, a story staring Marcus of the Volturi as the main (and happy) character! NOT OOC! FINAL CHAPTER UP! Warning: may contain spoilers for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer and therefore don't own the books. I'm just an addicted fan who likes to play with her characters =D


11. Practice Makes Perfect

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“Ring, ring!”

“I’ll get it!” Esme crossed the room to answer the phone with a perplexed expression on her face. No one ever called, much less at five in the morning.


“There’s been a slight adjustment in my plans for the battle.” came the breathy response from the other end. “Instead of ten, let’s make it five.”

“Five what? Who is this?” Esme knew who it was, but her conscious shied away from the fact that a killer was on the phone.

“Five vampires. No more, otherwise I’ll let my group rampage your town, and I know you don’t want that to happen.” Without any further explanation, the phone cut off, humming shrilly in her ear.

“Everyone! Dining room, now!”

The whole group gathered in the dining room to discuss the new adjustment and try to work their way around it. In the end, it worked out perfectly. Jasper was voted into the five for his battle experience, Emmett, for his size and strength, Edward for his ability and speediness, Marcus for his thousands of years of knowledge about war, and Evangelina, because she wouldn’t have it any other way.

They all hopped into Emmett’s Wrangler to go train a bit before the actual battle took place. The other Cullens were out hunting and Carlisle was at the hospital. The five vampires were headed toward a section of the road where they could park and then easily run to a large clearing. The day after tomorrow, the battle would be taking place and Eve needed to master all of her powers before that.

They made it to the clearing in no time thanks to their vampire speed. It was strangely sunny out, and once away from human eyes, the vampires shed their uncomfortable sweaters and let the sun bounce off them. Eve noticed that Marcus skin, like hers, glittered more than the others’ in the sun. It probably had something to do with how much paler they were than normal vampires.

Eve had on a plain white tank top and a pair of cut offs. Neither of which she would care much about if they got destroyed by mud and grass stains. All the guys were dressed in mess-around shorts.

“Alright Eve, why don’t we practice on strengthening your newest power first?” suggested Jasper in a leader-like manner.

“Okay, I’ll try it on Edward first since he’ll notice the absence of his power the most.” Eve turned her attention to Edward and concentrated on erasing his power. Her eyes turned slightly silver, making a strange combination with the gold and red in them. “Is it working?”

“A bit. The thoughts aren’t as loud now and it’s harder to make out what anyone’s thinking, but I can still hear some of it.” he explained.

Eve’s eye brows drew together in concentration. “How about now?”

“Keep trying, I can still hear snippets of this and that.”

Her jaw clenched and she stopped breathing. If she were human, Marcus thought, he’d be worried about her head exploding. After seven minutes of uninterrupted concentration, Eve’s eyes turned completely silver and the voices in Edward’s head ceased.

“Well done Eve!” Edward exclaimed, and Eve let out a sigh of victory. Most of her adapted powers came to her easily. However, she’d never been under stress to learn them.

“Let me try on Jasper now.” She took her attention off of Edward and turned to Jasper. After conquering the new power once, she found that it was much easier to do it now. After thirty seconds Jasper was freed from his obligation of always having to feel others emotions. At the same time though, Edward regained his ability to read their minds.

“Nicely done Eve, I think we may have a chance at this battle yet.” Jasper smiled encouragingly at her.

“I wouldn’t jump the gun. I can read all of your thoughts again.” stated Edward contrarily.

“I suppose we’ll have to keep up the training then. But in the mean time, why don’t we practice a little combat?” Jasper suggested. There’d be plenty of time at home for Eve to try and get her new ability down pat.

“That’s what I’m talking about!” roared Emmett.

“We’ll start off in pairs of two, Eve versus another.” Jasper declared.

Marcus stepped forward. Eve would easily take down one opponent; it would be no challenge for her at all and wouldn’t teach her anything. “If you don’t mind me objecting Jasper, I think that it would be better if she fought two at a time.” Marcus smiled at Eve and she could feel his confidence rolling off of him.

“Very well, if you think that she’s up for it. What do you say?” he asked Eve.

“Bring it on.” She motioned her hands, palms up, in an inviting wave, stepping into the middle of the clearing.

“Okay, who wants to fight her?” Emmett’s hand shot up in the air. “Why am I not surprised?” Jasper asked teasingly. “Alright then, Emmett and I will go first.”

Eve nodded, eager to battle with the two and test her strength. “We’re not going to go easy on you, just a warning.” Emmett added, stepping in front of Eve with a few yards separating them.

“I’d be angry if you did.” Eve crouched down in a predatory stance.

Jasper signaled for the battle to begin and they were off. Marcus and Edward moved under the trees at the edge of the clearing to give them space.

What Eve lacked for in size and strength, she made up for with complicated movements. Although she couldn’t run nearly as fast as them in long distance races because of her short legs, she easily dodged their charges. Emmett’s attacks were more up front, while Jasper was stealthy and waited for the perfect time to charge. After five minutes of dodging attack after attack, Eve surprised them both by leaping over Emmett and knocking straight into Jasper.

In the second that it took him to overcome his shock, Eve had used his chest as a push off surface and shot herself through the air at a confused Emmett. She landed on his back and bit down hard onto his neck, ripping his head clear off his shoulders. Before she could do any further damage, Jasper grabbed her from behind and flung her harshly to the ground.

A decapitated Emmett wandered around, flailing his arms around the ground in search of his head, causing Marcus and Edward to burst into a fit of laughter. While he searched, Eve rolled out of the way, avoiding Jaspers pounce. She righted herself and ran the other way, hopping to distance herself from him. Jasper’s long legs gave him an advantage, and he quickly caught up and flung her into a tree on the other side of the clearing.

Eve stood back up a little wobbly, and faced Jasper who was now heading her way. The impact of her slamming against the tree left a perfect cut-out of her shape deep in the trunk. Jasper flew through the air towards her, but she halted his attack in mid air. He dropped with a loud CRASH to the ground, writhing and crying out in pain.

As soon as he did, Eve rushed over to him, no longer causing him pain by means of Jane’s power. Jasper thought that she was going to attack him, but instead she collapsed at his side and started sobbing.

“Jasper, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to, I just reacted! Oh Jasper I’m so sorry!” she apologized with no end in sight, her body shaking violently with sobs. Jasper put a hand to her mouth, shushing her rapid apologies.

He chuckled. “Eve, it’s okay. No, it’s more than okay, it’s great! You used your power to take me down mid-attack. That was wonderful!” he encouraged her, easing her racking sobs with a wave of calm. Marcus was at her side the minute she began crying.

“Shhh, Eve, it’s fine. You did an amazing job just now. That’s exactly the kind of fighting that I want to see on the battle field. Understand?” She nodded, gaining control over her cries. Edward walked over and Emmett, finally finding his head, came to join them as well.

“I think it’s safe to assume that Eve would’ve won that round, wouldn’t you say?” asked Jasper, standing to brush the dirt from his shorts and chest.

“Does that mean that it’s our turn?” asked Edward eagerly, motioning to him and Marcus.

“If Eve’s up to it, then yes.”

“I think I’ll manage.” Eve replied sarcastically.

They prepared themselves again in the middle of the large clearing, only this time Marcus and Edward were in the middle while Jasper and Emmett hung out on the side lines. “Ready?” the boys asked.

“Yup.” Eve replied, stretching one last time before sinking into a battle stance again.

Edward advanced first, circling Eve slowly while Marcus circled her in the opposite direction. They looked like sharks swimming around a lone diver. Eve turned off Edward’s power for a second, using that time to fake a left and then quickly run right, escaping their enclosure.

She couldn’t keep up with keeping his power off yet though, and had to settle with reading both of their minds. Edward and Marcus were both prepared for this, and changed their thoughts quickly, making it hard for her to focus. Edward lunged at her and she made up her mind to trip him just before he hit her. He tumbled over her outstretched leg, and she pounced on him, forgetting for a moment about Marcus.

He charged at her and head-butted her side, flinging her light body off of Edward. She landed on her feet and just barely dodged another attack from Edward. They went on like this for awhile, dodging and attacking but never making much contact, until Eve decided to give it her all and unleashed Jane’s power on a clearly shocked Edward. He squirmed on the floor, his face frozen in pain, but never uttered a sound.

Marcus broke her concentration by jumping at her and pinning her to the ground. Eve grinned wickedly up at Marcus, deciding to end this battle once and for all. Just as he was bending his head to bite her neck, she sent a wave of passion through him, followed closely by lust.

Instead of biting her neck, he kissed it tenderly, a soft moan erupting in the back of his throat. Eve took advantage of his distractedness and rolled them over so she was on top. Once on top, she lowered her head and nipped delicately at his neck. Edward was just now coming to, and, noticing the scene in front of his, fell to the ground in laughter along with Emmett.

“Looks like she won again.” Jasper chuckled softly, a smile in the tone of his voice. Marcus flushed and stood up, deeply embarrassed that he could be wooed by her so easily. Eve leaned against his strong frame.

“Why don’t you three head home? We’ll catch up to you later.” she suggested, planting a passionate kiss on Marcus’s soft mouth and earning a cat call from Emmett. They Cullens obeyed and head back to the car, leaving the two lovers to bask together in the warmth of this oddly sunny day.

“Mmmm…let’s go back to the stream where we first confessed our love for each other.” spoke Marcus into Eve’s shining platinum hair. He lifted her into his arms and dashed through the forest, only stopping when they reached the peaceful meadow with the small stream running through it.

Eve stripped out of her dirty clothes and waded into the stream, sitting down so that it covered her up to her chest. She motioned for Marcus to follow her and he responded by quickly dropping his shorts and jumping into the water, splashing her in the process. Her exposed body was breath taking. It was a good thing that he didn’t need to breathe.

They rinsed the mud and dirt off of each other gently. When they were both spotless, like diamond statues in the sun, they spread out in the tall grass and huddled close together as the sun set over the mountains where they usually hunted, near the Goat Rocks Wilderness.

Exhausted from the training that day, Eve drifted into a comfortable slumber in the pale, protective arms of her lover. He let her sleep for a while, wanting to enjoy her dreams alone this time and reluctant to cover up her beautiful skin. Marcus willed himself to forget about the troubles that approached them at an outrageous pace, and focused instead on the steady rise and fall of his angel’s chest.

But, as we all know, what goes up, must come down.