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About Time

“This is where I’ll leave you.” spoke his musical voice into the night air. He gave his creation one last hug before leaving her to embrace her new life. She watched as his tall shadow melted into the dark Italian sky. Finally, a story staring Marcus of the Volturi as the main (and happy) character! NOT OOC! FINAL CHAPTER UP! Warning: may contain spoilers for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer and therefore don't own the books. I'm just an addicted fan who likes to play with her characters =D


14. Safety

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Evangelina woke up alone in her room at the Cullen’s house. She could hear hushed voices talking at crazy speeds downstairs and followed them. All of the Cullens were downstairs along with Marcus and Aiden. “Hey everyone, what’s going on? Have I been asleep long?” “Eve, I’m glad you’re awake!” called Carlisle, coming to stand by her. “Rex was a smart man. He never told anyone where he kept the Volturi members locked up. Not even Aiden or Ebony.” “Are you sure? Let me check.” She motioned Aiden over and he obeyed easily. Eve took hold of his hand and was instantly hit with suffering and confusion. “He’s telling the truth, Rex never told him or anyone else from what I can see.” “Do you have Dimitri’s power?” Jasper asked from the couch on the opposite side of the room. Eve nodded in response. “It’ll be a challenge, but we’ll find them. By the way, how is Jacob’s pack? Did they heal okay?” Eve asked. “Yes, they’re all alright. They fazed back into human form after the battle and Carlisle was able to reset their broken bones. They should be finishing the healing process right about now.” Bella answered. Even though Jacob and Bella didn’t get along that well anymore, she’d still been worried sick when his pack members got hurt. Eve nodded, content, and handed Carlisle a paper with her cell number on it. She headed toward the front door. “Eve, where are you going?” Marcus asked, stepping in front of her. “I’m going to Seattle, to hunt. I’ll need all the extra strength I can get. That night, when I seduced Rex into giving me his power, I read his past. There was nothing there about a place or prison where he locked them up. He must have them hidden extremely well or I would have seen it without a problem.” “Well, I’m coming with you.” Marcus turned to the Cullens and bowed. “Thank you for all of your help. Without it, the Volturi would be nothing. If there’s any way that we can repay you…” Carlisle shook his head. “It was an honor to help you in battle. If ever you need assistance again, you know where to find use.” Marcus smiled and bowed again. They turned to head out the door, but were stopped again. “Wait.” called Aiden. “Hmm?” “Can I…can I come with you?” he asked nervously, looking at the floor when he talked. Eve giggled. “Of course you can! Come on.” She waved him over and the three left with one last goodbye. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------~One week later~ “Here it is!” Eve called, jumping up and down in front of a wooden door leading to an underground chamber. Aiden and Marcus followed her down. It had taken a long time for them to find this place. It was hidden well, and Eve needed to stop and rest just about every day because of how much power it took to track them. Their travels had led them to Antarctica. “Aro!? Caius!? Is anyone down there?” Eve called into the darkness. “Evangelina! Is that you?! Over here!” choked out a voice that sounded like Aro’s. Eve ran into the darkness and Aiden helped by adding light with his fire. Aro, Caius, and the whole Volturi Guard were behind bars in the dark cave. Eve rushed forward and tried desperately to break them out, but the bars wouldn’t budge. They were made out of some special steel and were impossible to snap. “Aiden, Marcus, come here and help me!” she called. Aiden stepped forward and ordered all of the prisoners to back up as much as they could. When they were far enough away, he grabbed hold of two bars and tried hard to melt them with his fire. His jaw was clenched with the effort. “Everyone! Push on the bars!” Eve instructed. All twenty of the Volturi Guard pushed their full weight against the bars and after much effort and heating, they snapped. Marcus, Eve, and Aiden were tackled with hugs and thanks from the crowd. Aro stepped through the crowd and lifted Eve into a bone-crushing hug. She was afraid that if she returned it she’d crush Aro’s old body. That was the down side of his power, over time they made him more fragile than most vampires. “Evangelina, the Volturi can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done. I never thought I’d say this to anyone, but you’re like a daughter to me. I would be honored if you would join me, Marcus and Caius in ruling the Volturi.” He smiled down at her with glassy eyes. “I accept.” Eve glowed with happiness. “On two conditions.” she added. Aro tilted his head. “And what would those be?” “Me and Marcus get to feed off of animals rather than humans.” Aro nodded. “And Aiden gets a comfortable room and a spot in the Volturi Guard.” She indicated towards the red headed vampire who’d melted the bars. “I accept both of your conditions.” Aro chuckled. “Now come on, let’s get out of here. Eve, your cell phone please?” She handed it over to the old vampire and he dialed in an unknown number. “Antonio! So nice to talk to you again. Listen, I’m going to need a plane that can seat twenty-five….Sounds wonderful….Antarctica again, pick us up at the same spot you did last time when I vacationed here….Okay, thank you so much. There’ll be a hefty amount of money for you if you can get one here in a day….Okay, I’ll see you then.” He hung up the phone and led the group up and out of the tunnel and through the white abyss. They came to a small wooden shack and waited there until a large plane landed right in front only twelve hours later. The plane landed in Volterra the next day and everyone raced to get inside. Five of the Guard head out into the night to go and hunt for tourists. It’d been over a week since any of them had eaten. Eve showed Aiden to his room next. She gave him her old one, since she’d now be moving into Marcus’s room. Her bed had been replaced with a Jacuzzi for him to relax in. “Thank you Eve, I’m glad I stood up to Rex and his gang and joined you guys. I never knew that such a peaceful way of life was possible.” He smiled down at her and bent over to give her a tight hug. She hugged him back, hardly able to get her arms around his large form. He was even bigger than Emmett, if such a thing was possible. “You’re welcome Aiden. And thank you, without you we’d all be dead right now. If there’s anything else I can do for you, just ask.” “Actually, there is.” He stepped back to look at her, Aiden was still a newborn and looked like he had been changed around the age of sixteen. “I was wondering…if you wouldn’t mind, umm…never mind.” He shook his head and turned into his new room. Eve read his thoughts and found out what it was he wanted. “I’d be happy to take you in as my son, Aiden.” she whispered. He turned around, wide-eyed. “Really?” A huge smile lit up his young face. Eve nodded. “I’ll go talk about it with Marcus right now. Enjoy your new room.” She stood on her tip toes and kissed him lightly on the forehead. I hope Marcus is okay with this, she thought as she made her way to her new room with him.