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About Time

“This is where I’ll leave you.” spoke his musical voice into the night air. He gave his creation one last hug before leaving her to embrace her new life. She watched as his tall shadow melted into the dark Italian sky. Finally, a story staring Marcus of the Volturi as the main (and happy) character! NOT OOC! FINAL CHAPTER UP! Warning: may contain spoilers for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer and therefore don't own the books. I'm just an addicted fan who likes to play with her characters =D


6. What Fun

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Eve woke in the morning to find herself in a pair of marble arms. The first thought that ran through her mind was ‘How did Felix find me here?’ As she came to, however, she realized that this couldn’t be Felix lying beside her. There was something different about this embrace. It was softer, gentler, and friendlier. The arms themselves were paler, colder. Their soft, silky skin had been scarred by time and many battles. Much like Jasper’s arms, these too had half moon scars. She liked this hold and felt safe in it.

Slowly, she tilted her head up to find out who this mystery man was.

“Marcus?” she asked groggily. Marcus looked down to make sure that she was really awake this time.

“Yes?” His breath danced around her face. It had an unbearably sweet, peachy smell. It took her a moment to refocus, and remember what she’d wanted to ask him.

“What are you doing in my bed?” she asked a little harshly.

An amused chuckle escaped his lips. “Would you like me to leave?” She could almost hear the smile in his voice.

He started to untangle himself from her, and she quickly wrapped her arms tightly around his middle. “No!” she complained.

His chest shook with laughter as he put his arms around her once more. They stayed like that for a long while, each content beyond measure. Eve was the one to break this little moment of peace with a question.

“If you don’t mind me asking, what compelled you to lay with me?” She gazed into his eyes.

“I-I just, you know, felt like it.” he mumbled, shrugging and looking away from her.

He was lying, she could tell. “Tell me the truth.” she commanded. “If you don’t, I’ll just use Aro’s or Edward’s power, and find out for myself.” She pouted and looked at him, but he refused to meet her gaze.

“You promised not to look into my past thoughts for answers. Remember?” All the happiness had drained from his voice and it pained her to think that she was the reason for this.

The last thing Marcus wanted was for her to filter through his mind. If there was one thing that he was sure of, it was that he didn’t want anyone to ever have to see how much he’d suffered these past two thousand years. Plus he could never let her find out how he thought about her almost every second. Not to mention, he would be embarrassed to death if she happened to come across one of his…fantasies about her.

“Please tell me.” she begged.

He shook his head. He simply couldn’t bring himself to relive her outburst of fear last night.

“I won’t be mad at you.” What could possibly be so bad that he wouldn’t tell her? She thought. Would it embarrass him? Was that the reason? Of course it was. What else could it be?

He firmly shook his head once more, hopping that she would drop it.

Her eyes hardened and she scowled at him. “Fine, have it your way.” Her eyes turned silver and he quickly pushed her away.

“Alright. Alright, I’ll tell you.” She smiled and her eyes went back to red. He let out a long sigh and settled down next to her again.

“Last night,” he began. “You…well, you had a dream. More of a nightmare actually, from what I heard.” He closed his eyes; it hurt him to remember her like that.

“What do you mean ‘from what I heard’?” she questioned.

“You were talking in your sleep. Perfect sentences! For a moment, I was actually convinced that you had woken up.” He let out a dry laugh.

“What did I say?” she whispered, placing her hand gently on his forehead and smoothing out the creases that had appeared.

“You said that you were worried, that you didn’t want to lose me. You said I was everything to you and you wouldn’t let ‘them’ hurt me. You promised.”

“Them? Who’s them?”

“You didn’t say, but I thought about it all night. Do you remember seeing anything while you slept? Anything at all?”

She shook her head sadly, wishing that she knew who ‘they’ were.

He seemed to be able to read her thoughts. “Don’t worry, we’ll find out what you were talking about. You’re safe with me Eve. I won’t let anything hurt you. I promise.” He smiled, restating what she had said to him in her sleep. In one, graceful motion, he brushed a strand of her hair aside gently. She smiled and closed her eyes, reveling in his sweet, caring gesture.

She moved closer to him and hugged him firmly. “What did I do after that?” she whispered into his strong shoulder. His body went rigid, and she glanced up to see the pained expression in his burgundy eyes.

“You cried.” he replied simply, his voice quivering.

“Oh. Wow.” She thought about that for a second. Of course, she hadn’t really shed tears, but the thought of sobbing over a dream still seamed a bit dramatic. Frustration built in her. If only she could remember the dream!

Tap Tap Tap

“Come in.” Marcus said to whoever was outside of the door.

Alice peeked her head in and smiled when she found them both snuggled together. When she first saw the two, she could sense something brewing between them. Jasper had confirmed her theory, telling her just how strong the feelings rolling off the both of them were.

“Hello you two, sorry if I’m interrupting anything.”

Marcus’s cheeks turned a light peach color. Alice was positive that if he had been human, he would have passed out from all of the blood rushing to his head. “No, no. It’s fine. We were just talking.” he assured her quickly.

“Well, as long as you don’t have plans,” she turned to direct her question at Eve. “What do you think about joining me and Rose on a little shopping trip?”

Normally, Eve would have bounced up and down on the bed in excitement over the offer. But today, all she wanted to do was spend time in Marcus’s arms. She was about to decline Alice’s offer, when she looked up into her eyes. They were large and pleading. How could she resist her?

“Sure, I’d love to.”

“Great! All the guys are going hunting and I refuse to spend another boring day in this house.” she explained dramatically.

“Hunting?” Did she mean for humans?

“Yes. They always go on sunny days when there’s nothing better to do. Bella’s going with them, she hates shopping.”

“What are they hunting for? People?”

Alice gasped. “Oh, heavens no! Carlisle would die before killing a human for food. They hunt animals. You know, dear, bears. That sort of thing.” she corrected.

“You all eat animals? Is that even possible?” She’d never known that she had a choice about what to feed on. Everyone in the Volturi fed on humans, and she had just assumed that that was all you could feed on.

“Yes. It’s not quite as satisfying as human blood, but you get used to it.” She giggled. “We call ourselves ‘vegetarians’.”

“That’s fascinating!” Eve turned to Marcus. “Don’t you agree Marcus?”

“Yes of course. I’ve tried it before myself, but Aro won’t have it. You see, human blood is more…powerful, than animals’.”

Eve turned back o Alice. “Do you think I could come along the next time you all go hunting?” she asked.

“Of course you could. Carlisle would be overjoyed to have you join our…way of life.”

“Fantastic!” she exclaimed. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go shopping!” She jumped up from the bed and grabbed her purse, she had more than enough money to spend.

“Marcus, would you like to join us? Please? We’re going to need lots of help carrying everything.” Alice smiled at him and he shrugged. As long as he got to be with Eve, he’d be happy. How bad could it be?


They Arrived at the Seattle Mall at about nine in the morning, and didn’t leave until eight at night.

Alice dragged them into every store that caught her eye. When they finally left, there were probably only five stores that they hadn’t searched through. They even went into a small furniture store where Alice and Rosalie decided to order a new coffee table from. Emmett and Edward were messing around and broke the other one.

To Marcus’s horror, he wasn’t only there to carry bags.

Somehow, the girls decided that it was time the Cullens all went clubbing, and they invited both him and Eve to come along. Eve, of course, accepted, being the party crazy person that she was. She ignored Marcus’s objections, insisting that he came along and promising that he’d have a good time.

Apparently, to get into a club and not be shunned upon, they needed the proper clothing. For four hours, the girls forced him to try on different shirts, pants, and shoes. They finally decided on a burgundy shirt with a scull and wings on the front, along with shoes of the same color and a pair of perfectly fitting designer jeans.

He hadn’t been expecting fir this to be on their agenda, and therefore hadn’t packed anything appropriate in Eve’s suitcase.

She chose a yellow tube top with triangles and see-through material connecting them. It came with a plain yellow tube top to cover her chest. With this, she decided to purchase a tight pair of ridiculously expensive designer jeans and a pair of yellow, high top converse.

They were just leaving when Eve stopped and took in a quick breath.

“What are we going to do about our eyes?” she asked in a frantic whisper.

“Just wear sunglasses.” Alice shrugged.

Eve grimaced. “Ew. I am not wearing sun glasses to a club.” She chewed on the inside of her cheek and thought of an alternative. “Contacts!” she announced, and headed quickly over to the eye center.

While she chose the perfect shade of contacts to get, Marcus browsed through the shop’s sunglass selection.

“What do you think?” he asked, modeling a pair of red glasses with dark lenses, perfect for hiding his red eyes.



“They look great!”

He chuckled at the girls’ enthusiasm. How could they possibly find shopping so much fun?

By the time they left the store, they had enough bags to fill up a small moving van. Luckily, Rosalie had driven Emmett’s Jeep there, and Marcus had driven him and Eve in his car. They were able to pack most of everything into the Jeep. They strapped the coffee table on top of it, and whatever else was left was packed into Marcus’s car’s small trunk.

He’d lived through the day. It wasn’t all that bad. Oh forget it, he thought, it was terrible.