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About Time

“This is where I’ll leave you.” spoke his musical voice into the night air. He gave his creation one last hug before leaving her to embrace her new life. She watched as his tall shadow melted into the dark Italian sky. Finally, a story staring Marcus of the Volturi as the main (and happy) character! NOT OOC! FINAL CHAPTER UP! Warning: may contain spoilers for Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. Disclaimer: I'm not Stephanie Meyer and therefore don't own the books. I'm just an addicted fan who likes to play with her characters =D


8. Unwelcome Visitor

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“Rex.” Marcus growled, positioning himself in front of Evangelina.

The stranger laughed a wicked laugh and glided into the room.

The Cullens formed a living wall on either side of Marcus, refusing to give Rex any entrance. They all crouched, the men protecting their lovers.

“What do you want?” Marcus snarled. Eve had never, in the five years that she’d known him, seen Marcus loose his temper.

“I was just bored and thought that I’d take the time to visit an old friend. Is that allowed?” he asked sarcastically, taking a step forward.

“You and I both know that there was nothing friendly about our relationship.” he whispered menacingly.

Carlisle straightened, stepping forward and turning to look at his family. “Let us go to the dining room. I think that there is much that needs to be discussed.” They headed for the large dining room, and Carlisle motioned for Rex to follow.

Once they were all seated, Emmett finally lost his composure and blurt out, “Okay, I’m confused. What’s going on here?”

Eve turned to Marcus’s grave expression next to her. “Marcus, please tell me what’s happening.” she pleaded in her sweetest voice.

Marcus sighed. “I will soon sweetheart, I promise. Just not right now.” he turned his attention back to his rival. “Right now, I need to speak to you, privately.” he said to Rex.

Rex grinned. “My pleasure.” They both stood and headed for the back yard, but Eve caught Marcus’s arm before he could leave.

“I won’t let you go out there with him alone. I’m not stupid, I know that he wants to hurt you and I refuse to give him the chance.” she stated sternly, straining her head back to look Marcus’s tall form directly in the eyes.

He looked down at her stubborn face with harsh eyes. But he quickly melted when he realized how much she must care about him to say that. He brushed his finger tips along her jaw, sighing. “Eve, I’ll be alright.” Then his lips curved up into a weak smile. “I’m a big boy, I can handle myself.”

She pouted stubbornly by decided that he was right, he’d be fine. And if he wasn’t, there was more than enough back up. “Fine,” she gave in. “But if you get hurt, I’m coming out there and beating you both up.”

“Okay.” he smiled at her fiery attitude and bent to give her a light peck on the lips. His attention then refocused on Rex. “Let’s go, you have a lot of explaining to do.”

Rex chuckled and walked out the back door. Eve tried reading his thoughts, but couldn’t. Frustrated, she turned to Edward to see if he was having the same problem. His forehead was creased in concentration and confusion.

“You can’t either?” she asked, truly shocked at his answer.

“Not at all. As a matter of fact, I can’t hear anyones' thoughts right now.” he answered grimly.

“Maybe he’s like Bella?” suggested Rosalie.

“Perhaps.” Edward considered her suggestion.

Eve tried using Jasper’s power to ease her own anxiety. A low growl rumbled in her chest when she wasn’t even able to do that.

“What is it?” asked Jasper, worried at her sudden burning anger.

“I can’t even calm myself down! Something is wrong with me, I can’t use any of my powers!” she hissed, slumping against the wall.

Jasper crossed the room and wrapped an arm around her tense shoulders, sending a calming wave into her. “Better?”

A small smile spread over her face. “Somewhat.” she mumbled. “How come you can use your power and I can’t use mine?” she questioned.

“I’m not sure. Edward?” He seeked his brother’s opinion on the matter.

“I don’t know either. I still can’t “hear” anything. I think it has something to do with our unwelcome guest.” At that moment, Marcus reentered the room alone.

Eve darted over to him, grabbing his hand. “Is everything okay?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“I wish.” he responded, taking in a heavy breath of air.

“What did he say?” asked Carlisle, standing and walking over to them.

“He said that he wants a fight, his clan against whoever I can convince to join me.”

“And if you refused?” Bella asked, joining in for the first time.

“He’s holding the rest of the Volturi prisoner. If I refuse, he’ll kill them all.” he shrugged sadly.

“How did one guy possibly manage to take over the whole Volturi?” Emmett asked, astonished.

“I’m pretty sure that he wasn’t alone. He probably had a group of newborns with him.”

“But still, that must have been a huge group of newborns. I mean, the Volturi’s huge! Not to mention all the great powers that they have.” Emmett boomed.

“Rex has a pretty nice power himself. He can turn off the powers of those around him.”

“That’s why I couldn’t read his mind!” Eve blurted out.

Marcus chuckled. “Yup, that’d be him working his magic.”

Eve’s gaze suddenly turned worried. “Marcus, how are we going to fight against something like that?” she asked in a fretful whisper.

“We? Eve, I have no intention of letting you fight against him.”

Her gaze changed from worried to annoyance. “If you think for one second that I’m going to sit around waiting to find out if you live or not, you’ve got another thing coming.” She put her hands firmly on her hips to prove her point.

“Eve, no.” Marcus’s voice rang with finality. He looked away from her in order to avoid having to see her soft, pleading gaze.

“Marcus, I’m sure that my family would be honored to fight by your side.” Carlisle offered.

“Thank you Carlisle, I’d greatly appreciate your help.” He inclined his head in a small bow.

“That’d be great! I haven’t had a good fight since that time that the newborn army came here five years ago.” Emmett added in excitedly.

Eve let out an angry mumble and left the house in a fury. Marcus followed her and she ran into the forest, refusing to talk to him. How could he not know how much pain it would cause her to sit on the sidelines? He called after her, chasing her through the trees, but she just ignored him and ran faster.

Marcus grumbled, but caught up to her with ease. If there was one thing that Eve wasn’t good at, it was running. Her short legs were no match for his long muscled ones. He ran next to her, trying desperately to get her attention, but she wouldn’t look at him. They finally came to a clearing by a stream, and Marcus tackled her, landing on top of her in the tall grass.

“Get off of me! I don’t want to hear it!” she screamed at him, wriggling around crazily underneath him, trying hard to get free. Her strength, like her legs, was small and weak in comparison to his. He held her wrists above her head firmly to eliminate her writhing.

“Would you please calm down and just listen to me?” he whispered kindly into her ear.

She pouted and glared at him, flames lighting up her red eyes.

He sighed, this was the closest that she was going to get to being calm. “I won’t let you fight Eve. I can’t.” he explained.

“And why is that?” she hissed at him venomously.

He dropped his head to the crook her neck. “Because I’m in love with you.” he whispered with unimaginable amounts of emotion.

Eve’s breath caught in her throat. “Really?” Her voice wavered with emotion.

His head nodded weakly against her neck.

“But Marcus, have you any clue the emotional pain that that will put on me?” she asked softly.

“I know, but I can’t risk having you killed. I’ve already lost the love of my life to him once and I won’t let it happen again.” he stated decidedly, still not lifting his head to look at her.

“Is that what this is all about? Rex is the man who killed your mate, isn’t he?” she pressed gently.

He nodded again.

“Oh Marcus, I had no idea.” she cooed. Wiggling her wrists free from his grasp, she pulled him into a tight, comforting hug. His huge, strong chest shook with sobs as he succumbed to his sorrow.

“There, there.” she calmed him, rubbing her small hands along his back in a soothing manner. “Nothing will happen to me. We’ll both be fine.” she whispered to him, tucking his head under her chin and rocking him back and forth. “Shhh.” she breathed.

It took a long time for Marcus to calm down, even with Eve using Jasper’s power to help him. All of the pain that he’d held in since his wife, Ebony’s, death came out in sobs at that very moment. When he finally pulled himself together, he was embarrassed to have shone such a weak side of himself to Eve.

He turned, facing away from her to hide the flush that came to his cheeks. Not that it mattered, Eve simply read his mind.

“You don’t need to be ashamed for letting yourself cry Marcus.” Eve told him, sliding an arm around his slumped shoulders.

He sighed. “I know. I just don’t want you to think that I’m…weak.” he said, playing nervously with the grass around his shoes.

Eve giggled and he whipped his head around to see what was so funny. Was she…laughing at him?

“Marcus, you’re anything but weak.” she told him, smiling brilliantly. Slivers of sunlight shone through the clouds, bouncing off of her smiling face and exposed arms. Marcus had to blink his eyes rapidly to keep from ogling at her natural beauty. Her hand reached out and caressed his cheek, running over his jaw line gently. “You’re so wonderful Marcus.” she whispered lovingly to him.

He bent down and gathered her white lips in his. Birds sang and sunlight glittered off of their bodies as they kissed in the tall grass and wild flowers, their limbs becoming tangled together as they wallowed in their love. Her hands explored his perfectly carved face as his ran through her hair.

All too soon, they were interrupted by a loud growl behind them.