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Edward is entertained by his thoughts as he lays with Bella

I don't any of the Twilight universe! I wish I did, but alas, that's a far shot.

1. Home

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Her scent sunk into her room once more, smacking my chin up to her presence. Rich lavender clouded up my scenes. Artificial strawberry shampoo lingered in the air as she quickly ran a hand through her hair. It hung damply around her warm face, small pieces clinging to her light pink cheeks, the heat from her shower making her skin shine from bits of water that were lazily wiped away. I knew that she couldn’t see since the lights were off and she was ready to get lost in her dreams, but I had a feeling she knew I was there. Just as I always was, just as I promised. Silly, how to keep a human so content in routine.

But, she was mine, and I was hers and our nightly meetings became almost mandatory for both of us to function the next day. This reminded me of how I did dare to go against our promise, and I found myself in the Amazon, hiding from sunlight. For she was sunlight, to me. Not the type where my skin becomes almost like a disco ball, but the type where it gave me hope through school, a shelter from my own demons.

I felt her crawl underneath her sheets, the bed making a groan from the added weight. Feeling that she was close enough, I pulled her close and made sure she was wrapped tightly within her own blankets that also loomed with her scent. As silence dissipated into the room, it drove me mad. I wish I could hear her voice, echo through my mind, finding deeper meanings in every thought. But, as hard as I tried, her mind was as quiet as the night was, subtracting the rain that hit the roof with uneasy anger.

"Tell me what you are thinking," I breathed in her ear, worrying that she may have fell asleep in an instant. I felt her hot fingers trace across my face, trying to make out my features in the dark.

"You’re going to stay here tonight, right?" The question hung in the air loosely, as if meant something more, her voice soft and spreading through my mind. Her questions were always somehow filled with paranoia now, as if I was going to get up and leave again at any second. Then again, I had done so, and I had destroyed her. It was still hard for me to swallow, all the damage I’d done to her, the one I love so dearly.

"Why would you ask such a thing? I’m not planning to leave," I whispered back to her, holding her to me a bit more tightly, to help my own words sink in. She shifted against my arms, hinting that I was a bit too uncomfortable. Gently, I rolled her over and pulled her back to my chest, crossing my arms against her waist. Bella let out a gasp, and went still against my grasp. I rested my chin on top of her head, her hair feeling present against my skin.

"I was just checking, I don’t want you to get wet." I knew that answer was covering up her thoughts. The rain still angrily washed away on the roof. The only sounds were of Chief Swan’s (we were on unfriendly matters currently) loud snoring, and the hallway's glow that leaked into the bedroom was the only light to see by.

I let out a laugh and breathed in the strong scent of her hair, intoxicated again. “Bella, I run too fast to ever let a raindrop hit me.” I sighed, my own god complex hitting me silently across the face.

"Don’t underestimate the power of nature,” she said stubbornly, turning over to look at me. I could see the gleam in her eyes, as they examined my face. I let my lips brush against her cheek, chasing away a free strand of hair. I felt her go limp underneath me. "Bella, I'm not leaving. The sound of you sleeping is more breathtaking then the noise that rain makes." I felt Bella’s face light up before sleep captured her. Her breath became deep and silent, allowing me to hear her heartbeat though the noisy rain.

I held her small frame tighter to me now, afraid she would wash away through my fingers like sand. Yes, this was my home, the silent breathing that echoed through my ears that which picked up if I came close to her, the rich lavender scent that numbed me into silence, the quiet moans that escaped her lips when her mind took her to far away places. Yes, she was my home, everything. The clumsy, stubborn girl was my safe haven for me as she turned towards me in silence.