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Behind the Beauty

"I’d always found myself shadowed by Edward, and he did his studies with such ease, it made me want to be sick. And he thought it alright if he brought a little girl into our family and unveiled our secrets...." Oneshot, maybe more, in Rosalie's POV.


1. Chapter 1

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Rosalie POV

I groaned and lay down on my bed. Emmett sat beside me, absently playing with a strand of my hair. I pushed him away. Feeling playful was definitely what I was feeling right now.

‘Bella isn’t that bad Rose,’ Emmett tried again, ‘She’s funny when she falls and…’ He trailed off at the look on my face.

‘I couldn’t really care less,’ I said icily, ‘Leave me alone.’

Emmett left, looking sad. For once, he wasn’t my first priority. Edward was, or rather his stupidity. Didn’t he realize that Bella, and my lips curled back in an unconscious snarl at the thought of her, could reveal everything? She wasn’t even special. Apart from a talent for tripping, there wasn’t much about her. Or maybe Edward enjoyed being a hero and catching her.

I heard the front door open. What joy, she’s here. Lets all break out the champagne and party.

I couldn’t help eavesdropping on them though.

‘Carlisle, Esme, this is Bella,’ Edward said. It wasn’t as if they needed an introduction, Edward had told us basically everything about her. I shuddered to think what he had told her.

‘You’re very welcome Bella,’ came Carlisle’s voice.

‘It’s nice to meet you again, Dr Cullen,’ replied Bella. Was it just me, or was she stressing the ‘again’, reminding us of Edwards foolishness in saving her?

Even her voice was annoying; it was like ‘Oh my, I’m a little human! I’m really scared to be in a big, dark house with vampires. Edward save me! Oh wait, you’re a vampire too!’

I stuffed a pillow over my head and sighed heavily. I didn’t bother distinguishing their voices anymore, it was simply tiring. I heard strains of music, oh yes, Edward was playing the piano.

Edward was always the golden boy in this family. Clever and musical, and with almost as much restraint as Carlisle. Bella proved that, simply by being alive. He went through medical school twice, and even though he was only 17, he was possibly the most mature out of us ‘kids’. Wait, there’s more. We can't forget his amazing gift, can we?

I’d always found myself shadowed by Edward, and he did his studies with such ease, it made me want to be sick. And he thought it alright if he brought a little girl into our family and unveiled our secrets.

He thought he suffered so much by resisting Bella’s blood and by bringing her into our ‘eternal hell’ as he phrased it.

Edward knew nothing about suffering! I could almost feel their hands on me, and Royce’s voice above me saying, ‘Guess I’ll need another bride. She didn’t last long.’ The words, spoken with such callousness, echoed in my head. I gripped my bed frame, and accidentally pulverized part of the bed.

This could not go on. I heard them outside my room, Edwards’s voice saying,’Rosalie and Emmett’s room…’

Great, so she even knows where my room is now. I felt stripped of all my privacy and felt so, very alone. I heard voices from Carlisle’s office and knew he was telling Bella about Carlisle.

I stood up, and stalked off to the shower. I let the hot water immerse me, and I almost, almost felt warm enough to be human. Almost, but not quite.

Everything about Bella pained me. Not just that she knew everything, but that she was human. She didn’t belong in this world. Bella should have a normal human life filled with kids and ironing, not a life with vampires and immortality. I almost felt pity for her then; she didn’t know what she was getting into.

But those feelings were quickly replaced by resentment. I heard in my head, Edwards’s voice after I had been changed. ‘Why her?’ So apparently little miss Bella had something I didn’t. Oh yeah, I forgot! She was a blushing machine. One, two, three blush!

I groaned again. I could swear that Bella was invading my thoughts way too often. I rubbed shampoo into my hair thoughtfully. I could tolerate her, I decided. For me as much as anyone. I’d been losing Emmett over her, and I couldn’t let that happen.

I turned off the water, and heard Bella’s voice saying,’Vampires like baseball?’ So, Bella, we are so inhuman, and so unnatural, we can't play sport. But why do you want to date Edward if we are so weird? Huh?

I mentally kicked myself. I promised, I reminded myself. But I knew, with a sinking heart, it probably wouldn’t last long.

This was reconfirmed by Edwards’s voice replying, ‘It’s the American pastime.’ Was he seriously joking with Bella? I scowled. Me and Edward shared the same dark humor, but obviously he’d found someone else now to laugh with.

I promised, I said to myself again. I