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Fourteen-year-old Bella

Bella comes to Forks right before the Cullens. Edward and Bella might never have met. So, what happens to the story? I can't pick which one I like better. Please vote on your review!

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11. Chapter 11

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Edward continued staring at me and it was beginning to make me feel uncomfortable. He didn’t seem to care that every other vampire in the room was looking at one of us, gauging my reaction or trying to decide what exactly Edward was thinking. I, too, was wondering what he was thinking. He looked at me like I was a ghost. Something that didn’t exist shouldn’t exist, yet I was standing before him.

Suddenly something clicked in me. “What? What is your deal?” I demanded furiously. I didn’t like it when people paid too much attention to me. He seemed taken aback but his stance didn’t waver. Neither did his eyes. Slowly, hesitantly, he turned to face his family.

Edward spoke softly, yet with our acute hearing everyone in the now cramped cave could hear. “This is the girl. The la tua cantante. The girl on the bus. The girl that was almost ran over.” He stepped towards me, suddenly not hesitant and looked into my vampire eyes. “You’re lucky you survived that day. You don’t know how close I was to… Well, you know… Died. And there was another thing strange about you; I couldn’t read your mind.”

Johnny now stepped in front of our grouping. “That’s what we were going to tell you about. We picked her, because my ability didn’t work on her. She’ll be able to protect us from anything those Newborns can create. Our own personal vampire shield. And we had to bite the boy, because he couldn’t expose us and we aren’t killers. We are vegetarians like you. We respect human life since we didn’t have a good one.”

The tall, blond beautiful vampire that was Edward’s sister stepped forward. “Well it seems that you have all the help you need. Why should we help you, just because we share morals? There’s another clan up in Denali-,” She would have continued but the tall, buff male Cullen put his hand on her shoulder in a protective manner.

“Rose-,” he started but she turned around sharply and walked out the cave opening. The male followed and everyone turned back to the group. To my surprise, Jake cleared his throat from his side of the cave and everyone turned towards him.

“Since we are part of your clan now, we deserve to know the truth, all of it. Who are you? How were you changed into vampires? And what about this war?”

Pony stepped forward. “You might want to sit down. This is going to be a very long story,” he cleared his throat before continuing and everyone took the chance to find a place to sit. Pony started his story. “In my human life, my name was Ponyboy Curtis. My parents had died in a car accident and I lived with my two brothers, Sodapop,” he gestured to one boy. “And Darry.” Pony pointed to another boy. I was going to have to keep these names straight.

“In 1968, I was fourteen. My brothers and my friends were all I could count on. Their names are Steve, Dally, Two-Bit, and Johnny”, I only had to remember Steve and Two-Bit this time. “We were a gang that fought a rival gang, the Socs. Johnny and I got into a lot of trouble and Johnny ended up getting burnt really badly. A passing vampire saw his pain and bit him, just after he died. The venom was enough to save him.

“No one realized that he was still alive, in a sense and Dally went insane. He ended up getting shot by the police for being reckless, on purpose. Johnny however had been watching the entire thing. He couldn’t stand to watch Dally die like this and the first chance he got, he bit him. It was awful for the rest of us. In our minds, two of our best friends had died in the same night.

“The two of them decided to change that one night. They told us how they were vampires and at first we didn’t believe it. We thought that our minds were playing tricks on us. Then our disbelief turned to fear. If these really were vampires, then wouldn’t they have one thing on their minds? Blood. More specifically, our blood.

“But somehow, they convinced us that they did exist and they weren’t going to kill us. We saw how they didn’t have gangs or Socs or Greasers and we wanted it that way. We were able to convince them to bite us, after loads of persuasion. The seven of us decided that we didn’t want to be monsters. We decided to only drink animal blood.

“We traveled to the South and got land, lots of it. We enjoyed being out in the sunlight and that was the only way we could, if we were secluded. We lived content for many years until one day when a nomad named Sarah decided that she wanted our land. She got together a huge army of newborn vampires and pushed us out of our land and our home.

“We started traveling up this way, looking for more vampires like us when we decided to stop and hunt. Here we found the Cullens and Dally and Johnny found you two.” He sighed and looked at Jake. “Do you know any myths about where your peoples came from?”

“Erm, yes. But they’re all junk. Saying that we descended from wolves and all that stuff. Like I said, junk.”

“No, Jake. Those are true. You are a werewolf, or you would have become one. Your change, the venom in your blood reacted differently than we expected it to. You are beginning to change into a werewolf. A vampire werewolf.”

Jake looked awestruck at these words. I, myself, was speechless from the entire story. Jake kept talking, however.

He looked to the Cullens. “Can you tell us your names and why he,” he pointed to Edward. “Called Bella his singer, his la something.”

The oldest male stepped forward. “I am Carlisle Cullen. This is Esme, Edward, Alice, and Jasper.” So many names. “The two that left are Rosalie and Emmett. Edward called Bella his singer because when he passed her on the bus, he was urged to kill her. Her blood rang out to him, inducing him, making him want her, her blood.”

Steve turned to me. “Okay, I think it’s time to start her training.”

“What!” I gasped out, “Training?”

“You don’t expect to fight Sarah and defend us without knowing what you’re doing, do you?” He asked, acting shocked. I could tell that this was going to be a long day.