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Fourteen-year-old Bella

Bella comes to Forks right before the Cullens. Edward and Bella might never have met. So, what happens to the story? I can't pick which one I like better. Please vote on your review!

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13. Chapter 13

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That day seemed to last a lifetime. We could not be seen by the humans who were casually walking on the nearby street. We knew that Sarah would wait to attack until we made a move, because of our many lessons about strategy from Carlisle.

As selfish as it seemed, even in my mind, I did not want the fight to begin. I was horribly afraid that I would loose what had so quickly became so important to me, Edward. I did not care if everyone else died horrible, painful deaths, as long as he was safe for me to hold.

I had to keep thoughts like this out of my mind when he was around. I could not put him into such a precarious position. I felt that he cared for me, but what proof did I have? I knew only the longing that filled my entire being whenever the thought of him (his smile, laugh, the way the sun gently warmed his face) crossed my mind.

I also felt like a traitor whenever I was around Ponyboy. I did not know what he would do if I were to tell him how I felt about him... like a friend. Or, if I told him how I longed for Edward. No, I could never do that to this boy who had been so kind and protecting of me.

As the sun began to set that evening, I realized something. It was my birthday. The day before, Dally had come in announcing the date. At the time, I had not cared nor had I listened. I had been carefully guarding my thoughts, because Edward sat beside me reading a book.

"Hey, you guys!" I said suddenly laughing a little bit. "I'm no longer fourteen, would you believe it? It is my birthday!" Soda, who had been sitting next to me as this thought occurred to me, burst out laughing.

"So, today is your birthday, huh?" he asked with his silly grin on his face. I nodded back enthusiastically. "What an interesting day for a fight."

"Oh, ya. I had forgotten about that."

"Well, it is okay. If anything, your birthday will probably give us a little bit of luck," said Jacob as he came near me.

Suddenly, Carlisle sat up. "It's time." He helped Esme to stand up.

I watched my friends fall into ranks. Edward was to my left and he gave me a smile as we began to walk forward.

Ahead of us, in the clearing that we were marching towards was a group of vampires, but they looked nothing like my new friends. They had blood red eyes and stained clothing. In fact, their whole demeanor was different. They looked vicious and cruel. I was glad that I was not one of these vampires.

Abruptly, I was pulled to a stop by Edward. He looked kind of sheepish. "I just wanted to tell you that no matter what happens tonight... I am in love with you." I could not say anything out loud now, but in my mind I spoke to him.

Edward, I love you too. Please, please, stay safe tonight. By now we had made it to the edge of the clearing. The vampires in front of us separated until there was just a woman standing in front of us. I knew who this must be... Sarah. She suddenly began to laugh, a high cackling, and menacing laugh.

"Well, looky looky what we have here! These weaklings will be easy to fight!" and with a growl she lunged at Jasper, who was nearest her.

The fight had begun.