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Fourteen-year-old Bella

Bella comes to Forks right before the Cullens. Edward and Bella might never have met. So, what happens to the story? I can't pick which one I like better. Please vote on your review!

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2. Jacob Black

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“Hey, Isabella”, a strangely familiar gruff voice exclaimed as I came out of the airport. My father was to the left of me, carrying my duffel bag on his shoulder. I looked up and saw Billy Black whom was one of my father’s best friends. Rebecca and Rachel, his daughters, immediately ran up to welcome me.

“Oh! We are just so excited you’re finally moving down here!”Rachel whispered into my ear as we hugged. Out of the twins, she was definitely the quieter one.

“So, why are you moving down here now of all times? You’ve never liked Forks, remember?” Rebecca, the out-going one pounded me with questions. I didn’t mind her curiously; it mint someone cared.

“Oh, I’ve never said that!” I screeched, smiling to myself. I knew I had and plenty of times at that. By then, the four of us had reached where Billy stood with another boy, another person that I recognized… Jacob Black. He was a pushy eleven-year old boy that always wanted his way.

“Hey”, he said, while smiling at me. A string of his black hair fell down into his eyes and he pushed it away from his eyes.

“Jacob, right?” I asked, even though I was positive about his name. He smiled and nodded at me.

“Well, most people call me Jake.”

“Okay Jake!” I couldn’t help it. I grinned.

“Well, we had better get down to La Plush.” Charlie pushed the duffel bag into the police cruiser and looked up at me. “You, the twins, and Jacob can ride together in the truck. Billy and I will take the cruiser. There is going to be a party in your honor.”

I grimaced and groaned at the same time. I absolutely hated when people paid too much attention to me. And by too much I meant any attention at all.

“You and Jacob will have to squeeze into one seat. We only have three sears.” Rachel pointed out as Rebecca climbed into the old, red truck. I hoped when I was older I could have a car like this. It was one of those cars that you saw at the scene of an accident perfect, next to the remains of some other car. “You don’t mind, do you?”

I kind of did but I wasn’t going to say anything. “Oh, no of course I don’t mind.”

“Darn, we were hoping that we could pressure him into riding with the adults. Oh, well.” Rachel sighed as she climbed into the truck.

I climbed into the seat that Jake and I would be sharing and I helped him in. He was a bit short.

“Do you think Charlie would let me speed along the highway?” Rebecca muttered to Rachel.

“Go a normal speed.” She murmured back. “Dad would be furious.”

We drove along the highway until we reached the limits of La Plush. “You know, a ton of people from your high school are going to come. They all want to meet you.” She smiled at me as she turned into her driveway.