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Fourteen-year-old Bella

Bella comes to Forks right before the Cullens. Edward and Bella might never have met. So, what happens to the story? I can't pick which one I like better. Please vote on your review!

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7. Chapter 7

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“Okay, Miss Swan, you’re free to go. But make sure you look both ways before you cross streets after this.” The handsome doctor chuckle commanded. I grinned despite myself and looked at Charlie.

“I’m ready to go.”

“Great, let’s get going. We’re going to La Plush so that Billy and I can see a baseball game.” I grimaced and looked at him deploringly. “Well you and Jake can mess around in the woods or something.” I nodded disappointed. “Well let’s go.”

Charlie led me to the door and we made it to the cruiser without incident. Wow, fate must be on my side, I thought to myself holding back a grim smile.

The drive was uneventful, I watched tree after tree go by boring myself half to death. In fact, I was so bored that I might have died.

Finally, we made it to Billy’s house and I jumped out of the cruiser before Charlie cut the engine. Jake was sitting on his doorstep and I ran over to him. “Do you want to go explore the woods?” I asked trying not to yawn.

“Sure, let’s go!” He grabbed his shoes which he had had in his hands and I followed him into the dense green forest with trees everywhere you looked. He led me over to a tree and looked back at me. “Do you want to go to First Beach? It’s really beautiful there.”

“Okay, but how far is it? I’m not really good at walking across flat surfaces.” He chuckled. “And you think that I’m kidding.” He pointed out a direction and soon we were at a beach that I wouldn’t exactly call “beautiful” per say. It was more weathered or beaten up. Oh well.

We walked over to a tree limb that had fallen and I sat down on it gingerly. Jake was just sitting when I saw him for the first time. Coming out of the mist that surrounded the beach, the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. He was even more beautiful than the Cullens that I had only seen briefly.

He walked up to where the water met the beach and looked at the sunset that was forming around the beach in spectacular colors. Suddenly, he spoke. “Gorgeous, isn’t it? I have always loved sunsets though my friends used to make fun of me for it.” He looked back at me and frowned slightly. “My name is Johnny. What about you two?” He gestured toward us.

“My name’s Bella and this is Jake. I’m fourteen and he’s eleven. Our fathers are at his house watching sports.”

He nodded. “Do you mind if I invite another friend to come over here to meet you?” I shook my head, confused. “Dally, come here.” I didn’t think anyone beside Jake and I could hear him because he spoke so quietly but another amazingly beautiful boy stepped forward out of an overhand of rocks.

“Hey, Johnnycake, are these two safe to take?” He asked. Johnny nodded and stepped forward to Jake as Dally stepped forward to me. He instantly struck out and bit my bare shoulder. The pain was smoldering and I screamed. “Don’t worry; the pain will be over in a few days.” Beside me, I could hear Jake screaming too. My jaw clenched and then the pain was too much; I fainted suddenly