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Fate Won't Let You Down

Bella is walking down the aisle to get married, when disaster strikes... whats this? over 120 read and 2 reviews... i see a problem....Create your own banner at mybannermaker.com!

DISCLAIMER: i own nothing it all belongs to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer

1. Chapter 1

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I met Edward’s glorious, smoldering eyes when Charlie grabbed arm yanking me down the aisle, when all I wanted to do focus on something much better. I started down narrow way with Charlie, hardly breathing, hardly noticing anything, because of my Edward waiting for me just a ways away. I was so lost in Edward I didn’t realize I stepped on my dress, so, like always, I fell. I was so used to falling, and have someone catch me, I especially didn’t think today was going to be different. But as soon as I felt my face hit the floor, I was surprised, and hurt, wondering why he wasn’t there to save me. Then it hit me, they had not Seen that I was going to trip, I certainly didn’t plan it, and given their backyard was filled with humans they couldn’t use their super speed.

I sighed as I felt two hands help me up one cold and one normal, I assumed it was Charlie and Edward, and I was right. But something was wrong, I could tell Edward wasn’t breathing, neither were any of the vampires present. Edward seeing my confused face, whispered in my ear,

“Don’t be embarrassed my Bella, but your nose is bleeding and it’s on your dress.” As he murmured these words, I was suddenly aware of the warm liquid coming from my nose. “Alice is hurrying out to get you a new dress, and don’t worry, I promise she will be home soon, with a new dress.” he gave my one of my favorite crooked smiles and I tried to return it but it came out as a grimace, so I just pointed to the house, because I don’t think I could have handled having blood in my mouth. I was already nauseated. Carlisle was right behind us following us silently, with his doctor’s bag.

When inside Carlisle examined me and confirmed that I was just fine. My nose was still tender, but it had finally stopped bleeding and Edward was freaking out, worrying that I had lost too much blood. But I told him repeatedly that I was fine, just woozy from the blood. He finally quieted, but I don’t think he believed me…

Alice, like Edward promised was back fairly quick, within thirty minutes. She didn’t show Edward the dress, again but I knew him well enough to know he would be in Alice’s head till we could see each other again. I knew it wouldn’t be long but I still hated being away from him. I decided to be tough, so I gave him a swift kiss, and then went upstairs where Alice was waiting most impatiently. I was to be her doll, again. Didn’t I just do this this morning? Alice fixed my make-up swiftly, and then moved to my hair. When that passed she still hadn’t shown me the dress, so I assumed it was nothing special, not that I expected it to be something extravagant.

When she brought out the dress she held it up to me and I was frozen in awe. The dress was stunning, I didn’t think such a beautiful dress existed, I was sure it was expensive but there was no way I could turn it away. It was strapless; the top part was a sparkly and v neck. The bottom flowed to the floor it was pure silk, it looked so soft, so beautiful. The next thing I noticed was bow, to the side and right under the chest. My favorite part of the dress, and sure to be Edwards too, was that it is blue, the exact color of blue that he had complimented me on.

“Alice, I love it, thank you.” I whispered, but I knew she could hear it.

“You’re welcome,” she said pleasantly to me, then more sternly, “Bella, please this time going down the aisle please watch where you plant those feet, I don’t think my nerves could handle it, plus” she added softer this time “I know that after that you wouldn’t do it again” she said, then flashed me a striking smile.

I knew at that moment kismet was here to help again, it knew that I need this chance to fully appreciate what my new family had done for me, had set up this beautiful wedding, accepted me into their family, loved me, and most of all will be with me forever. I had few times when I felt the happiness I did in that moment. I will always look back on my wedding, on my human life, and be thankful that I was chosen to be danger magnet, and a klutz, because if I wasn’t who I am I would have never met the Cullen’s, never met Edward, never realized I what I was capable of. I am in even more debt to Edward, the Cullen’s, and fate, than anyone can imagine.