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Never Let Go (The Fog)


(Previously The Fog) My heart stopped, the world stopped, and then in a rush it flooded back. My mind buzzed with thoughts as I ran as fast as I could, knowing I was too late. I could smell it too now. My nostrils flared and my knees buckled underneath me, an all too human feeling. My breathing coming in frantic sobs, I finally made it. I threw myself at the heat, like a sacrifice on the altar. I roared against the flames against the voice in my head. But the velvet couldn’t be drowned out, “Bella, What if I can’t save you? What if I’m the super-hero and the bad guy?” I screeched in defiance at the flames. My body wouldn’t stand the inferno much longer, but I didn’t leave. Then I saw it, my proof, and I finally allowed the strong cool hands to pull me from the fire. After the wedding and Bella’s change Edward and Isabella are looking forward to their happily-ever-after, forever. But fate doesn’t like to be predictable. Full of never ending questions, intense suspense, and drama The Fog definitely questions the picture-perfectness of Breaking Dawn. "I love it!" "This is a fantastic story..." "intense" "well written..." “I’m waiting for an update on the edge of my chair!”

enjoy. the begining is a little slow but it picks up well, or so i'm told! i would love constructive reviews!

15. Awake

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I was still resting in darkness but no longer was I in a delusional groggy state. I was aware. My body was stiff, as if it was made of rubber inside and out, without any lubrication. This must be how Barbies feel, I mused. I refused to open my eyes. I was too scared. Where would I be now? Is it over yet, when can I go home?

Instead I soaked up as much as I could without opening my eyes. My arms hung above my head from my writs. My butt touched a cold wall behind me, and my legs and feet flowed as one continuous base, like a mermaid's legs might be, hidden in a sheath of scales. Maybe I have been crucified. I was in the same position as any Jesus statue, of him on a cross that I had ever seen. In exploration I rotated my hands and feet, and then gasped in surprise and realization. My wrists and ankles were encircled, as if by cuffs. I was home, right?, chained against the walls by the cuffs in the white room.

I opened my eyes happily. With a loud cry I pulled back, shutting my eyes tightly, and tucking my head into the crook of my arm as well as I could. I stopped breathing, as well. It was too much. I heard a fleet of feet race up the stairs and through the hall, I wished I could reach to jam my fingers into my ears. The door clicked open and then swung open, I buried my head deeper. The hinges on the cuffs creaked and the chains crashed down against the wall, it sounded as if the side of a glacier had cracked and crashed down into the sea. A groan escaped me. And just when I dared to open my eyes the lights flickered on.

"Damn it, turn the lights off," Carslisle's cool voice boomed. I cringed. I was passed from gentle arms into a thick sea of coarse strings. I blocked off all of my senses, save one. Touch.

My hands explored the fabrics around me, identifying the individual strings woven together. Once my brain had processed all that my skin was feeling, the hair against my back, the thin fabric of the dress I wore, I opened up to another sense.

Hearing. I could barely block out all of the sounds anyways. They were banging, as a battering ram, into my ears, rattling my ear drums. I could hear the wind outside, the birds singing, the heater that the Cullens had turned on for me, and the air that it blew into the rooms of the house. I listened for breathing but didn't hear any.

Okay. Taste. When was the last time I brushed my teeth? Disgusting!

Smell. I could smell the overpowering scent of bleach in the room that had been used to clean up any of my spilled blood. I passed over that quickly, it was too strong against my nose. Besides, I was only interested in what Edward would smell like, now. I searched for his scent. I recognized all of the females first, their scent more of a high pitched sweet. It would have given an instant headache to a human with the power to smell at this level. Then there was Carslisle, and Emmett, and Jasper, all distinctly different. Their scent had plum and apple top notes, some spicy elements, leveled by musk and something akin to Jamaican rum to make the smell warm and intoxicating. There were hints of Edward's smell in the room. Top notes of aldehydes, bergamot and tarragon; a heart of floral notes, lavender, cedar and glasswort and a dry down of floating wood, white amber, musk and patchouli. Mmm... But the essence wasn't their, only a light wafting of his scent.

I opened my eyes, braving the light. I blinked nearly every other second, but I could stand it. I was so proud of myself. It was as stark a difference as an upgrade from an elderly, fuzzy, black and white, television, to an HD TV.

After awhile I was adjusted. I had been right. Edward wasn't here. Only my siblings and new parents smiled down at me. I sat up, unknowingly as gracefully as Alice could have done, and looked at my family.

"Where is Edward?"

Immediately everyone's eyes found something else intriguing to look at. For many of them it was the floor.

"He went out to hunt, right."

They shook their heads. "He left," someone whispered.