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Never Let Go (The Fog)


(Previously The Fog) My heart stopped, the world stopped, and then in a rush it flooded back. My mind buzzed with thoughts as I ran as fast as I could, knowing I was too late. I could smell it too now. My nostrils flared and my knees buckled underneath me, an all too human feeling. My breathing coming in frantic sobs, I finally made it. I threw myself at the heat, like a sacrifice on the altar. I roared against the flames against the voice in my head. But the velvet couldn’t be drowned out, “Bella, What if I can’t save you? What if I’m the super-hero and the bad guy?” I screeched in defiance at the flames. My body wouldn’t stand the inferno much longer, but I didn’t leave. Then I saw it, my proof, and I finally allowed the strong cool hands to pull me from the fire. After the wedding and Bella’s change Edward and Isabella are looking forward to their happily-ever-after, forever. But fate doesn’t like to be predictable. Full of never ending questions, intense suspense, and drama The Fog definitely questions the picture-perfectness of Breaking Dawn. "I love it!" "This is a fantastic story..." "intense" "well written..." “I’m waiting for an update on the edge of my chair!”

enjoy. the begining is a little slow but it picks up well, or so i'm told! i would love constructive reviews!

18. Storms

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Light pored in through the tall windows that nearly covered all of the wall space. Edward sat bent over on the overstuffed couch in the living room. His head rested in his hands, propped up against his knees.

I used my new enhanced muscles to speed across the room. But that was it. Nothing happened. I sat there in silence for nearly 3 minutes before I started to get antsy. I hadn't adapted to the living-forever-time-is-irrelevant point of view yet.


"Bella." He paused. "I'm sorry," he murmured.

Then why aren't you unpacked yet?

"Like I said I've come home to talk to you."

Unconsciously tipping my chin higher I straightened. "What then?" The words came out on a light growl, which shocked me.

"I left because I knew that your agony was my fault. And I knew that you wouldn't be able to look at me again without being reminded of the monster that you saw in me. When," he paused, ducking his head, and swallowing harshly; he looked back up at me slowly, and I could see the quiet mourning in the depths of his eyes. "When I lost control and tried to kill you."

"You didn't though, Edward-" I hated the near whine in my voice, and that I was allowing Edward to silence me by raising his hand.

"I would have. I know that. They had to pull me off of you... can you imagine that. Hah. You don't have to, do you? You lived it. I put you through hell. No." He shook his head his voice turning from sarcastic to pained. "Nevermind."

Resolved, he breathed deeply. He became cool and very businesslike again. "I came back to keep my promise. To let you tell me to leave and give you whatever closure or... revenge there is in sending me away."

"Revenge? Edward-," I was completely dumbfounded. All at once I felt a rush of rage wash over me. It left me trembling in its wake, my fists bunched at my sides, my body stiff and my jaw clenched. Another side affect, I supposed. It didn't last long though. When I looked at Edward he seemed sincere and heartbroken, but somehow resigned to his fate.

"Edward, you're serious? You fool, when is this going to stop? Will you always be the judge, jury, and executioner?" I stood up furiously and he followed suit. I continued on my tirade until I realized that I wasn't getting through to him. He was dismissing every one of my words, so I changed my approach.

"When will you understand that I love you?" I smiled lightly. "I am unconditionally and irrevocably head-over-heels for my husband." I walked over to him, my fingertip traced from shoulder to shoulder and back again to punctuate my words. "My husband is tall and strong. He's loving, kind, intelligent, confident, and good. He's not a monster. Admitedly, he does have a few faults. He's masochistic always sending himself off into the corner whenever he thinks he's been naughty. But hey, a girl takes what she can get. And I'll take you. Stay. I mean it. Don't you dare ever leave me again, ever. Or I will hunt you down and drag your ass back so that you can tell me, without lying, what illogical thought process you have used."

He captured my hand and raised it to his lips. "If you'll have me..."

I laughed, "Edward, you're impossible."

"Oh," he backed away quickly. Then understanding flashed across his face and his grimace was replaced by my favorite lop-sided grin. "But you love me."


Not having to breathe was such an improvement. World's longest kiss definitely covered. I giggled quietly.

"Are you laughing at me, love?" Edward looked down at me and smiled.

We lay beside each other on his, well, our oversized bed. My head laid against his chest, his arms wrapped around me and our legs entwined, we made quite the pretzel. I planned on responding, but when I looked up I was distracted, mesmerized.

Edward was propped up against a mountain of pillows; one arm bent up to cradle his head with his hand in an utterly male pose. His pure white skin lay out before me, contrasting with the dark sheets and displaying every muscle playing under his skin. My red eyes winded, darkened and his smug, lazy grin stretched wider. Emmett and Jasper bounded up the stairs a split second before our door swung open.

"C'mon Bells, your brothers are kidnapping you for the day. Let's go have some fun."

"Emmett," Edward called back, rather jovially.

Emmett turned his laughing eyes from me to Edward, "Yes?"

"I hate you."

"Says the century-old virgin. Get out of bed, already. Jasper and I are taking Bella surfing."


"Ask Alice. There's a storm brewing somewhere in the pacific I guess."